Friday, December 29, 2006

Happy Birthday Aliya Irdina!

That's my baby girl.....pix taken during the dinner on the 27th Dec around 8:30pm with the family (Tok Mak & Tok Abah came - finally banjir dah settle, can escape from Segamat already!!)

She's a cheeky girl, my baby. Smart & fast learner. She's got really pretty eyes & her eye lashes, well that is something that would melt hearts of many in years to come.

Can't believe she's already 1 yr old! 27th. DEC 2005, 3:59am was a year ago already! Time is flying even faster than before!!!!

(Late entry - due to the earthquake that disabled the fiberoptics)

Monday, December 25, 2006

Through The Lense.....

My concentration for past few weeks has been more on my next journey – photography. Lepak
with the SFCS dudes and Ted. Interesting bunch of creative people. Some are really seasoned photographers - excellent photographers, while some are just starting their journey. What actually matters most to this bunch is – we love photography and we want to learn & improve in this art. This is my new circle of friends now! Photographers & creative people. Most of my free time is spent on research & forums on photography. It seems to me that I am dead serious to become a photographer when I retire, hoping to earn something from this new passion I acquire.

The only free time I have is actually after coming back from work – that means around 9pm. It is really a sad ting not being able to spend the evening with the babies. I really miss that. I guess that is why I am a bit reluctant when Ted and Amal asked me to go follow them for some shooting over the weekend. Maybe I am not really ready to sacrifice my time with the babies although I am dead serious about being in the loop of professional & upcoming photographers of this nation.

Have also been given the opportunity to try out my capability in shooting big event – Kimster & Sly asked me to co-facilitate with some leaders for the month’s Leadership Forum and at the same time I was also asked to help shoot the “moments” for the grand finale montage. Good thing Sly let me use his D70, SB800 and two cool lenses to do the job….my old faithful Panasonic Leica would not be able to make the cut.

It was quite a demanding one but I managed to pull it off very decently I think. I might be getting a wedding job coming for my team too! Wooohoo!! Alhamdulillah…

I though it is time to “reward” myself after what…more than a year or so of hard work (I did not reward myself anything from my Bonus…farking kedekut punya employer & bloody tax hungry punya nation) so I decided to spend rather lavishly for my self this year end…regardless of what amount of cash I was given this month, aku tak HALALkan satu sen pun the gomen took from my account for tax purposes or whatever - yeah I got much less than I expected this year....whatever reason the employer wanna say, whatever reason the gomen wanna say, I say - Haram is Haram so go f*** your own duck. myself a brand new D70S for my journey into the future…..heheh!

The package includes the D70S kit pack (18-70mm), SB-600 Speedlight, 50mm f1.8, extra original battery, CF card, Hoya filters for the lenses, Nikon promo bag, Nikon Pro-Photog Vest....basically, I am ready to rock lah! Images will be up later in this address.....

Today went to Pencerita's kenduri aqiqah and met Saiful Nang and some of the otais for the first turning back from here, it IS going to be interesting!

On the other hand, work has been hectic & relaxing – two conflicts lingering in the air with total harmony. There are senses of urgency but I manage it properly (read: After years of working you should know when to put real action, when to just simply react and when to just purely act!). Anyway, the zoo is empty, very empty. The only constant noise you will hear would be from my area – just a handful of us are yet to take leave, soon. The only annoyance I have been struggling to live with is coming from two colleagues – one is new in the zoo but a seasoned employee and another one has been just too long in this zoo. But one thing unite them both – the ability to annoy other effortlessly, which they actually put full effort everyday, so just imagine the horror.

The ultimate tank-top was when I was trying very hard to up skill this new “older” guy who seems to be in total lost even after a couple of month in the zoo (we’ll call this guy Mr. Zero) and the guy who has been too long in the zoo (we’ll call him Mr. Kepoh). My intention was to up skill Mr. Zero in order for him to take up one task specifically assigned by the leadership of the zoo – which Mr. Zero kept on insisting it was me & the rest who put up his name on the list. The session was only supposed to be attended by a bunch of other colleague but somehow or rather Mr. Kepoh crashes into the meeting and started to make some smart-arse remarks and statements. One round, ok I can stand it, let us not make him look like an idiot even though what came out from his mouth was totally ridiculous and unprofessional – stating the obvious, finishing or repeating other people’s sentence, rephrasing it is you may in some words that sounds more intellectual (NOT!)…..Second round, there we go again, same crap…third round, that is it – Could you please not interrupt my discussion? Frankly I do not remember inviting you for this meeting, is it really necessary for you to be here?

