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Segitiga Melingkup Sdn Bhd

A couple of weeks ago, I received one text message from my former boss while I was assigned to P*t*o*as Dagangan Bhd., asking me my views about Score-A. Apparently the same person (which somehow was NOT supposed to be there and was NOT in the official program at all) who presented to a group of people in a room at Std Charted office, about a year or so ago, approached this former boss and asked him to join her team.

Same old pitch which you may have become accustomed (and perhaps sick to the point of puking on the person's face too..):

- sampai bila kita nak bagi orang lain kaya, kita sendiri bila akan kaya kalau kerja terus untuk orang?
- tak mau ke income RM 4-angka seminggu?
- saya dah berjaya, saya boleh pergi bercuti ke Australia dengan keluarga saya bulan lepas.
- saya dah tempah BMW 3Series, kalau saya tak join business ni entah bila saya akan mampu beli kereta mewah macam tu.
- buat apa kita susah-susah kerja buat business kalau peluang business tu dah ada disediakan untuk kita?
- saya boleh bawa family & mak saya yg dah tua shopping dan diorang boleh ambil apa sahaja, saya bayar...
- ....Semua berunsur JUAH, BELAGAK...EKSYEN nak continue with the list lah... I need to puke first....wait se-moment eh....


So, I told the former boss all I knew about it and met him a couple of days after that...he decided not to join because what it is not a business for real...because I knew him for years and from being my boss we have became buddies, I knew he'd not interested in such thing - not for thinkers, strategic planners, educated people who really have done REAL him...and me..and many of you out there too lah ok!

...heck since I am at it already, lemme also state here that some people in the organization I used to be in actually use their office hours for Score-A and one Manager in HR there actually called and asked me to join her team because she was "worried" I have no source of income after I jumped the boat...pfft...she was never there to answer calls, never bothered to return calls or respond to the messages left when I was trying hard to get hold of those idiots responsible to deal with LHDN and suddenly she can call me on my hand-phone number wanted to "help" "noble".....

Well...forget it, go use the company loan to buy that farking BMW or Hondah that you want laa!

(FYI I did join Score-A perhaps much earlier than any of you, just to help a friend and I end up spending RM1k above for a pack of access card or what...never mind, that's another story to be told lah).

This is not about me kasi hantam Score-A people ke apa, I just wanna vent out my "bosan-ness" of these people who think everybody wanna waste their time on "business" to just get rich quick and "eksyen" with the shiny cars and all laa....

So, you think you can't get rich easy by joining the Score-A or any other similar "business"?
Well, let's look at it from this perspective...

You have a job, sitting in front of your computer, churn out numbers, do presentation packs, respond to emails, send emails and once in a while (if not everyday) deal with idiots who happens to hold a higher ranking position than you are...tough..but at the end of the month you poke that card into the teller machine and WALLA!!! You got loads of money!!

So, after all those years you decided that you are tired with the work you have and want to do something else? Joining a "business" that started with the phrases presented earlier (and more lah) would not be a good move. Why?

Have you ever asked yourself what is it that you really want to do if you quit the present job you have?

Generally, if it involved a business that being introduced with "opening talk" using the phrases similar as above....and when the presenter started drawing dots which would look something like a triangle, your "immediate next steps" would look like something the listed below:

- have to attend a gathering where another better ranking achiever-trainer-somnabiatch would "enlightened" you on how the business will make all who came to the talk to become filthy rich.

- have to go through a presentation pack or a softcopy given to you prior to the gathering so that you can come used to be tapes, which you'd have to return back at the gathering but now you just get a softcopy into you thumbdrive - yeah, no free thumbdrive somemore laa!...those people are not rich at all, don't you realize that already?? Haha!!
(Note: I was given a couple of tapes back in the 90's by some of these people...because I refused to listen to their talk and go for teh tarik...and in the end I returned the tape without listening to it too...I'd rather be listening to RageAgainstTheMachine musics rather than a baboon giving a sermon to wannabe-rich monkeys).

- have to buy a starter-pack or whatchamacallit and start studying and understanding the "business".

- have to follow the "up-liner" to other sales pitch before you are ready to do yours.

- have to prepare a list of people that you would be approaching and train to be ready to present the stuff form that package mentioned.

....and above all, you'd already be living, breathing, eating and all-other-ing only for the "business".

Once you are done with the immediate next steps above, you'd be calling friends, family members, contacts and all...and try your best to get their time to listen to your "business proposals"....and start spending long hours after work and also weekends to do your "business proposal meetings."

The cycle goes on. The pyramid gets built. Some gets the money, some gets to end up still being in the dreams only lah.

....and before long you realized most of your friends may not be answering your calls or sms....but wonder no more....they got their info from everywhere and they are not really interested to be in the race to get that BMW or Honda or whatever....their Kancils gets them everywhere and they have more quality times with their loved ones...even during weekends as you and your rich-friends are busy in a "business seminar".....

In case you have not realized, some of the famous faces, the successful businessmen and businesswomen of such "business" may actually have fake qualifications. Read it here, in this dude's blog:
Aididleaks do you get "Prof. Emeritus. Dr. Sir" in front of your name??
Some of the Universities they claimed they went to...don't really exist.

So...are you really going to allow yourself falling into this business-dunghole made by the people who are no smarter than you when in comes to REAL paper qualification?
You decide! :o)

Yeah I have friends who are into MLM or Ponzi schemes or whatever you wanna call the frigging business...but I am yet to see any of them sporting a Ferrari or wearing a Patek-Philippe....the real Patek-Philippe, not the fake their "business" could they afford one if it's the price of a house (that you still owe payment for the next..what 15-20 years?)

Excuse me, I have to fetch my baby where's my Casio watch (100% original wokk!!!)

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