Friday, May 11, 2007

Cupcakes and grubs

NOTE: Late post - busy meh!

Ever since she got her first digicam, Alisya has managed to capture a number of shots....but currently she's being "barred" from using the digicam - we found her not taking good care of the digicam and she'll have to behave and be good until we are satisfied before she'll get the chance to use it again. On the other hand, Naufal is happy with the non-tech related stuff he got. When he is ready he'll get his first digicam too insya-Allah.

Note: I will Insert Alisya's shots here!

The cupcakes & birthday cake business is picking up quite fast. Almost every week we'll be dealing with small bundle of boxes for delivery and inquiries are pouring in everyday.
Some people are comparing CoffeeTorque with other more established cake makers out there - it is like comparing durian to apple (or rather BlardyWindows to Apple-Macintosh!! Ahahah!) but hey - I'd take it as a compliment (positive mindset always!) since though we are just few months in "operation" already they are comparing with the established players....Alhamdulillah!
There is only one big difference that we promise in each of the cupcakes - they are made with "passion" - my wife just love doing it and each piece means so much to her, like a piece of art she'd love to share to the world! That is why we don't do mass production and we have order ceiling. Thank you for the supports people!

One of the best part of helping my lovely wife with her cupcake business is we get to help others in expressing their love to their loved ones.
The first of such case would be Elisa Taufik who lives in the Middle East. She got in touch with my wife and the deal ended with us delivering a specially made package of cupcake to her 4 years old nephew on his birhday....we were informed later by the family that they loved the design so much that they save it to the last moment - tak sampai hati nak makan! My wifey also had some "special package" for Mother's Day celebration. Well you can read more in her blog CoffeeTorque
The best, (for now) would be those she made for the kids's buddy - Zharif - Bawal's hero.
The birthday bash was fun-filled..the kids enjoyed it very much......

Mama's work of art! (the cakes....& photos too!)

I guess, the early years birthday bash would be one of the most important things in life, for parents who loves their kids so much....Alhamdulillah.

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