Mr. Kepoh tried to joke about it but I kept my face and asked him to move on and please have respect on other people’s time.

Ok. That part was done. The days after that Mr. Kepoh tried to look important and hang around my place – I totally ignore the guy and every single word he utter. Damage was done. Wait for the next financial year for reconciliation. The whole year of annoying behavior have finally taken the toll. This kind of a person does not deserve any respect. Don’t know about you but definitely not from me. Well at least he has the intelligence to not enter another discussion I called for the Mr. Zero and the rest a week after the first one. Good. He’s learning something at last.

Mr. Zero on the other hand, is really a big question mark. At the position he’s in – a position higher than mine, I do not expect to have his kind of leadership (or shall I say UNleadership). Ok that may sound to much but hell, we tried to help him put with this simple high profile assignment assigned by the leadership of the zoo and all he kept lamenting was he’s in the wrong zoo and he should have not accepted the position. At one point I actually asked him to stop making such annoying childish remark and act as what he was supposed to be – a position higher than me and bunch of others trying to help him out. Blaming, lamenting, unfocused, unable to think or at least try to think in strategic manner, always reflecting the negative without any hint of how to handle the issue in hand, always ANNOYING.

And he drives a luxury car….and the other dude car’s is worth 3 times the car I am driving everyday!


Monday, December 11, 2006

Lensa Persona...huh?

Originally uploaded by torqxic.
The days have been very hectic since I last posted any update on this blog....apart from the office works, been learning to cope up with the limitations of my prosumer class Leica lense and the new zoom/bounce external flash I bought couple of weeks back.

The image I post here is one of the recent well "masterpiece" I managed to compose with the camera. Funny thing, with those limitation I can say I still managed to deliver acceptable results for some events - tehn again, I maybe just syok sendiri!

Anyway, after the outing with some other photographers for Street Buskers Party last weekend, I realized (apart from I need to catch-up on my sleeping & resting time!) I cannot rely too much anymore on my trusted prosumer class camera, not for night, low light & fast shoots...just to name a few situation at least.....

After talking to some real professionals in this field and showing them some of my works I have done on this Panasonic-Leica prosumer, I can conclude it is time for me to move on to the the next level.......time to get really serious after all these years of "searching".......and somehow or rather, I realized my answer to the question I have been asking myself all these years is starting to materialize, I am starting to be able to visualize the answer, maybe not a complete one but it is much clearer then before!

Time for another new journey Torque!

Monday, November 27, 2006


That's the most recent photo of our youngest child - Aliya Irdina.
She's the rightful owner of that FisherPrice Trike now!

Today at 3:59am Aliya will be 11 months old.

Which means....the family have been blessed with her presence for 11 months...
That's almost a year....and I am still amazed with the experience - the years of hardships, the researchs & preparation, then finally - out of the sudden - knowing we are going to have a baby, the most exciting 9 months in Mama's life, the delivery time...and...well EVERYTHING! (The "followers" of my little blog (thanx!) would know what I mean)

Yeah....I AM still amazed!

Life has never been boring, never been more meaningful for me, being blessed with 3 greatest kids and the loveliest wife in the whole universe.....

Ayah loves you all so much my dear!

She is just undeniably very pretty...just like her mum & sis

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

My Most Expensive Hotwheels

I am quite familiar with the brand Hotwheels ever since I was a kid. I am sure most of the people my age would be familiar with this brand too. It is one of the famous toy car producer which production we can buy (affordable - some range of the production) off the shelves of any toy store or supermarket - back in the days when I was still a kid lah.

Although there are more toys that remains in my wish list than the toys that I had during my childhood, I have no grudges at all. In fact I am happy being blessed with parents that cares so much about their children's future and gave the best they could afford for them.

Back to the Hotwheels...if I am not mistaken I actually prefer MatchBox toys, because somehow they have this kind of "suspension" to the wheels...and ohh, some of the models have doors and hoods that really works!

Well anyway, last few weeks I did something quite crazy.....I bought the replica of Renault R26 of Fernando Alonso by Hotwheels!

It took me about 20 minutes tinkering at that toy department......and finally after concluding that it is the last race for Renault by Alonso, the first champion of the V8 series and the 2006 season whole deal of issues the RF1 had to deal with due to FIA regulation (and de-regulation...and re-regulatiion!)...and the the fact that I could not afford the last season's V10 serie replica...I guess it was fair for me to buy that R26 as a memorabilia.

The last F1 car I used to have when I was a child was the black favorite but badly damaged - orang lain punya kerja! (I seriously do not know who!) The remnants of that JPS is still there at my kampung.

