Monday, December 22, 2008

A can of Dr Pepper to start the weekend.....Part 1

Last couple of weeks been very hectic. I am not sure how many hours per day should be enough but working at 24 hours per day is a challenge especially when there are many things to be done and your priority is set to be with your kids - my priority at least! But I am coping as much as I could and try to make good progress out of anything possible, insya-Allah.....
To keep the mood on happy tunes, I always try to explore new stuff, view things from different angles (photographer's way) sometimes appreciating those very small things in life can strike a huge smile on my face. Dr Pepper for instance- something that I have not tasted in years - and I was curious enough one day to go up to one supermarket and walla! Available for sale! Bought two and on the way back to office I met a buddy who used to work in the same unit years ago and gave him one - the diet version - and boy was he happy! Instead of making myself smile I made my old buddy smile on that day too!

Outing with the kids & family has always been the key highlight of the week. Nothing else is more important than this. People can write and brag about what they would like others to believe themselves as, but I don't do that...and I don't charge others whinging when they are telling the truth about their life & burden they have to face, so convenient for many to just wash these poor souls aside because they have made the cut to the "upper echelon", or think they have made the cut lah!!
...well, c'est la vie - Melayu mudah lupa (all races actually not just Melayu!) me being with those bunch who could not appreciate others below them is a waste of time in life and I got only one life, so instead of trying to look witty & good & impress others all the time, I just make my life really really REAL and SWEET. So I guess that's why ice-fream shops like BaskinRobins is part of the deal in our outings....heheheh! They love as long as I can afford it, I will give it to them, insyaAllah.

Well logically of course what kind of a father who'd not want to spent precious time with kids as cute as this!

They are not wearing tudungs full time yet but the time will come insyaAllah...this shot was done when they were testing the tudungs set for their aunties....

..recently we went to this new shopping complex at the new place we have moved in to. The playground is nice and the kids love it there - spend more than an hour documenting them playing and making friends with the other kids there while Mama & the grandparents went shopping.

Yeah...they had fun, me too!


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