Tuesday, March 06, 2007

MGP F1 2007- Time Trial for Fast Intervention Vehicle Pilots

The heat is on.....

Took Anual Leave to be in the Sepang Circuit on Monday..... and very frankly, I am not really that keen to drive the FIV this season but with due respect to Mike our team leader who came up and asked me to at least come for the time trial session, I just could not say no....after all, I could not just abandon the team, not when 70% of last season's pilots could not make it this time due to job requirements - naik pangkat some of them - BRAVO!

So, I found myself in the middle of a circuit, under a very hot sun on a Monday afternoon - just for a time trial and for introduction with the newbies...either you are in or out, it all depends on how you perform this afternoon. (...and I actualy hoped I will do bad or the newbies could do far better than me!!)

For that matter, we were given a GTi, a Putra and a Waja (the body only folks, the body only, am not alowed to reveal what's actually in those monsters!) to go around and Mikey led the newbies to an introduction lap of the circuit.....

Aisehmen! Mcm tak gerak siut! Power punya panning shot!

.....then the newbies are allowed to trash it out...

Bro Zul (Da Sifou) giving final briefing before rubbers are burned

The session lasted about two hours.....mostly used by the newbies to get familiar with the race curcuit & do their time tests.....then only the seasoned masters are allowed to drive....Proton pun Proton laaa....Wooohooooo!!
Ok...we are done. Let's call it a day guys

I was not that keen to drive fast today but surprisingly, when I was in the cockpit I felt very "at home"...after years driving in that curcuit I guess it is already a home away from home for me! Despite of just a Satria GTi (not many seasoned FIV pilots have driven this one actually) it was quite an enjoyable ride.....managed to run it a quite decent speed and managed to negotiate rather nicely, the turns.....ohh....my ohh my...the turns, I never thought I would miss turns 1 to 15 so much!
About an hour after the session, got SMS from Mike....to cut things short, I am in and I get to train the newbies and if everything goes well, next season I can be released from this duty and finally get to watch the action from any of the hills or grandstand! Well, I guess I have enough of speed thrills already.....driving a very fast and expensive car requires heavy discipline (read: strictly not for stewpeed riceboys and streetracers, discipline tarak, otak tarak, lagak saja lebih!)
So, we'll see ho it will be for the next season but for this season, I am now looking forward for a great season this year...insya-Allah....(read: the army people better improve!!)

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