Ehhh...hey wait a minute! The JPS was not the last, I do have the McLaren RC of David Coulthard!!

Some kids just never grew old eh?

Friday, November 17, 2006

Caught The Lightning

As a photographer wannabe I have always been amazed by the patience and skills (and of course the expensive equipmentes!) of professionals who managed to get amazing images of nature....lightning is one of the titles.

Today, I was almost bored to the bone after I managed to "zhng" things (thant have been ding-donging at the leaders level) with the Zookeeper (the top leader on this floor lah)...I don't wanna talk about work, it seems endless covering things for people who are supposed to be able to think and look at the strategic part of everything....they should be ashamed of me....heheh!

Back to the story I intend to tell here....I almost became Dr Freeze when Sha'arin called me to chek out the scenery....and somehow, I managed to capture a lightning - my first ever - after so many attempts all these years.....

......(posted while listening to Paul Simon's "You Can Call Me Al")

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

After Raya

We had a great Raya celebration - went back to kampung for the last few days of Ramadhan (hope to see you again next year Ramadhan!) and first few days of Eid. The kids enjoyed being with the cousins and relatives - the played all day long and had to be forced to sleep! We put up pelita around the compound and played mercun in the night - for the first time in my life I actually bought mercun!

On the third Raya we went back to Kuching - equal excitement! Meet all of our the families over there and as always, everytime we come back to Kuching it is like a holiday.....

....went for river cruise, small family picnic at Pasir Panjang, cool dip at Sungai Cina in Kubah...evening walks at the out at the new places and the usual favorite places....arrghhhhhh....can we rewind the time please!!!

Back from Kuching, we spent a night in JB before going back to SateVille.....the first Saturday we organized our yearly OpenHut event at our little homey - the kid had another boost of celebration. This year while some usuals could not make it many new faces turned up - the headcount is probably one of the highest we ever had. Am just glad the guests still love the usual items we serve - by polular demand...could not change the menu due to that!

On Sunday we went to Uncle Bawal's OpenBungalow event - yet another round of celebration for the kids...frankly I am just glad they did not jump into the fish pond!

Wish I can write more but sleep have been an issue ever since I got back from holiday...overall I can say the raya break was really great, a deserved one, and it was really nice....and very frankly I just can't wait to retire from this corporate zoo and live life happily-er than ever over there!

....why can't I just get paid for vacationing instead of doing stuff for stewpeedidiots who get paid more then me?!! For now, I am the only one running the show (although the "leaders" see it as just merely assisting them - DUH!) since CL is on maternity leave...

Friday, October 20, 2006

Eid Mubarrak!

The Ketupat is a MUST for me every hari raya.

This raya is totally different for my family - for the first time in my life, we'll celebrate it with our new daughter Aliya Irdina together with her siblings, the twins - Alisya Irdina & Naufal Irsyad.

I would like to wish SELAMAT HARI RAYA AIDIL FITRI to all my friends & buddies (you know who you are lah!) and Maaf Zahir & Batin for any wrong doings that I may have done.

To all our family in Segamat, Kajang, KL, JB, Kuching and everywhere - WE LOVE YOU ALL! Insya-Allah we'll meet soon!

For Tok Mak, Tok Abah, Nek Cat, Nek Hon and uncles & aunties & cousins, maaf zahir batin halal makan & minum selama ini....the kids are lucky to have you all as their family!


Tuesday, October 17, 2006


Some people just seems to make it a habit to quote words from famous businessmen or politicians, in meetings, discussions, e-mails or even casual conversations (which may not be casual at all if a quote is included!).....

Ohh yes, some even goes to the extend of printing it and putting it up on the walls where everybody could read it - in his/ her effort to show supremacy or win a self-inflicted psychological war with some others....but unfortunately, the only war he/ she is fighting is against his/ her insecure personality!

Definitely, I am not that kind of a person but I do appreciate meaningful, logical and practical quotes, well you know - those that we can comprehend and put into action immediately.
That's the keyword - put into action.

Why should you go around quoting your favorite politicians & CEOs of big companies, when you have no idea what it mean (read: just trying hard to look smart) and never actually "internalise" (ok....that sounds soooo like a consultant!) the words?

Sometimes you can almost sense that these people may actually just found the quotes (ever heard Google?!) moments before he/ she walked into the meeting/ discussion or sent the that not pathetic?

As much as I hate & refuse to respect people who claims they read books (especially if they see you carrying one and stopped you in the middle of your way just to flip through the pages and proudly say they have read that book couple of years back) but never learn anything, I think I just could not stand those who quotes anything that come out from the mouth of the people he admires (which he may think others are too!) but never actually walk the talk - or should I say walk the quotes?

