Monday, June 02, 2008

Tin Boats

When I went back to Kuching recently, I regretted that I could not add nor re-do shots to my initial documentation. However, I had the opportunity to do my first documentation about Kg Serikin. Yes, I went there unprepared, no proper research or sketches like I would usually have for any documentation - but it's a start. InsyaAllah I will be going there again, and again and again.....

It was the first time in 3 decades for me to re-discover the toy Abah bought be when I first set my foot to this city called Kuala Lumpur ...found the similar toy in Kg Serikin and I stood there smiling for quite a while before I started to compose some shots. I told Alisya about this toy and she was amazed to see the boat moving around....perhaps wondering where the remote control is!
I was about 7 or 8 years old at that time. We stayed at my cousins' rumah bujang and what I can really recall was we went to pasar malam and Abah bought me a red tug-boat that moves with the heat generated from burning cooking oil.

The environment of KL city amazed me back then...the tall buildings, vehicles big & small, people rich & poor...we ate at the road side warungs, not at any air-conditioned restaurants, what more fast food outlets...I was amazed to see kids my age in big cars (no idea WTF BMWs & Benzs are at that age!), wondering how they felt in those so comfortable looking leather seats...with air-conditioned interiors (our Opel Kadett has no air-cond!)

Almost 30 years.... and I guess I am still the same boy who came from a kampung about 3 hours steady-drive from KL...same in the sense that I am still a kampung boy, who wants nothing much than a happy life with my family regardless what others around me are chasing... those overly ambitious, cruel people...who seems to not have enough of everything and always want to be above others in every single sense possible....

Let them be....for me, I strongly believe, there are many poorer souls than me....who may have never had the chance to own a tin boat when they were 7....

Many things happened since my last entry. Though none can change the severe damage done to my heart and soul, I am still standing with integrity and faith..and my prayers to my one and only God....who will be fair to those involved and who will give them proper consequences for their hasad dengki, busuk hati & cruelty.

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