Monday, December 22, 2008

A can of Dr Pepper to start the weekend.....Part 2

The kids are quite confident to perform or do what's need to be done in front of crowd nowadays. Not bragging about how talented and smart they are nor am I saying I am shaping them to become performing, I don't have to brag about how talented my kids are - because my kids are my kids and they are not for show-off or be treated like trophies!
I spend time with them because it is a great gift from Allah - not because I want to write about it & tell the world how good a father I am lah!! I let them choose what they like to do, with some guidance. If they succeed, then - ALHAMDULILLAH....and one thing for sure they will never be a failure because whatever it is everything is destined by ALLAH thus why I try not to be like many kiasu parents dumping their kids into many activities just because they can afford it OR others are doing it, and knowing not what is it that the kids really like....the true person inside the little body. Oh well, I am not going go give a lecture on that...what I want to write here is about a competition Alisya & Naufal casually did - sand art competition at the new shopping complex I mentioned in the earlier entry.
When the DJ (ala2 DJ supermarket punyer type lah!) announced about the competetion, Alisya & Naufal decided that they want to take part - not me who influnced them....of course, Neena was curios what's going on but her age is not qualified to take part, so, yeah in 4 years time you'd be able to take part too ok Neena?!

Though Mama was quite unsure of the outcome, the kids made it through...Naufal got the consolation price & Alisya, got the 3rd place ALHAMDULILLAH.

Congratulations Kakak & Abang!
A small achievement but its your step towards the future! I am so proud of you both! (...and you too Neena!)

Naufal walking the pad where he actually took his first lesson to walk. Shot recently when I took him to KLCC Park. I told him that was the spot where he used his walking-trike with his first Adidas. The shot is available in the earlier entry of this blog.
Alisya accompanied by Neena (read: tukang sibuk) on their first ever congkak game taught by Mama.....

Neena and her Touch, (what to do...whenever I am back at the rumah pangsa she will claim it's hers!) admiring the photo of Dibo The Gift Dragon & friends. The kids now have upgraded my status from "Can only be KingKong" to "Yes Ayah you can be like Dibo"

.....heaven siut...ada anak2 mcm Alisya, Naufal & Aliya & always spend time as much with as possible them! ALHAMDULILLAH!

A can of Dr Pepper to start the weekend.....Part 1

Last couple of weeks been very hectic. I am not sure how many hours per day should be enough but working at 24 hours per day is a challenge especially when there are many things to be done and your priority is set to be with your kids - my priority at least! But I am coping as much as I could and try to make good progress out of anything possible, insya-Allah.....
To keep the mood on happy tunes, I always try to explore new stuff, view things from different angles (photographer's way) sometimes appreciating those very small things in life can strike a huge smile on my face. Dr Pepper for instance- something that I have not tasted in years - and I was curious enough one day to go up to one supermarket and walla! Available for sale! Bought two and on the way back to office I met a buddy who used to work in the same unit years ago and gave him one - the diet version - and boy was he happy! Instead of making myself smile I made my old buddy smile on that day too!

Outing with the kids & family has always been the key highlight of the week. Nothing else is more important than this. People can write and brag about what they would like others to believe themselves as, but I don't do that...and I don't charge others whinging when they are telling the truth about their life & burden they have to face, so convenient for many to just wash these poor souls aside because they have made the cut to the "upper echelon", or think they have made the cut lah!!
...well, c'est la vie - Melayu mudah lupa (all races actually not just Melayu!) me being with those bunch who could not appreciate others below them is a waste of time in life and I got only one life, so instead of trying to look witty & good & impress others all the time, I just make my life really really REAL and SWEET. So I guess that's why ice-fream shops like BaskinRobins is part of the deal in our outings....heheheh! They love as long as I can afford it, I will give it to them, insyaAllah.

Well logically of course what kind of a father who'd not want to spent precious time with kids as cute as this!

They are not wearing tudungs full time yet but the time will come insyaAllah...this shot was done when they were testing the tudungs set for their aunties....

..recently we went to this new shopping complex at the new place we have moved in to. The playground is nice and the kids love it there - spend more than an hour documenting them playing and making friends with the other kids there while Mama & the grandparents went shopping.

Yeah...they had fun, me too!


Saturday, December 20, 2008

Natural progression

I don't have any clear idea why I wrote the title above but it just came across my mind and I thought it may lead to something interesting......
So far the only thing I can comfortly converse when it comes to this topic, would be the journey I am in....not the one involving ladders, snakes, monkeys and corporate setup but my journey in the photography arena...I started late, seriously! ...but I have been progressing quite well considering the kind of people and politics I have to deal with even though I am out of The Zoo. One thing for sure, if ever there will be seperatiom scheme option I might just grab it and slingshot my plan to reality.....InsyaAllah.
Another natural progression worth talking about would be that of my Baby Aliya. Ok she is going to be 3 years old soon and for some people that is not a baby anymore but from my point of view my babies will always be my babies no matter what is their age : )
Now, for some reasons, Aliya @ Neena has been fond of snow. She actually collected some polystyrene pieces used as artificial snow to decorate x-mas tree and put it in a tupperware case...and claims that as her snow. Maybe one day we'll be somewhere packing snowballs Neena, InsyaAllah.
A week after I wrote the above paragraph, I sense and experienced a change in my area of taking charge and accepting responsibility. It just a natural progression, nothing to do with "gila kuasa" nor am I hoping for favorable rewards or all that just a progression, sort of a rebound from a deep abyss I found myself being thrown in by the ZooCreatures. This is something good, I think.