You want quotes....well, I have some.... (Weiihh! The Torque also smart but not like those smart-arse lah!):

"Do or do not, there is no try...." ~ Yoda, Jedi Master

"There is always the first time..." ~ Moi Chee Keong, TaeKwonDo Master (one of my martial arts sifus)

"Ignore the writing on the wall, you should read between the lies..." ~ Tom Araya, Slayer (heheh! )

"No call alligator "long mouth" till you pass him" - unknown Jamaican Rasta taken from one of the books I am reading now(probably this rasta was high on gunja)

Not smart enough? Ooh ok...then you must be one of can get those "I am smarter than thou" quotes from books....or Google....or ask any of those person I mentioned in my rambling above, I bet you can name a couple of them around you.....

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Today, I touched an Angel.....

If you read some recent entry of this blog, you'd probably read about Faris - adik seibu susu of Alisya & Naufal....

Faris is now an angel.....only after about 2 months of being a baby, he left the world to a better place around 8pm Tuesday......after spending half of his age in the ICU of a couple of hospitals and another half at home with his beloved family.

We went for the funeral...and could not stop our tears, especially when we saw the sister, Syahira, crying and holding the mother's hand, with her eyes almost never endingly focusing at her kid brother. She loves Faris so much and has been helping the parents to take care of him ever since he was allowed to leave the ICU.
The brother, Danial was less disturbed but from time to time he'd look at Faris, and once, after Faris was prepared for the final prayer, Danial actually went to touch his kid brother's little feet....moments before the prayer commence, the family members kissed Faris good-bye for the last time....Syahirah had to wipe her tears and held her emotions for couple of seconds - a big effort for a child her age. The family have even prepared baju raya for Faris....but in the end, Faris will onnly need a piece of white cloth cut to the shape of a baju and another piece to wrap his small body....

Alisya & Naufal did not had the chance to meet Faris - to my utmost regret - due to our weekend schedules. But I will make sure they know they have lost their baby brother and I will bring them to visit Faris when they are able to recite some surah lazim for him.
The arrangement went smoothly.....and I actually took some photos which I plan to keep and tell my twins when the time is appropiate. Though some may say it's inappropiate or what, my family have been doing it since me & by siblings were far away from the kampung in pursue of a pice of paper called a scroll, whenever close relatives left us for the other world....the least we can have are images of them leaving us, since we were thousands of miles away to attend the funeral....

We followed Faris to his last resting place.....the father did everything - from helping the imam to bathe Faris until securing the pieces of temporary tombstone.....he is a strong guy, I could not imagine how I could handle the situation if I am in his shoe....

Spent a couple of moments at Faris's grave before I finally made my move back to the office....although deep inside I feel like just going back home to hug & kiss all my kids.......

Uncle will join you, sooner or later Faris.....but no matter where you are, we will always love you, so much....

....but no matter how much we love Faris, Allah loves him even more.....insya-Allah he'll be there waiting for his parents & family when the time comes...

...our time will come too......

Rest in peace my little friend.....

Tuesday, October 10, 2006


fear |fi(ə)r| |ˌfɪ(ə)r| |fɪə|
an unpleasant emotion caused by the belief that someone or something is dangerous, likely to cause pain, or a threat : drivers are threatening to quit their jobs in fear after a cabby's murder | fear of increasing unemployment | he is prey to irrational fears.
• archaic a mixed feeling of dread and reverence : the love and fear of God.
• ( fear for) a feeling of anxiety concerning the outcome of something or the safety and well-being of someone : police launched a search for the family amid fears for their safety.
• the likelihood of something unwelcome happening : she could observe the other guests without too much fear of attracting attention.
verb [ trans. ]
be afraid of (someone or something) as likely to be dangerous, painful, or threatening : he said he didn't care about life so why should he fear death? | [with clause ] farmers fear that they will lose business.
• [ intrans. ] ( fear for) feel anxiety or apprehension on behalf of : I fear for the city with this madman let loose in it.
• [with infinitive ] avoid or put off doing something because one is afraid : they aim to make war so horrific that potential aggressors will fear to resort to it.
• used to express regret or apology : I'll buy her book, though not, I fear, the hardback version.
• archaic regard (God) with reverence and awe.

....again, from my Mac's Oxford American Dictionary.

Fear is good. Provided you know how to use it properly. Of course the advantage goes to the person that can manipulate the emotion of the other, one who is in fear but it can be the other way around. When you are in fear and you have enough "ilmu" in you to deal with it, you can use it as an energy and go against those that made you have the fear in the first place. Not an easy thing to do. Not even half as easy to learn and understand, this is not from Star Wars, this is for real.
Fear leads to anger, anger leads to hate, hate leads to suffering.....

