Tuesday, March 31, 2009


On my first day on the 2009 F1 Medic. Team job, I had to print the group photo for the seminar. Lucky me I got help from Agmnhob, his buddy Fairuz is the owner of this TheREDstudio company in Sectin 7 Bangi (belakang Pustaka Rakyat). Cool office, great offer, great print job done. Definitely will come here again for future print jobs, insyaAllah.
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Try test tengok

Since the friggin' WiMax been so unreliable, let me try and see if I can get this posted up with photo intact...
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Friday, March 27, 2009

Guns & Water

...wanted to write something last night but was too fatigue after a tiring day starting with the kids waking up early (and me having only about 2 hours of sleep the night before!) and had to send Mam to the airport (thanx to the bus who departed earlier than the stated time and without doing proper headcount too!)...and when a "client" decided he cannot pay for the job I did (due to policy shit even though I was actually doing them a huge favor) the day seemed to crumble on me...so, I went back and took the kids for a treat at Wendy's and after preparing their stuff for today, I went to bed with them, told them some stories and the next ting I knew, it's already today...a tiring day yesterday, frustrating in a way but rezeki comes in many shapes & forms...got an offer to shoot DYMM SPB YDPA golf game and possible some Langkawi Tourism thingy...insyaAllah....
...BUT..what matters most is, I have promised my kids for a splashing fun day tomorrow, so that's what going to happen, INSYAALLAH....just bought new waterblaster guns for the kids (and for me too weheheeh!!)

...as we all can see, it is obvious these shots are done on my phone's camera...lesson learnt from being a pro-photographer, no need to bring the gears unless the job is confirmed and payment is firm...and if possible, choose the client!

Monday, March 23, 2009

Back to school...and work....

I just could not believe it that I have been on leave for almost full 3 working weeks!! Not that I intentionally want to but it was due to the eye disease, 2 weeks and then the school break - nobody to take care of the kids!
...yeah, I kinda enjoy it but I wish I could do more - with only one functioning vehicle and eye, I guess it was ok. At least the twins are now confident to jump into the bigger & deeper pool with their floaters & Aliya can swim a distance of about 2meters in the adult pool too.
I promised her I'm buying her a proper float soon, to encourage her to be more confident, insyaAllah.
Well, at least we can see some result from time to time - bringing the kids to swimming pool - and spend time with them. Nothing like some parents who'd just assign the maids and or swimming instructor....but they have their own reasons and all.

Other than that, like the kids, their appetites are really growing. They know what they want to eat or where they want to eat. No, we do not allow them fast foods and the likes as often as they want but from time to time, yes we do allow it - they are kids & they need to grow up as normal kids, not like a health freak or what!
Yeah, they get a fair deal of swets & fast foods from time to time..but they siwm at least 2 times a week and go to the park running & s
Some people can get surprised when I pass my kids the Sigg bottle that I often carry everywhere and I'd say - "Ok Neena, come here, nah minum air gas Neena".....some "kononnya" health conscious perdson will definitely start a lecture....but the fact is (like I would alway tell some people who look surpfised at me when I give my kids "air gas" (carbonated drinks laaa tu) - my kids refer to plain water as "air gas"!
....and they carry their own water bottles with them everyday (mine is a back-up unit lah!)

Japanese foods would be one of their favorite. I don't really know what the rest are called but edamame is a must. 3 plates of it. So, once a month (Note: depending on how the financial looks like!!), we'd bring them to their favorite Japanese food place - Sushi King (or King Fish as Alisya calls it!).
It's a joy seeing them enjoying the foods....
We did Sushi King last night, since they have been talking about it for a week or so, just so that they have the "drive" to go back to school....
after sushi, we bought some doughnuts...another fav of them - The Big Apple.....each of them has own favorite - they will choose the same one everytime!
Will have to spent more time with them this week - cuz Mama is going off to Bandung so...I am left alone to handle the kids again!

...hmm..need to be able to adjust the E71's manual camera setting more efficiently

Sunday, March 22, 2009

F1 - Back in action, different role

Saturday morning, off to the SIC, this tie not as the Fast Intervention Vehicle Driver nor trainer for the newbies but official photographer for the Medical Support Team.
The drivers are mainly newbies - some of which I have worked/ trained during he last couple of seasons - lead by a seasoned driver who drove with me in the early days of our involvement.
Many things happened along the years and the final flag was raised last season, thus why the line-up are newbies. The original team members decided not to get involved anymore - but not entirely all are originally "original"....just to keep it simple - some people cannot give commitment due to their position, some, are just not disciplined enough (we stroke off some names from the list - due to lack of commitment & discipline and more damagingly - not being a responsible driver/ team member).
It is not a privilege, it is a massive responsibility.
While they think they were qualified by being there the previous years, some just fail to put the real fact of being in the team into their thick skull (...some are just too sissy-arsed in reality, could not even make it past Turn 4 without shivering & skidding - so much about bragging being a FIV driver in the first place ahaahahah!!).
Anyway, history will remain history. I am not siding anybody but the show must go on and all I can say is the present line-up of drivers are really tough and dedicated...we can work on the discipline part easily since they are not the "commanders" kind of mentality (the ones that would always want to lead for whatever reason!) but they are real team players and know when to accept commands and when to give feedback, proper. All the best to them....I'll be there just to take photos of the team anyway!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009


At our rumahpangsa, some kids would always be assisted by their maid to the playground & swimming pool....not all, but most of them.