It is 5:00am and that means I have been awake for about 1hr 30min since the last word was entered in the paragraph above. Updated and synch the iPod Touch and managing the playlist on Yoda while listening to Belantara's "Pelangi & Nafiri" which is one of the best songs ever created. The lyrics:

Lihat alam sekitar
Yang mencabar mata
Akalmu yang sempurna
Ciptaan Yang Esa
Pancaindera yang dikurnia
Kenalilah warna
Pelangi yang berspektra
Simbolkan nirwana

Awan merah bergantungan
Hanya menunggu masa panggilan Tuhan

Selamilah hatimu
Persoalkan penuh jitu
Pepatah perjanjianmu
Satu demi satu
Dosa noda kelabu
Hentikan dikau perlu
Agar kedua duniamu
Merdu bak perindu

Neraca timbangan amalmu
Titian penentu nasibmu

Mari tetapkan hatimu
Mari sujudkan jasadmu

Pada Yang Satu

Jasadmu meronta
Dengan dosamu
Janjimu menjunjung
Titah Yang Satu

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Thursday, December 11, 2008

All that is needed would just be the courage

All that is needed would just be the courage

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Delayed Gratification?

The last entry was done before I went to shoot for Alisya & Naufal's last performance for their kindergarten - Little Tots. I wanted to do a complete entry - from the moment I finished packing to the end of the event but I am just too occupied with many stuff on the Sunshine Floor. I am a bit worried - with al the travelling & conferences & courses, my deliverables been sloppy & behind schedules. The boss has mentioned this to me, allowing me time to grief and let it all out...all but in the end I need to get on top of the sickening emotion I have been in.
It is bad enough the idiots have damaged my reputation, I need to pick up the bits & pieces & continue the, that's what I have been struggling to do...thus why I don't quite have the time to continue the last entry. if there are many who really read this blog anyway lah! .....but don't get me wrong, I know some of you love to read what I write about my kids and what have I - out of the spirit of camaraderie and all....I really appreciate it! Thank you!

I have done a new serie - documentary - with the CHAPs. We went to Ipoh and met our buddies there - Ipoh Geng you guys are great! - and spent the whole day documenting stuff. I am still editing the best shots I managed to compose and once it is ready with proper caption & narration I will put it on my Flickr & here, insyaAllah.
Alahaiiii sooo many things to do! The Shots I did during Jeroen's visit is still not edited too. The kindergarten events.....solo outings...Belantara's.....owh not even going to talk about the invouces I am yet to submit the clients....
One thing at at time thing at a time....insyaAllah.

Since I have not been good on papers when it comes to performance, I have spent much time considering my next move - outside the building I am being employed. Maybe one day I will make that step and leave all this backstabbing & buttkissing areana for good. InsyaAllah. I just could not put any more hope....too much dissappointments and its always me to be blamed. Easy for some muthafuckas to say things on FaceBook and all - sekarang kau boleh la team-up & belagak sombong & kaya....nanti kat akhirat kau dgn kuncu2 kau akan merasa laa balasan....kacang lupakan kulit....

It is good to know I have many humble good buddies around me....those I can trust for real, because they are not governed by tamak-haloba & gila pangkat....for those humble good buddies - I salute you!

The shot I posted was done coupple of days ago.....thats how the landscape looked like. Cropped & adjusted levels....nothing more. Sent it so some buddies and almost immediately they responded - they like it very much.

It's a gratification for know others are happy with the shots I did for them or sent them...
....and maybe one day I will get a delayed gratification.....

Monday, December 01, 2008

"Working" on weekends

No, I am not bragging about the NatGeo stuff I bought! I am just telling a story!

On Sunday morning I did the final check on the equipments needed for the shooting.... section: 2 speedlights - Sb900 & Sb600 both in the proper casing with all the support equipments in it. Battery charger in a MAS utility case and Extra CF Cards & micro fiber cloth in another small casing.

....lower section contains the most critical equipments: in this photo I have the D300 body on the left, MBD-10 battery grip, Tokina 12-24mm f4 lense attached to D300, the D70s body on the left, Sigma 70-300mm APO DG Macro, Nikkor 50mm f1.8, blower, NatGeo raincoat for the bag.

iPod Touch, wrist guard, keys, extra batteries for the speedlights and some other stuffs are in dedicated pockets...and we are ready to rumble!

...erkk to be continued later deh...too dehydrated & fatigue leh...tak larat nih....