Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Cycling around town...

CYCLING around Kajang / Bangi area in the morning is nice - from 7am up to 8:30am - and if the weather is friendly enough you might even have some cool breeze up to 9am.

However, if the weather is not on your side, by 8am you'll feel the heat and humidity taking their toll...and the best thing to do is to head back home! is not really the safest place to cycle but a good option after Putrajaya....I can do 20-30km of training routines in any selected routes I have in mind. No need to drive to on fuel and toll.

Just have to find more time and for that I really must have an a steady business running on it's own...really have to get something to fly soon.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

I didn't say this...but I told you so!

He stated that his children are not exposed to the gadgets he created....yet the rest of the world would spend nights queueing for those toys.

Nowadays (well, actually ever since BabyBoomers got offsprings to be exact!) electronic gadgets are common "toys" to kids...and babies. e, it is just a very clear sign of bad parenting - lazy parents.

Monday, September 15, 2014

...bye Penang.

...not my definition of relaxing holiday at all.

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Pening in Penang

...after a long  drive  in a very unfriendly traffic...

Friday, September 12, 2014


Whenever I am attending any "majlis ilmu" - regardless whether it is religious, business seminars or a discussion with business partners, one thing for sure I would always have my notebook with me.
The actual notebook - paper based - and a bastion of my writing instrument (pen, pencils and all).

Call me oldskool I don't mind at all - because when most of you were just about to get your first smartfone, I have done many years using the applications for mobile computing devices since Palm Os monochrome, PSION mobile devices, up to Compaq's iPAQ last series - paper notebooks are the best (for me at least!)...then only the world was invaded by (notso)Smartfones.

The case in hand is not about the devices BUT the note you are taking.

Some people don't bother to take note because the handouts are there (or the slides for that matter).

Well, actually the note is not about what is being presented but what you understand and ideas that you may have with that particular page or chart. You may have a good photographic memory but I don't think everybody would be able to recall everything perfectly in an hour of presentation, especially a sudden burst of idea.

On the other hand, you may have your own way to understand the presentation more effectively thus why you may want to jot a note or sketch as you listen to the presenter.

It is up to you whether you want to ardently take notes or just listen to a presentation. At the end of the day, the one that should benefit from the notes would be your own self...especially if it is an idea that came up to you of a sudden.

It helps to have a dedicated note book.
If you are sketching on a piece of paper you got from the person next to you - ALL THE TIME - that shows you are not so serious about taking notes.

NO, I am not saying it is not is all up to you but it helps to be organized and neat.

Bicycles and their owners

Since 2012, I have owned four Bianchi MTBs and one Marin Hybrid.
Not that I have all for me at once but the first Kuma was stolen, then I got a loaned Kuma, which was later replaced with a Jab 2012 frame which I sold when I finally got a 2014 Jab.
The Marin Hybrid is converted to a tourer and together with the Jab 2014 (both 29ers) I think I have enough to get me going already....and I really make good use of the bikes, about 200-400km a month quite consistently.

To say it is not an expensive hobby, is not quite right. Since I am really making good use of my bicycles, I want to have the best my money can buy....and most importantly the bikes must be tough and enjoyable to be used for the purpose it was built.
...and I don't mind what brand of bicycles anybody who wants to ride with me is using as long as he/she is pleasant and humble enough to not brag about the equipment and just want to enjoy the ride!

When I was happily riding a T-Bolt couple of years ago, I joined some groups of T-Bolt riders.
One particular group was in Putrajaya and they are what you all would term as OTAI (Orang Tua Ada Ilmu - though I could really debate about the Ada Ilmu part!) and as one of the younger members I mostly smile and just follow the ride.

Unfortunately, I met with some of them couple of weeks back.....and boy, am I glad my folks are nothing like them...they might be rich (I can safely say they have couple of millions debt by the way!) but their adab is totally a shame - at the age they are especially.

One of them used to call some Bangladeshi guards who were just doing their job as "Anjing".
The same OTAI used to be-little other riders with lower spec equipments - simply because his rig was customized for some Proton's big-wig who then sold it to him.

Owning certain brand is just "a must" to be in their group. When they are together, they start to "ignore" others around them. Their talks are all about posh stuff and places - heck even their ride  plans are not within this region so who are you to join them unless you are really "their kind of dog"!

Funny thing is, when any - ANY!!!! - of them are just alone or in a small group - and happen to meet with other riders, they actually can "behave"! They can be all sweet and humble!

Happened to me so many times already.

So let me just say it here - Dato'DatukTanSriGeneral kepala kambing apa pangkat korang - please realize that owning a Brompton, Surly does not make you any good rider than the old fart you are. Your attitude and behavior towards other cyclists are sometimes sickening.


It is still not too late to learn to behave like you want your grandchildren to be...or maybe you just prefer then to be rude and all like you are?

