Wednesday, June 07, 2006


060606...The 6th. of June, will be history to my family. Our beloved grandmother - the last of my grandparents, passed away. She was a very very soft spoken and pleasant person, who came all the way from "seberang" and became a resident in our kampung in BP. All her life, she seldom left the kampung except when she were taken by any of the children (my uncles/ aunties) to their home......and the time when she went for hajj & umrah. In her early years, together with our grandfather, she worked hard - rubber tapping as the main source of income while doing other kampung jobs. Life was not easy for the family. They came not from wealthy background, originally were alien to this land, they did face challenges and hardships. However that did not stop my grandparents from raising their children and provide them with proper education. Alhamdulillah.

I was not really very very close with Al-marhumah, well, not as close as I was with grandparents from my mum's side but it does not mean I love her less than the rest of my grandparents. I love them all equally. Without her...and the rest of our grandparents, I would not be here today.

...and I will miss her dearly, as much as I have missed all my grandparents and relatives that have crossed the line into the next life...

....I made it clear to myself, I have been missing some values in life with regards to certain family related matters....and it will have to stop.

Come to think of it.....we have came a long may not seem to be an achievement for some others but we have came a very long way to be where we are now, and we have been grateful for everything that we have in our live, no matter how other treated us...there were those who spat at my grandparents, maki-hamun them for no apparent reasons, looked down on our family because we were poor, denied them of their rights, cheated them of their belongings to make profit, up to this moment.... and well yeah, name anything from those drama minggu ini, they'd probably have experienced it already.

I still know the where beings of some of those mean people and their families...but that is not important.....the only thing that is important is for me to say Alhamdulillah...with their kesabaran & ketekunan, I am now here with my family....thank you Bah Tua, Mak Tua, Atuk & all will always be in my our hearts....

........maybe I will continue this part when I am ready to tap on this keyboard again...

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