In my case, I have been taking my kids for morning walks and all since they were couple of months old. Watching them "overgrew" the usual playground reminds me how time flies.

Some people could not be bothered about it...but not me....no sir.
The kids & their friend they met at a playgorund near to our rumahpangsa

Symbian the reliable

Today I am going to spend time at the pool most of the day, with my kids. Then I will jot down what I am going to get for my kids & me when the client pays up by this weekend...hopefully, or I shall never do jobs for that client again!
It is much easier & faster uploading shots to Blogger via WiMax using my Symbian based phone than any of the 3 laptops on my desk, including the Mac.

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Animals Animals Animals

Out of nowhere, I suddenly recall when I was a kid there was this t.v. program called "Animals Animals Animals". I could not really recall in total what was it all about but definitely it was about animals and it involved some cartoon and other fun & funny stuff to make the audience enjoy and understand the contents better. It was cool. The theme song was like:
"Animals Animals Animals Animals Here and there.....
Animals Animals Animals Animals Everywhere!"

As mentioned earlier, my Proton Persona 1.8SRi (Wira UK Spec 1996) was stolen and after a week was found and though it is not as it was according to the workshop guy, I am just happy to have it back.
Restoring it to a perfect state will be a challenge...time & money is neede for that matter....but I will do it. One thing at a time, Insya-Allah.

I have been on MC for almost 10 working days due to bad viral infection to my right eye. Though I am far better than las week's condition, my vision is still no as it used to be. I went for a solo street shoot last Saturday after a lunch appoinment with Ted Adnan and I just had to rely on my instinct & judgement to get 2 shots at a single location...and that's all that I managed. Have not been able to cycle too due to this condition....and work is piling up at the office while the secure connection portal is as good as useless....to top that off, I had to take another 5 day leave this week becautse the kids are on school holiday and nobody can spare time to take care of them, not even my wifey who seems to run 2 offices with one payslip....

At times like this I wish we have a reliable maid. Or a close relative living nearby.....well maybe not. Have given up relying on anybody since everybody will always have their ever so important matters and excuses.
So let them go deal with their matters, I so don't care about it at all and from now I will be the only one in charge and spend time with the kids even if it will cost me a bad performance, so be it....coz it is like almost a full month not being able to come to work already, dammit!

Since everybody close to me have been so selfish, the time has come for me to be ultimately selfish, except for my kids, I am gonna put what I want as top priority from today. The rest, none of my concern.

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Thursday, March 12, 2009


<- Hmm...swoosh then flick.....or is it flick then swoosh...Ayah camana ni??

Apparently, while the rest of the Boleh-Land was busy with PPSMI, Politicians Primetime Show (8pm news laa tu!), FaceBook-ers putting up "I-am-an-important-idiot-in-this-organization-so-let-me-tell-you-all-that-I-am-off-to-another-country-on-business-trip" or "I-am-so-very-a-high-society-thinker-&-mighty-above-you-other-mere-mortal" status.....little did they know that KLCC has been taken into custody by a FairyKenit....

...more updates whenever I feel like it....yeah...one eye is better than none!

1-2-3 jump...or is it 1-2-jump....Ayah camana Superman nak start terbang eh?->
...beats me, I thought you told me I am KingKong!

Saturday, March 07, 2009

Blogging on a full fledge platform with a SymbianMobile

Eyes still itchy and hot, I am restless to be confined at home. It's a long weekend and I am not sure if I am going to be well enough to enjoy it.
....but taking one thing at a time, adalah hikmahnya tu...my stolen car is found, my kids are running & playing happily, foods aplenty on the table...ALHAMDULILLAH!
Simple humble life, despite being ridiculed & sidelined by some....pity them...
...but anyway, this Symbian baby rocks!!! Many posers a.k.a wannabe have it as showoff stuff...and use it to access their Fb to "maintain cool intellectsoundingIambetterthanothers or Iamtravellingtheworld" status...but c'est la vie

Tuesday, March 03, 2009


Date: 2009-03-03 10:32 AM

I am on MC due to bad eye condition, real bad I guess since I am being referred to a specialist instead of getting the usual eye drop and stuff.
Waiting for my turn, so I am having breakfast.
Saw a group of people that are related to one VeePee conveniently lepaking during this working hour. Manusia...
Good thing I no longer in that Zoo (oops!)

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