Next time I see these bunch, I would not slow down nor give them the way - they normally hog the path all the time...stupid farts!

Riders beware. This bunch can be very annoying. Just ignore them.

Yes I am least I have vented it out on this I won't bother about it anymore!


I once asked myself: After more than a decade of doing from end  user marketing management stuff, strategic businesses planning and management up to top level leadership development....what are the key ingredients to become a successful manager at any level?
...and thus the sketch.

Life's Rule #1: Live It

Sharing cendol with Naufal after solat.


Successful - my first start-up.
Sold...bagged in almost 100k in just 6months.
(Don't ask what happenned to it....none of my business already!)
Now still finding start button for another one.
...and I don't bother to share about it openly and what more to "brag" about it to a bunch "fans" who seems to have the "desire" to read "success story of a person" the moment they woke up.

No,  don't want to be associated to those kind of people, those are losers.
Why would I need to find the energy and motivation from a (dead)person whose life history I don't even know (hey, that bugger might be a child molester dude!!)
...and why would I "proudly" post it on my walls - the "words of wisdom" of those "wise souls" that actually sounds like something one can actually compile as they are doing their first business of the day - with their loo in the early hours...why? I am sure I would not "look" smart and "wiser" by doing that everyday!

Ok I am of the track a bit...but seriously, I am not impressed by those who just quite the quotes every day and try to look wise while at it....

There's an article I shared today on the "famous social platform". Here it is:The Article from some dude somewhere
The message is clear and simple.
Maybe more would agree to it than if it is me who wrote it in the first place.
That is too common, nobody near me thinks I am as good as I am - regardless whether I have proven it or I just believe I am actually good at something!
(No I am not being negative, it is a fact that I have observed so much that I have prefer to keep quiet and don't respond to anything asked against me.)

...but back to the article I mentioned...the point #5 : How do you define success?

That is the one question 99.99% of the world population who "excels in the corporate world" FAILED MISERABLY to answer truthfully as he himself of her herself. No, I don't have the statistics, but answer the question and maybe in lest than 5 minutes you yourself will realize you have failed to give a really solid answer.

The point I am trying to send across:

Ever wonder why so many photos of people sporting bundles of cash in the FarceButtLand?
You think the moolahs are theirs? You think 10% of them are millionaires by the time you fart after a good bowl of sup power this evening?

Too many "manipulators" selling false people who allow themselves to become suckers of false hopes!

...and some of them do have flamboyant paper qualifications....both end of the deal - the manipulators and suckers.

Be aware...even before you start up - you might have actually started to go down the drain, if you fail to really nail down your OWN definition of SUCCESS.

I will write more about what I have jotted down in many years when it comes to "doing what you want" for a living...but for now, thank you for reading this. I really hope to write as much as I used to when I first started this blog....since I have 2 journals filled up with my journey after I quit from corporate world....hundreds of pages...must me something that I can pass down to my kids in one of those pages....

Have a SUCCESSFUL DAY....if you can define yours correctly.

Sunday, February 16, 2014


Gone were the days when handheld devices are only the toys of real techies (read: geeks!) who have the passion to use the gadgets to make things easier and faster. Nowadays, if you don't have a smartphone, you're probably not up to date with technology....well, not really.

The advancement of technology and the abundance of applications, coupled with the relatively cheap price to own a smartphone, do not necessary mean the users are capable to do stuff faster, with more efficiency and ultimately deliver better result. No. Not really.

Time, still remains the same - regardless how technology has advanced - in the sense that it is pretty much being wasted unnecessarily or rather "unrealizingly"rampantly compared to when technology is something expensive and only means ultimate shiznit for those who are geeks.

I am not really a big fan of WhatsApps (WA). Yeah I do use it everyday but 70% of the time it is just an application that makes me feel my time is wasted. So many people in so many "groups" that seem to have nothing to do but occupying the WA world from the moment they woke up to the moment they were supposed to already be sleeping.

Multi-tasking? Well, I am not so sure if they are really capable of doing that but...chances are, they just WA away and let the time (office hours) pass by. They might be able to complete their works but as I have mentioned above...time is actually being wasted more rampantly than ever.

Owwhh come on! How could you concentrate on doing something when every other minute you just have to respond to the WA lines?

Recently, I answered the usual "morning Salam" in a WA group which I was "re-admitted"...innocently praying that we'd all be concentrating on our job so that our rezeki for our family and children be blessed and filled with baraqah.

...and some stupidfucktard responded indirectly stating I "perasan bagus" and what not.

Well, the motherfucker is actually an idiot anyway so I don't bother responding to his stupid lines, such a loser fucktard.

Maybe you have already witnessed in you office....people spend more time on WA or FB compared to actually doing their office hours and resources 100% for the benefit of the company...

