Thursday, March 03, 2011

The instruments

Meet my team of staff in the planning & creative thinking division:
+ Lamy ABC fountain pen - Parker Quink blue ink
+ Lamy aabc pencil - Lamy M44 1.4mm B lead
+ Harley Davidson fountain pen M-point - Parker Quink black ink
+ Lamy Vista VT15153 B-point fountain pen - Parker Quink red ink
+ Lamy Vista VT15153 M-point fountain pen - Pelikan 4001 brillian-green ink
+ Lamy Vista VT15153 M-point fountain pen - Parker Quink black ink

Mileage - very high, for each of them. These are not for show but for real works...each ink is used for specific reasons...each pen's point is chosen for specific function.

I am not sure how many time have written about my fountain pen and writing instruments but one thing for sure, I really am fond of fountain pen and thus why I use it on daily basis. Part of my "workforce" for many years already.

These instruments have worked with me all along and have been good to me through ups and downs...some of the inks that flowed through these instruments may have helped a number of close friends in some occasion.

At about the same time I shot this, Steve Job is launching the iPad2 in San Francisco's Yerba Buena Centre.

Yet another instruments for some things that needs to be done..or just another toy for those who just loves to be in the lime-lights at Starbux or any teh-tarik place gatherings...

As always in the case of new product launch by Mr Jobs, we can see almost every other friends status would related to the new products.

Face the fact - many of us would want to get the latest and the best instrument we can afford (or for some would just "berhutang" just for the sake of having it!).

...and also please face the fact - that I am sincerely sick and tired of these kind of people, sadly some of them are (still) my friends and some are even much older than me.

It is almost like kids yelling out to each other how much they want that new toy on the shelf....but in the end, only to be proud of getting the toy faster than any kids in the neighborhood.

In many ways, we are so bogged down to have "state-of-the art" instruments or gadgets....but do we actually put it to good use and bring in some returns using it as what it is - a tool, not bragging-rights item...

Think and link it back to Islam - we'd probably be wasting money, unconsciously being riak and probably deeply involved in riba (oh yes, check your credit cards statement just in case you have not realized this).

No, I am not jealous or what but I am just observing and stating my mind. If you like it, thank you for lending your time. If you don't like it, thank you and my apologies for wasting your time.

Couple of hours ago, I read the FB status of a friend who happened to be present at a kenduri - she stated that nobody was talking to anybody because everybody was busy with their gadgets....Wow!! Are we becoming a very dedicated workforce or are we just becoming totally dedicated slaves to the small squarish tech-stuff we carry around?

Maybe it's about time to just have on-line kenduri gathering since the iPad2 has 2 cameras now. Forgive my sincere-sarcasm but I do hope you realized something here....I am sure you have seen similar case...or probably the ones doing it.... :o)

6. if you don't mind I'd like to scribble and scratch on my papers with the bunch of instruments I shot above....they are my slaves...not the other way around.

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