Sunday, June 18, 2006

Team Geist & Team Spirit

Aliya and her Team Geist & FeverNova
The World Cup is here again. Although I am not an avid soccer fan, World Cup is something that I would very much follow - at least I will make the effort to be in front of the tv for the matches of my favorite teams, especially if they are qualified in the semi quarters & final.
Was never a good soccer player myself, as far as I can recall the last position that I played "officially" was as a right fullback @ midfield for my class (Form 3B "Bash Street Kids" 1987) in some sort of carnival. Never played any soccer since then. The only soccer I played since I started working would be with my little nephews at that time Danial, Waiz....and of course, when Naufal & Alisya are here, the weekend spent at those parks we frequent may include a couple of minutes kicking that miniature replica Adidas FeverNova of World Cup 2002.

For World Cup 2006, the Team Geist is the official match ball and unlike the FeverNova, this ball comes in so many versions of replica. I have been hunting high & low for the black & white version of match ball and really wish I could get the miniature Team Geist replica for the final of the finals.

Each match ball has the team names, date and time of the kick-off. For the final, the date is on my 34th birthday and I though it would be nice if I can get one Team Geist, the miniature replica of the final kick-off, if there's any such ball for sale.

The only Team Geist I got for now is the one from Doha which Pata gave the kids as their birthday present - the blue & white replica miniature. The kids love the Geist. Aliya loves it too. She would 'talk to it", pat and push it around, bit it.....she just loves the blue Team Geist.

Hmmm.....maybe I should give them a miniature Team Geist each....

I realized that the F1 team which I have been supporting for the past 4 years or so - Renault F1 Team - has quite a similar name to the Team Geist. Renault F1 Team is also known as Team Spirit - related to esprit de corps. Esprit in French originated from Latin word "spiritus".
Geist (as in Adidas Team Geist) means the spirit of an individual or group, originated from German language "geist" which relates to ghost.
Team Geist carries the meaning of spirit of a team, which is the same as Team Spirit.

One of my RF1 Team Spirit 2005 Collection

Confused? Heheheh!

Whatever it is, France is not one of my favorite teams when it comes to soccer. My teams would be Germany, Brazil, Spain (which happens to be Alonso's origin), Italy & South Korea.
If you ask me to choose only one, I would choose Germany....because it has always been either Germany (Karl-Heinz Rummenigge) or Brazil (Zico - now Japan's coach) since my childhood days.

The weekend went quite slowly.
Decided to take the kids for a swim at their cousin Raiyan's place on Saturday. the bad news was both the kiddy & biggie pool were not cleaned. The water was green. By irresponsible of the management. Well, since it has already been promised, we had to got our favorite little stream with the kids. Aliya's first encounter with nature. She sat in the kiddy boat all the time - she enjoyed her first picnic very much and on top of that Mama was interviewed by some tv crew that was shooting at that area for some sort of documentary program. Aliya was the centre of attraction.

Okay Ayah! I am ready for some action now!

We just made it into the car when it started to rain quite heavily. After lunch, everybody was too tired to lift a finger, coupled by the rain it was a perfect excuse to doze. The evening was nice though, took Aliya for a walk around the neighborhood.
Mama served Sunday breakfast on the porch after the kids went for a short drive to buy newspapers. The rest of the day was spent fooling around with the kids. Aliya is now capable of making her own noises and she just refuses to sleep when there are people around here until she became very very tired.....and started to mengamuk before finally doze off.
Promised them next weekend will be spent at the kampung. The kids are really excited about it already.

This weekend was great. Since I was away for a couple of days before the weekend was the opposite of last weekend which was quite hectic for me...had to fetch the Renault from James's workshop - and that damaged the wallet a lot! Then sent Uncle Sly's car back, rush to get the night train ticket back to JB to fetch my old car....was on the highway back to KL after a couple of hours sleep only. Then on Monday evening had to say good-bye to the kids again...organizing a workshop for 3 days full time....come to think of it, it was a hectic week actually.
(Heheheh! Hopefully tak kena saman on the way back...with the GSR tops in the hood now, this "Zhng-ed" Persona is not for the faint hearted! Riceboys & Hongdas only layak to breathe it's smoke only meh!)
The horror that happenned to my Persona...

The kids & Mama bought me a cake recently...Father's Day celebration in advance...
They gave me some gifts I have a proper casing to put all my pills in place! Thanx Mama, Kak Along, Abg Angah & Baby Aliya! I love you all very much!

Was on leave on Friday but 3/4 of the daylight was spent at the medical centre. Alhamdulillah, seems that my liver is looking like it's getting better. Just have to continue with the current medication and the next visit would be in 60 days time. In the mean time, losing some weight would be good.

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