So, we have reach the status "Celik IT" I guess....but not really for the good of the company....I mean, look at the FB pages...on daily basis, you'll find football fan boys lashing the guts of each other....political coffee house has gone on-line....everybody has got to say something and expect everybody else to listen and agree....and  so many other "quarrels" here and there...we have returned to the state of immaturity very conveniently with the presence of social media platform.

Get a life.

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

"Umpama melepaskan anjing tersepit, sudah lepas, dia menggigit"

When it some to FB status updates.....I have been quiet for a short while, for my very own reasons but today i feel like writing...and since I am not keen to start writing in my blog , I'll just write it here..and maybe the extensive version in my journal later.

"Umpama melepaskan anjing tersepit, sudah lepas, dia menggigit"

Contoh cerita (TIADA KAITAN DENGAN MANUSIA YANG MASIH BERNAFAS ATAU MASIH TIDAK BERNAFAS...kalau ada yang perasan, maknanya kamu bukan laa manusia, tapi....a*****)

Mamat nak kawin, kerja eksekutip (mcm hebat la), tapi sengkek. time tu plak ada skim pinjam bank utk kawin, tapi kena la cari penjamin yg income kira ok la. Mamat mintak tolong la si Faiz yg kononnya steady income utk jadi penjamin.
Dapat laa kawin si Mamat, frust menonggeng la setangondol & kuncu-kuncunya sebab tak dapat swindle Mamat join kelab koboi naik kuda...

Ada la 2-3 kali Faiz dpt notis dr bank kata nak bawak masuk mahkamah sebab Mamat tak bayar consistently...pening jugak, sebab Faiz pun dah kawin & steady je wife dia lagi chun...kalau tak kawin bleh gak warning Mamat jgn memain part bayar hutang kang aku amik bini kau jadi bini aku kang haa!!
Tapi pendek cerita, dah bertahun, hutang pun abis bayar...anak si Mamat & bini dia pun dah besar-besar. Mamat pun makin glamor & famous (maklumlah orang ala-ala retis).

Dah tu pandai plak sound orang Faiz plak bosan kerja gaji besar, resign buat business ciput, masa terhad nak melayan sms, kadang-kadang call pun tak sempat jawab sementara tengah berkejar hantar barang la ambik barang la...

Mamat plak sebab makin famous, kononnya makin la loaded...makin juah & riak la sikap, sampai tak boleh orang sound sikit. Sampaikan Faiz yg tolong dia nak kawin (kalau tak ntah merempat kat lorong mana ntah cari lobang) pun kena cas macam-macam, sampai delete number, tak reply sms, reject call, unfriend block pelbagai...

Kesian Mamat...hanyut dalam hidup glamor & sanggup buang ke laut orang yg bantu dia jadi Muslim drpd jd orang entah apa...

Ali & Muthu ada bakat dalam satu bidang tapi tak ada akal when it comes to actual  "business sense" dan duit pulak ntah mana-mana...makan pun mak bapak tanggung walaupun telur dah berbulu lebat.

Kebetulan ada pula seorang kawan mereka, Faizal yang minat bidang yg sama, juga punyai bakat yg tidak kurang hebatnya walaupun masih berkerja tetap & berpendapatan tinggi, mahu berhenti dan ceburi perniagaan dalam bidang tersebut.
Maka Faizal pun berilah modal yang boleh laa kata takat nak beli Exora Bold cash tu memang lepas laa...busines berjalan...Ali & Muthu serta Faizal bersama-sama mencari rezeki, segala "shortage" dalam hal kewangan, Faizal akan cover, bila payment masyuuuk, Faizal ambil balik bahagian dia tanpa extra charges.

Tak sampai beberapa bulan, Ali & Muthu sudah kelihatan menyeleweng, harta business dipergunakan untuk works & projects sendiri, Faizal kasi sound. Dua ekor mahkluk tersebut berkomplot habis-habisan untuk mengusir Faizal dari terus kekal sebagai rakan kongsi.

Faizal jenis malas nak bergaduh, dia blah, sambil sound - balance berpuluh ribu ringgit tu sila bayar abis dalam tempoh seminggu kalau tak peguam peribadi akan hantar "surat jemputan".

(Haa jangan main-main....Faizal dalam pada drive kereta buruk pun mampu employ peguam peribadi 24x7!!)

Kelam-kabut juga beruk dua ekor tu...makan pun miss, apatah lagi nak bayar balik duit Faizal yg berpuluh riban...

Akhir kisah, selepas beberapa bulan, mampu jugalah Ali & Muthu melangsaikan hutang...dan masih meneruskan perniagaan berlandaskan planning & strategi yg Faizal sediakan seawal business dimulakan.

