Monday, March 14, 2011

Out of this world

The event that occured in Japan recently (8.9 magnitude earthquake that leads to massive tusnami, for those who were too busy with entertainment news...) should be a good reminder for all of us...including those who still have the heart to make stupid jokes about such disaster.
Since I started breathing the air of the world, I have never read so much earth quakes and tsunami warnings (of course I had no internet access back you?) than what I came across since the ear of internet connection.
So, what are we doing about it?
The videos and still photographs feels so real - we actually witnessed the event as it unfolds. I was on CNN for many hours that day and I realized that as I see it happening, some poor souls were probably struggling for air and their precious life underneath that massive wave of mud and debris. As we at in front of our TVs, some poor souls over there were probably on their way out of this world.

Their time already.
When is ours?
Nevermind, we still have time....yeah...time for what?

It's just too obvious. The signs are getting more and more rampant and much much clearer. Our time is limited....already.

Therefore, forgive me if I am too blunt towards those who are still busy with stuff I don't put high on my priority list. Don't forgive me, it's ok...just find time to reflect on your life once in a while...I try my best to remind whatever I can - here and anywhere - for me & myself...and my friends...the time is coming closer than we could ever imagine. Do something. What? I don't know, it's yours to decide...but just don't include me in your postings about stuff that you know I really don't like - suka-suka saja is soooo something that would bring some goods for and for the hereafter.

No outings suka-suka outings this weekend? Watch out for the coming may be contaminated....but who cares....I don't!

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