Monday, January 19, 2009

Masa yg tak pernah cukup?!!

That's my problem...and this year i am not going to let it happen. every single moment counts - priority to my kids & family & my journey to become a professional phorojournalist/ documentary photographer/ and get some more bigger dough with my commercial jobs too, insyaAllah.

What's been going on the past 2-3 weeks would be the transition part of our "new life". New because we are not going to have any maid in the house - except for weekend cleaner & care takers, 2 of that would come for one day - Sunday or Saturday.
New because the kids are starting their Chinese education - fairly OK for Neena according to the Principal BUT may be a bit tough for Alisya & Naufal....insyaAllah they will do fine.
New because Mama is going to more classes related to her own passion & business intent.
New because I have decided to take my passion more seriously and have been getting positive response & collaboration with established local professionals - not that I am retiring soon but I would know when to make the move insyaAllah...and more importantly, I just want to be free from the current organization & some of the people in it - muak & mual already with their personalities and such - and I have become more sensitive to arrogant people...and more. All these people, nak menang sgt tak abis2, silalah menang, kat akhirat nanti settle la with my Allah.

The past 2 weeks been very hectic, as mentioned...with jobs, exhibition planning works, outings & taking care of the kids at the same end February we should be accustomed with this "new life"....insyaAllah....
Neena in her jogger

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