Kesiannya Ali & Muthu, sebab selang beberapa bulan lepas bayar hutang, diorang pun bungkus...nak buat camana, kalau dah bodoh sombong, duit tak reti manage - hari ni dapat esok dah habis, style mau lebih....memang la "melingkup is just around the corner".

Memang typical kisah-kisah anjing yg terlepas dari tersepit...

...tapi sekarang ni dgr cerita si Faiz & si Faizal walaupun masih cuba membantu insan-insan yg tersepit...kalau diorang "kena gigit" diorang tak banyak bunyi, diorang akan bagi baik-baik kat insan-insan tersebut jamuan makan istimewa...gigi & gusi insan-insan tersebut...fresh from their own mouths lagi! "Umpama melepaskan anjing tersepit, sudah lepas, dia menggigit"
Majulah sukan untuk negara (tak semestinya bolasepak aje ok?)

Monday, August 05, 2013


Green? Red? Yellow?
Eid is just around the corner.
For the whole of Ramadhan this year, Al-hamdulillah we do isya' & tarawih prayers together as a family. Ifthar foods are homemade - mostly, if not all - and Ramadhan Buffet is a complete alien to the family.
It is a mater of choice.
Why pray at home? Because I want the family to be trained with solat berjemaah. It is the first effort and even though it means I have not been to the masjid since first Ramadhan, I don't think I have made the wrong decision at all. I have to educate my kids. They have a hectic school-time and they need to rest, while fasting the whole day and doing their homeworks on time and helping out with the house chores.
Why homemade foods? Simply because it's the love that been pun into the preparation of the foods. Buffets are expensive. I cannot afford to pay for buffet ifthars anymore. Waste of money. Waste of foods.

....but the choice is yours, I have made mine.

This year, I would pretty much want to celebrate Eid as a Muslim more than celebrating it as a Malay...or a Malaysian.

Excessive celebration. Raya songs. Duit Raya. Baju raya (some have to prepare dresses for up to a week!!). SHOW OFFs - new phones/ tablets, cars....and all the likes. SICKENING!

...and when the comparing starts, that's where I would really just want to grab my bike and go off into a trail alone.

Instead of being Muslims, many of us are still Malays instead. Too much "budaya" instilled in the mind instead of "agama". It is not easy to get them to understand and start to behave like a Muslim...or a Muslim Malay....instead of JUST A MALAY.

5. each his own.

This eid is not going to be much of a celebration anyway, since I am still waiting for the payments due....nak bersabar tahap mana lagi entah lah....those bloody bastards.

Selamat menyambut ketibaan Eidulfitri. Selamat berpisah bulan Ramadhan.
(I always prefer the latter....ALWAYS.)

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Bianchi. Mine.

Since Decemer 2012, I have been riding Bianchi.
The Kuma 4650 was my first. Stolen in May, I got a Kuma 5100 on loan by Bianchi KL until the frame of Bianchi Jab 26" sponsored by Bianchi Thailang/ KL / Italy arrived.

Really enjoy riding this Jab. Fully customized since the frame is the only thing that I was given!

BIANCHI - it's not just a bicycle.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

It has ALWAYS been a while...sheesh!!

I have to admit, FaceBook (or otherwise known as THE social media) has been taking my LIFE! Sheesh!!
Gone were the days when I look forward to document my everyday journey with  my babies.
Really, FarceBook is so powerfully distracting that even interaction with a real person right in front of you would just be secondary most of the time.
Is that good or bad?

I have been trying to move back to blogging more than I was - since FarceBook existed - and all the time I tried, I failed.

...but last night, I realized I REALLY should start documenting again in this blog.

Aliya Irdina @ Neena asked me to tell story about her baby-years.
So I did.
I just opened this blog - after so many moons - and showed her the story and photos of her since she was just a fetus!

....and before I sleep I realized....I should continue. I should write more about what we do, how we spent our days/ weekends...

Yeah....I should....I MUST!

Tuesday, July 31, 2012


So....on the 9th July 2012, I am 40 already.
Have I achieved much? Not really.
Do I care? Not at all.
Why compare with others when I am better off enjoying the life I own?

...but sadly, on 14th July 2012, Sahan Shah @ Caarn, one of the XC bro, passed away.
He's the first - after XC years in KK and the whole batch tried the best to contribute what's possible.

So much about life begins at 40...we should also realize that life might not  be there at 40 for some of us....

That is why it is important to appreciate what we have now......not what we wish to have....

Friday, July 06, 2012

RM3 can't go far...unless we share it with others...

ABC & Apam balik after Friday solat.

Soothing cure to the heat of the day. You'd probably spend around Rm3 for a bowl of ABC.
Rm3...and your thirst is cured, insyaAllah.

Buy another one - packed ABC with straw and plastic spoon. Drive back to your office or home. Give the ABC to the first old person searching for paper/ tin can or beggar on the pavement or poor kids by the roadside that you may see on your way back.

