Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Smile. Sincerely.

NOTE: Delayed entry yet again. Been having time management issue to write stuff in this blog - for the past couple of weeks, more time has to be allocated for The Republik and The Family...then only The Torque's Blog a.k.a KampungPath...ahahah!

Is it really that hard to give a smile away? Some people are just too "kedekut" to smile at others sincerely (smile "menggatal" & "mengada" not included here please!) I guess that's why I just love to work with kids & babies - photography wise at least - because they are natural "smilers" and they are just so sincere in anything that they do - even when they cry, they are actually expressing the things that they have in their little hearts, full of sincerity.

..but the same kids might have difficulties to smile sincerely as they grew up to become an adult... as they age, there goes all the sincerity.

Just because they have more important things in mind, they forgot that a sincere smile might bring the extra color to life that can make the day others.

Just because the title position they have on their name cards, their smile became too expensive for mere mortals. Only meant for the "bangsawan" or the circle of people that they deem fit to mingle with them.

...but their smile has become too expensive....40kali lagi mahal daripada gula yg baru naik taraf harga 20sen sekilo! :o)

Say...have you smiled to the janitor/ tea-lady of your office today?
Owh....mahal sangat ke nak senyum kat diorang?

Balloons can make Alisya, Naufal & Aliya smile instantly!

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