Monday, December 01, 2008

"Working" on weekends

No, I am not bragging about the NatGeo stuff I bought! I am just telling a story!

On Sunday morning I did the final check on the equipments needed for the shooting.... section: 2 speedlights - Sb900 & Sb600 both in the proper casing with all the support equipments in it. Battery charger in a MAS utility case and Extra CF Cards & micro fiber cloth in another small casing.

....lower section contains the most critical equipments: in this photo I have the D300 body on the left, MBD-10 battery grip, Tokina 12-24mm f4 lense attached to D300, the D70s body on the left, Sigma 70-300mm APO DG Macro, Nikkor 50mm f1.8, blower, NatGeo raincoat for the bag.

iPod Touch, wrist guard, keys, extra batteries for the speedlights and some other stuffs are in dedicated pockets...and we are ready to rumble!

...erkk to be continued later deh...too dehydrated & fatigue leh...tak larat nih....

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