That Rm3 you spent, will take you further than expected, insyaAllah...a simple adventure, every Friday after solat...

She is growing too fast...

Alisya Irdina Khairil.
Used to bathe her and Naufal in that sink!!!! Hahaha!!
Now, she can cook simple stuff and wash dishes....
Time really flies. C'est la vie?

Having breakfast with the family is really's the beginning of a new day, so what's more important than starting it as a family?
After all, it may be the last opportunity for you to spend time with them.....who knows?

Over the years, I have disciplined myself to have breakfast before I started doing anything....just to make sure the empty stomach would not be the one to lead the way....that's not a good choice!

Thank you Alisya, for the delicious breakfast today.


For several years, the FB has become the key landing point for many  when it comes to being on the internet for whatever reasons. 
Obviously, I have also been "addicted" to be on FB most of the time I am online. Otherwise I would be on the websites of some photographers that I try to learn from.
Whatever it is, FB has been the place where I usually spend my time....until yesterday, when I suddenly think I am better off if I do more blogging and leave FB as it is, due to certain matters, of course.

At first, FB is a nice place to hang out. Business opportunities, quick and easy marketing effort...and all the likes.
...but it's also a place for me to vent out my disagreement and anger....and it turned out to be a platform for others - usual suspects - to ridicule and belittle me easily, just for the fun of it...
(READ: Maybe in their office they have nothing to do....because they are ok to bring back rezeki for wasting company's time and resources to feed their kids). <-- Now, this kind of posting in FB would definitely be flamed immediately...because in FB-land everybody is trying their best to be good and look good while in the actual sense they are constantly bragging and doing indecent stuff and yet being backed up by many with the same persona.....
For instance, recently there was a bunch of school teachers in a thread complaining about why the hell should they be blamed and asked to wear decent clothing to school when the students could not concentrate in class? Ironically, most of them wear tudung, married and supposedly are good role-models for the younger generations.
All I am saying is - the FB land is a real mess with fcuked-up views of do's and dont's.
Everything is right when everything is wrong...and vice versa.
The arguments would never end and at the end of the day you'll just waste your time (if you are working on your own) or your company time (if you are being employed....which is ok because at the end of the month you'll get that salary anyway....provided you are not being terminated!!!

...and when you try to say something and give real example to a group of people, there will be others who say you're judging people and who are you to do that. Well to these bunch, they themselves never realized that they are the ones who are always judging others wrongly...and most of the time by the way they present themselves (and their writings) they're want to be seen as perfect role models. They are always right. Others should not judge them or other people. Maybe they are right, at times...but most of the the time they are wrong...and still deny it...and still put the blame on others that they are poking by responding to a comment or posting of that person...and some mofos would support them because they never met in person and never know how fcuked-up these bunch actually are.

...and I have long realized, some others who used to be good buddies have been too busy being famous that the conversation and interaction as buddies have diminished tremendously.
Not that it is wrong but it's quite a sad situation - how being famous and wealthy can make others change to the worse (well slightly worse for some old friends but perhaps more better for the persons themselves).

Where am I getting to?
Frankly I'm not really sure...but if I have to say what I have in my head right now, in a sentence, it would be this:
It is about time for me to spend more time in this blog and write whatever I want to, whenever I want to and it's about time to lose some friends who are just too good to be my friends anymore.

There. I think that's what I want to say. Yeah.

Life was much simpler in this blog. I hate crowds anyways. 
So it's the correct timing since it's past nisfu Sya'ban and I have (somehow, miraculously) decided to forgive and forget those who are in that list in my "Book Of Torque - Chapter 1" which I have mentioned in one of the entries in this blog.

...and I would like to say THANK YOU to the eight wonderful people who have been the followers of KampungPath....for whatever reasons.....thank you so much...ahleng ariKen, amirahaziz, sisdee, bungacahaya, AndSoMyLifeGoesOn, SyafiqAzuan, nor azman ab aziz, Eju.

Have a good Friday. Or at least try to.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Abroad and no passport needed

From Evernote:

Abroad and no passport needed

I have been in Kuching for about two weeks already, on assignment to look on the progress of the team covering UNIMAS job. Kuching is always interesting for me. Just a walk at the waterfront would be an interesting way to discover stuffs. 
Though it is a very nice place, I do have one or two things that I would label as "annoying" in Kuching.
The first one would be the roundabout...if you are driving in Kuching or Sarawak in general, you will have to understand that the drivers here are very very very very very and - oh did I say very? - VERY cautious when they see a roundabout. They will take the time to wait for the coming vehicle to clear out (almost like hoping there's no vehicle in sight!) so that they could go straight into the inner circle....even though their exit is just the next one from their entry point. If it is peak can multiply the relative time of you having to wait by 100....or make it 1000.
Can't really blame them...they're just trying to be safe 100%....or more!! :o)

Foods are great in this city....if you know where to go. One of my favorite place would be the food court of Kampung Boyan....but sadly, along the riverside, you will find many young people - couples or not - loitering around especially after asar and through maghrib/ isya'. Chances are, if you walk pass them, you'd probably find a bottle of two of liquors being shared. Sad. Very sad. Really.
...anyway, it's their life, so if they decided to fcuk it, hey....go ahead, I am not your daddy!!!

