Monday, November 27, 2006


That's the most recent photo of our youngest child - Aliya Irdina.
She's the rightful owner of that FisherPrice Trike now!

Today at 3:59am Aliya will be 11 months old.

Which means....the family have been blessed with her presence for 11 months...
That's almost a year....and I am still amazed with the experience - the years of hardships, the researchs & preparation, then finally - out of the sudden - knowing we are going to have a baby, the most exciting 9 months in Mama's life, the delivery time...and...well EVERYTHING! (The "followers" of my little blog (thanx!) would know what I mean)

Yeah....I AM still amazed!

Life has never been boring, never been more meaningful for me, being blessed with 3 greatest kids and the loveliest wife in the whole universe.....

Ayah loves you all so much my dear!

She is just undeniably very pretty...just like her mum & sis

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