Thursday, May 13, 2010

Neena, Nini & Sparkle

Nini is Neena's pet angora rabbit which she herself chose for her fourth birthday.
Since I had no option (Neena = BOSS!) I decided to buy 2 rabbits at that point of time so, Alisya & Naufal picked a smaller angora rabbit which they named Sparkle....and I have mentioned in an earlier entry that I don't really fancy keeping pets because I want living souls to be free to roam the earth..and I prefer to call them Pot-pot & Nyot-nyot....(don't ask me why, suka hati aku la aku yg beli maa?!).

Pot-pot & Nyot-nyot has grown...quite big, I had to cut my lunch money and bought them a bigger cage for them (again, sebab aku kesian and consider them as human - mesti mau space to run and have fun also leh?) Compare them when we first got them here : SINI

Anyway, Neena's been taking care of her rabbits least for this week she has always insisted that she would be the one to feed them in the morning, spend some time "talking" to them...
then off to school....

At 4 years of age, there is the sense being responsible in her already...Alhamdulillah. Sense of loving creatures & people - definitely there....of course, she's my baby!!

Post Entry: When we arrived home today at about 8pm, Nini & Sparkle were happy hopping around the balcony....apparently Neena must have opened the cage doors without me noticing before she went to school!! Happy sakan laa dua ekor arnab tu merdeka sehari suntuk!!

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