...but frankly, I love Kuching and it will be the place for me to retire....from life.

Since I am.going to be here for quite a while, I should go to places I have not discovered in this city....let's see if the workload is manageable. 

Monday, April 02, 2012


From Evernote:


The past couple of weeks have been very very hectic.....but that's nothing new...
Some changes in schedules and I have a couple of days to be with the family...merely, actually...due to the shooting schedules for convos and all...which means I have a time for them after the event jobs are done...

While shooting, I get to observe the subjects and the environment, learning more and more about the society and all.
Not a bad way to spend time earning money while learning new
It may just be my may just be my personal might not be valid for whatever reasons others might have....but it is my view and experience....and I am just sharing it here.

It has been a long time since my last documentary/ photojournalism works. Itching to get back on doing shots and jobs in that discipline. So much so that my recent events works were done with documentary/ photojournalism approach. Nothing wrong with that but since the leader of the team is not ME (Hahaksss!) I am not so sure if the shots were 100% accepted by the person. Anyways, with my experience and all, it shouldn't be a problem.
....and it's not. That's why I am in the process of editing some of the works for the FB page of my team. Quite an effort since I am still recovering from the hectic traveling and shooting....and more paperworks waiting to be done.

I am digressing....back to my observation....

1Malaysia. So they say.
...but I can't see the reality happening in day to day events. What more in formal events, particularly the ones I covered recently. It is not such a hoohaa though...but still quite embarrassing, to my definition at least.

Names. The ones given to us when we entered the earth.
It may sound nice for some....but it may be ridiculously funny to others.
...but should we mock and laugh at all?
Sadly, it happened in those events I mentioned. Names of some graduates were laughed at by others, not too loud but not discreet enough to just be neglected. I did not expect that to happen. It wasn't just once but too many times that I felt quite ashamed to be in the hall.

Dudes....Malays, Chinese, Indians, Kadazans, Ibans and all.....have certain names that when pronounced would sound weirdly funny for others of different races....but still, we have to simply respect the differences. Never laugh at their names. At least not openly, in a formal occasion...after all, you probably would not know what your name means in their native tongue....just because they are minors, that does not mean they deserve less respect and tolerance from you the majors....

.....I wish my kids not to have teachers like those bunch, mentioned above....

...yes, they are teachers....sad isn't it?

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Evernote:The Sun shuns not from shining....

From Evernote:

The Sun shuns not from shining....

...never a day the sun went missing. Though it might be hiding behind e clouds or the's there, for it is it's duty to be where it should be. A promise kept for ages without fail. Consistent. Nothing less. It shall be there till the day it dies.

Wonder why it never got bored doing the same thing all over, again and again....and again. Awaiting the time for eternal relaxation...when then there shall be none.

I miss the sun, today. Also the beach. Though I did not miss then heat wnd humid environment beyond the eandlines miles into the land....I miss watching it shone it's final rays depicting dusks....when the duty to be present is passed to the moon.

...but I shall wake the next morning to welcome the same ol' sun, marking the first day, of the rest of my life.

For now, it's too late in the night, too early in the wish the sun good night and to bid the moon good morning...

0426hrs...the hour when the clock is to be rear as it's already way past the to rest. Good night, moon.
...and mwybe I will be wishing good morning to the sun.

...hopefully the sun will still fulfill it's promise.

Evernote:The ABCDE (and F...and G!) of life....

From Evernote:

The ABCDE (and F...and G!) of life....

This is something that came to my mind as I was driving in a hot afternoon in Kuala Terenganu. Hot, humid, dehydrated...and yet this topic came to mind and I somehow felt happy although was in that uncomfortable environment. The ABCDEFG of life in particular.

A is for ALLAH.
Why I existed. Life blessings and rezeki....everything, comes from ALLAH.
I wouldn't be here writing this sentence if it is not permitted by ALLAH.
For all the blessings received, the least I should do is to say ALHAMDULILLAH.

B is for Beloved.
Mother, father, wife, kids, family.
The ultimate blessing from ALLAH.

C is Camaraderie, Commune.
The friends, brothers in arms.
Those who were there to celebrate my success.
Those who were there to ease my sufferings.
Those who I would trust with my life.
...and they too are the best blessings from ALLAH.

D is for Determination.
The unwawavering focus and desire to achieve what I desire.

