Monday, December 22, 2008

A can of Dr Pepper to start the weekend.....Part 2

The kids are quite confident to perform or do what's need to be done in front of crowd nowadays. Not bragging about how talented and smart they are nor am I saying I am shaping them to become performing, I don't have to brag about how talented my kids are - because my kids are my kids and they are not for show-off or be treated like trophies!
I spend time with them because it is a great gift from Allah - not because I want to write about it & tell the world how good a father I am lah!! I let them choose what they like to do, with some guidance. If they succeed, then - ALHAMDULILLAH....and one thing for sure they will never be a failure because whatever it is everything is destined by ALLAH thus why I try not to be like many kiasu parents dumping their kids into many activities just because they can afford it OR others are doing it, and knowing not what is it that the kids really like....the true person inside the little body. Oh well, I am not going go give a lecture on that...what I want to write here is about a competition Alisya & Naufal casually did - sand art competition at the new shopping complex I mentioned in the earlier entry.
When the DJ (ala2 DJ supermarket punyer type lah!) announced about the competetion, Alisya & Naufal decided that they want to take part - not me who influnced them....of course, Neena was curios what's going on but her age is not qualified to take part, so, yeah in 4 years time you'd be able to take part too ok Neena?!

Though Mama was quite unsure of the outcome, the kids made it through...Naufal got the consolation price & Alisya, got the 3rd place ALHAMDULILLAH.

Congratulations Kakak & Abang!
A small achievement but its your step towards the future! I am so proud of you both! (...and you too Neena!)

Naufal walking the pad where he actually took his first lesson to walk. Shot recently when I took him to KLCC Park. I told him that was the spot where he used his walking-trike with his first Adidas. The shot is available in the earlier entry of this blog.
Alisya accompanied by Neena (read: tukang sibuk) on their first ever congkak game taught by Mama.....

Neena and her Touch, (what to do...whenever I am back at the rumah pangsa she will claim it's hers!) admiring the photo of Dibo The Gift Dragon & friends. The kids now have upgraded my status from "Can only be KingKong" to "Yes Ayah you can be like Dibo"

.....heaven siut...ada anak2 mcm Alisya, Naufal & Aliya & always spend time as much with as possible them! ALHAMDULILLAH!

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