Friday, January 02, 2009


I am feeling guilty. Very. Aliya is not well - on & off - and we have been busy clearing the house while the kids have to spend the day with
grandparents. We have not celebrated Aliya's 3rd Birthday due to the messy environment at our new condo and the house. Really yrying to
make it that by this evening the house should be cleared and by the end of the week the condo should be in a more 'presentable' condition
On Thursday I totally forgot about lunch as I tried to clear up the boxes in my room! I realized of only when I was placing order for
dinner with the family later in the evening. Aliya vomitted but she was in a good mood most of the evening. Have to get Mama to spend more
time with her....which means I have to clear the house alone this afternoon.....
The SRi is back to it's prime condition....well, almost! A bit of tweaking (and couple of burnt wallets) it will be better than it used to be. 3k down the drain (and maybe a sprrding ticket right after I took the SRi from Mike's place), all I can say is Alhamdulillah.....worth every sen spent (or to b spent - as far as the speeding is concerned!)...anyway it is just a Proton....not a German marque!
Have to rest....Must! It is gonna be a hectic weekend...and it seems like this blog is gonna be updated via my small iPod Touch more often than always...

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