E is for Exploring.
Anything...anything that my mind finds interesting.
Something that would not be enough until the end is done.

For all that matters, I could have stopped at E but somehow the brain teased me on the next two alphabets...
F and G is for FaceBook and Google+......Hahahaha!
...friggin' geek!!!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012


From Evernote:


Kampung house. Coconut tree. A bright sun.
Some birds, clouds, mountain, padi field, maybe sea shore.
Sounds familiar?
Those would be the elements in a drawing by a Malaysian kid, generally. I believe most - if not all - would have probably done such drawing when they were a kid. No?

The mind is fond of keeping pleasent memories....and perhaps the serene environment of a kampung home set in the mentioned frame above is common. Maybe not. It depends on who you are and who you would like to be, perhaps....or WHERE you actually want to be!!
Nowadays, we tend be present in multiple locations at one point of time. For instance, we might be sitting in a cafe with a friend and a mug of our favorite coffee...but we are busy yahoo-ing a couple of buddies around the globe....and so is the friend sitting infront of us. Or we might be having dinner with our family but instead of having a family conversation we are frantically texting on our BbM with the bosses and team abroad.

I am not saying it is bad...but nor am I saying it is good. It is just a common situation we are facing everyday.
What needs to be done, needs to be done.
The thing is, sometimes the mind dictates what we actually prefer to do - or where we prefer to be. When that happens, we'd then set what infront of us as secondary.

Coming back to the doodle, perhaps that kampung house and the environment set, is just something so nice to our minds that it remains the same as it was since our childhood days.
In my case, at the time I wrote this, my mind is fond of lepaking in a hut by a cool stream but I am with my team doing the stuff we do best (for the moolahs!)...and as I mentioned, it is not bad nor is just a situation I am having in my life everyday.

Monday, February 20, 2012

Evernote:Tablet-top Publishing

From Evernote:

Tablet-top Publishing

Years ago, when people talk about tabletop publishing, it was a kind of fancy thing done by those with IT literacy. Not everybody was on pc tbose days, whatmore doing stuff related to publishing, that was a serious thing, quite.

Enter the blog.
Everybody started to have one. Or two....maybe more. Publishing is just about putting whatever written on to the blog site and anybody can read it.
Then, with the hoards of tech-gadgets available, anybody can blog anywhere, anytime. About anything at all. Whether it really makes sense or not, is secondary.

The traditional way of writing on a piece of paper is seen as outdated....but that is still the best. To me, at least.
If you are a writer, you'd write. On any mediums.
If you're just a techie wannabe....well, maybe you'll do the same on tech-gadgets...for a while.

Doodle? On Galaxy Note??? Yaaah....same thing.

Finally got a tablet for myself....and it does not make me any different from what I was before....cuz I still write, on any mediums....and doodle.

Cool stuff, these tech-gadgets. It makes things easier to do. Sometimes!!!

Sunday, February 12, 2012

My two liners on…

From Evernote:

My two liners on…

+ Waking-up.
A must, to keep on moving in life.
The earlier I start the day, the more time I have to do whatever I want to do.

+ Breakfast.
An important meal to being a good day.
The earlier the better, the best is to have it with all family members together.

+ Work.
Something that needs to be done, to earn the money for a living.
Not something that governs me totally, I am the boss, I take control of the works not the other way around.

+ Free time.
What all being has everyday - 24 hours a day.
Whatever I decide to do with it, I still have free time for things that matters.

+ Busy.
Just a lame excuse by many who failed miserably to realize everybody has the same amount of hours in a day. 
To a certain extent, it's just a way to show they are important (NOT!)

+ Politics.
A field where idiots and well educated people comes to play for (as they all claim it) the benefit of the others (who do not want to be involved). 
Some gets things done, many others gets nothing done or undone...and looked important (for them) while at it, including those who talk about politics at kedai kopi or forums or whatever platforms available.

+ Facebook.
A social platform where everybody gets to meet anybody.
A place where opportunities are made and also a very suitable platform to waste your time for nothing if you're an imbecile.

+ Wealth.
What every poor would chase and want to have.
Something that is being chased endlessly by those who refused to define their priority in life (if they have, I mean).

+ Paper qualification.
What everybody needs to have to get on board a good company (mostly, except those who decided to start they own).
Couple of years on board, we'll start to realize we are being governed by those with less brain-cells than a goldfish.

+ Hobby.
What people do out of their interests when they have the time to do so.
Some made money from it, some just waste more than what they can actually afford, just to be seen as cool or savvy.

+ Credit card.
A tool for purchasing stuff.
A good way for a loser to start a never ending debt.

+ Opinion.
What everybody would ask or offer everybody else before making decisions on things that matters to them.
What most people would not bother to read when everybody is giving it on a same platform. be continued. As and when I feel like doing so.

