Thursday, January 07, 2010

Nini & Sparkle tell the truth, I am not the "pet keeper" type. Actually I was, until I reached 10 or 11years of age. Used to have burung serindits with homemade "sangkar" by our beloved Almarhum Pak Uda.

Used to "curi-curi" give foods and play with stray cats - because Mak did not fancy having cats around the house when we were kids lah! (...but later we had more cats when Mak & Abah were bored - semua anak pergi college, universiti, asrama penuh!). Used to have fish (Angah yg suka sangat bela ikan!)...ok I WAS a pet keeper type back then lah!

...but in the end I let all the serindits free. I feel it is not fair to let them in the cages...and for humans to keep pets and deprive them from being free. kids been bugging me for the past 1-2years - they want pet hamsters (By-george! Dey kichii your kindy Teacher kasi ikan guppy pun maximum 4 hari jer survive!)...and I kinda smell, the Mama also seems to have this kind of hidden agenda all these while I cut the story short, instead of Hamsters, Aliya managed to "katok" me for her birthday - Angora rabbit! Cair hati bila tengok dia pegang that rabbit and keep on looking at me with her begging eyes and cute!

...and being me, I told them it is not kind if we are to keep the rabbit in a cage all I had to buy another one. Both are girls lah.

Aliya named her pet Nini (sebab dia kata nama dia Neena so the rabbit must be Nini!) and Alisya+Naufal named the other one, Sparkle....must be from one of those Prince & Princess story book or CD thingy Mama been buying them all these years....

...but I call Nini as Pot-pot, and I call Sparkle as Nyot-nyot.
Why I call them those names instead? Ehhh suka hati aku laaa, aku yg kena katok total cash Rm400 tau! :o)

...and this little Sparkle@Nyot-nyot kinda think my "jangguts" are alfalfa seen below.

The family just love to have this little ones around them...and as long as they are happy, I am really happy too! (as long as I don't have to deal with the feeding, cleaning and whatever!!)

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