Friday, November 17, 2006

Caught The Lightning

As a photographer wannabe I have always been amazed by the patience and skills (and of course the expensive equipmentes!) of professionals who managed to get amazing images of nature....lightning is one of the titles.

Today, I was almost bored to the bone after I managed to "zhng" things (thant have been ding-donging at the leaders level) with the Zookeeper (the top leader on this floor lah)...I don't wanna talk about work, it seems endless covering things for people who are supposed to be able to think and look at the strategic part of everything....they should be ashamed of me....heheh!

Back to the story I intend to tell here....I almost became Dr Freeze when Sha'arin called me to chek out the scenery....and somehow, I managed to capture a lightning - my first ever - after so many attempts all these years.....

......(posted while listening to Paul Simon's "You Can Call Me Al")

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