Wednesday, February 01, 2012

....strategy realignment?

strategy |ˈstratəjē|
noun ( pl. -gies)a plan of action or policy designed to achieve a major or overall aim : time to develop a coherent economic strategy | shifts in marketing strategy.• the art of planning and directing overall military operations and movements in a war or battle. Often contrasted withtactics (see tactic ).• a plan for such military operations and movements :nonprovocative defense strategies.
ORIGIN early 19th cent.: from French stratégie, from Greekstratēgia ‘generalship,’ from stratēgos (see stratagem ).

realign |ˌrēəˈlīn|verb
[ trans. ]change or restore to a different or former position or state : they worked to relieve his shoulder pain and realign the joint | the president realigned his government to reflect the balance of parties.• ( realign oneself with) change one's position or attitude with regard to (a person, organization, or cause) : he wished to realign himself with Bagehot's more pessimistic position.

*Realignment: DERIVATIVES realignment noun simple words, Strategy Realignment is when you change or alter your action plan to achieve the (still unchanged) overall end-state set in the beginning.

Why am I writing this?
Frankly, it was a phrase - or more like a secret code - used by a group of us back in the one of the main Strategic Study project & implementation for the big corporation I was with back then, whenever we need to take a break and go down for a cuppa coffee or "slurm" (maybe will write about "slurm" in another entry). Or simply put, it is our way to say - f**k it, we have done enough work so let's go down and have a cuppa.

....and the whole team would be sitting in front of a cuppa 10-15 minutes after the code was transmitted. Hahaaa!

So, there it is...that's why I am writing this, initially.

Anyway, since I am already on this topic, let me just type on, whatever I want to say related to the topic.You can continue to read or just move on to whatever stuff you need to do, I don't want to waste your time if you think I have been doing it for the last couple of minutes....

Almost every person whom I see on FB/ blog/ Twitter/ Google+, who wrote about strategy, have different understanding (or misunderstanding!!) about it. Not that they are right nor wrong, it just shows everybody may have different approach to strategy, how they define it, develop it and implement it.
The important thing is just this - if it works, it works!
Be it a strategy, a plan, a vision, mission etc etc. Not everything should be governed by the text books we read, of course....but if we read the text books properly, it helps to achieve that end-state better than just shooting in the dark. The funny part would be when somebody claims as a master of the topic....but everything is just a helter-skelter when it comes to explaining and implementing it....and let's not go into the actual result...if they cannot achieve the end-state, they should be asking me (or the team mates I had) about strategy realignment then.

Recently, in one of the WhatsApps group I am in (no, I don't have BBM, not a high-profile corporate guy...nor a high-profile school kid, to pay for a "secured server" for my discussions talk-cock stuff) which consisted of a motley of businessmen, academicians, top management bankers, oil & gas staff etc locals and abroad...somebody sent an article from a "think-tank" about something. THINK TANK.
Think-tank? Hahaa... just too much thinking and never did any implementation of what they "thought", never did any monitoring, never came down to the ground for actual progress controlling and worst of all, never owning the result...a think tank is as good as - a sewer bucket.

It's quite easy to think and talk...No? What do we have at our warung kopi, teh tarik joints, the more glamorous Kedai Kopi Chap Starbux, SangFransiska? So many excellent thinkers and business minded bunch talking about big bucks stuff...but ask them if they really have
tried walking the talk and be responsible for the results...probably just a handful....or half a handful...or none...

The validity test is simple - to my standard.
If you actually don't even bag-in a single ringgit from what you're yakking about...then you're just talking the cock....and walking the cock...and you should try to accept when people say you're kind cocky....'cuz probably that's what you've been doing most of the time!

Just think about this - if you never get the right result, is it not possible that you have been having a wrong strategy?

So, what's your subject of discussion on your BBM, WhatsApps or the TehTarik geng this week?
...probably you've bagged enough to pay the bills for the whole table...or maybe not because perhaps the end stae of your strategy is just to look important and "hebat" to the rest in that kedai kopi...aye?

....wanna try strategy realignment? :o)

*posted from Evernote...since Blogspot dashboard page is kinda unreliable nowadays....mengong!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012


From Evernote:


Am not sure what am I gonna write. So many stuff to do and I have not used my pen for ages.

After being in Kuala Terenganu for a number of weeks I am not sure if I can cope with the hectic life in KL anymore. However busy I am here in Kuala Terengganu, I still can find time to have a good rest and time to cycle for fun and health. If the kids are here I am sure they would love it too.

So now here I am away from the family....missing them but I am earning good money for them.

I am going to board the 9am bus from Kajang to Kuala Terengganu in about 3 hours from this sentence is done. Let's just post this one up into the blog and see how it would look like...writing on Evernote and posting on Blogspot. :o)