Couple of weeks back when haze was not there....the twins used to be pushed in that twins trike
Aliya is now riding time flies

My twins have been dealing with their fear rather convincingly. Part of dealing with fear is to face it and deal with it. Confidence is part of the ingredients. Cycling is their latest craze, with the new rigs I promised them, on any clear day before the haze started conquering our BolehLand, I'd put Baby Aliya in her Quinny and get the twins to follow me on their new rigs. The twins will bash it up, trying their best to follow me & not falling down. IF they fall, they have been warned and trained - you fall, you get up and ride it again, crying is an option but will not be entertained (unless really necessary). Cruel? No, it is part of building their personality - they will be full with confidence and would be able to handle fear far better than me insya-Allah. They are doing just fine. They may not be getting a PSP, PS2 or X-Box (some rich folks give these to their 3 yrs. old kids - I don't have any of those for myself!) but they will get the best of things that I can afford and my doa for as long as I live....and my love too, unconditional.
Sometimes we fear too much about not being able to give our kids what others are giving theirs.....why follow others who have no clear idea on what's they are doing to their kids? Most of the time it's not about the kids but about the parents being "in" or "modern urban lifestyle" or what if their kids have PSP and go to school with a monthly fee that will cost the same for you to get through a semester in a local college?!

My only fear for now, is whether I would be here and able to play galah panjang with my kids soon.

The haze has been REALLY BAD and I can't help but wonder why is there no warning or whatsoever from the authority. The only thing I an tired of hearing is the intention to talk to the stupididiots next door on open burning and stuffs. It is really bad, personally I think this is the worst compared to the previous ones we had , ever. Can't even see the KL Tower from the higher floor of the zoo. It was totally white view today, the rain did not help too much but it sure created some havoc in the evening. To the authorities, talk are cheap, we do not pay you to talk and believe me, you are bad at it even if you try hard......some action please? It won't hurt to actually earn the money you get to be our leaders for once....or do you prefer to wait until some life are wasted before really taking this issue seriously?
As a precaution, my kids are not allowed to go outside the hut until further notice......out of my fear of them getting unhealthy due to the haze.....I don't think it is a good idea at all to let them loose in this kind of weather.

We went back to the kampung for the weekend, the whole clan decided to run away from the haze.....unfortunately, the haze decided to be everywhere.....the kampung was also affected, not as bad but bad enough to make me feel pissed! In the end, do we have to pay to get a view of clear blue sky 366 day a year while those stupididiots next door is enjoying it for free?
In a way I guess it's a blessing I am not quite capable to own my first muscle bike.....I don't want to breathe haze while enjoying the ride!
.....maybe we should start considering oxygen mask ask part of our daily attire?

The kids enjoyed the short break with the cousins and Tok Mak & Abah. As I mentioned, the haze was there but not as bad as in is in Sateville & JayBee.....but for the first time in my life I experienced haze in my own kampung. The kids had a great time with their cousins playing & cycling around the compound. We decided to stay until ifthar on Sunday before we drove back to Sateville.
This raya we are going to start the celebration in my kampung until third day where we'll fly off to Kuching, with high hopes of not seeing a trace of haze...can't stand it anymore.

The zoo has never been so cold. At times very quiet, most of the times. When it is time to clock out, almost immediately everybody is gone. I guess the spirit is low, the morale is dirt low too. I can speak for myself but I don;t mind saying it may be the same with the majority. For me the only reason I am here is to earn my dough apart from proving a point I can come much much much earlier than any early worm in this zoo but I WILL leave when it is time to leave ON THE DOT regardless if there's an important meeting going on and I am actually in it. Period! They were the ones who started nitpicking on petty matters, they will have to learn it that it is not them who own this zoo anyway and if they are really capable do their part and I will do mine as expected nothing more nothing less....if they want to dressed to the nines, look intelligent (trying REALLY TO BE!) with none but one mission in their sorry life - score point and kiss asses of those monkeys above them - they can do it but for this month by 4pm sharp, I am out of the building!
Some people are just plain stupid and in total fear of others - especially junior people - to outshine their credibility, totally ignorant of his/ her stupidity, they just try their best to hide it.....and make life messy for the others around.....

....I'd rather be at home with my kids and family....

Tuesday, October 03, 2006


Aaaa...tu dah cross the line tu, over limit dah tu!

limitation |ˌliməˈtā sh ən| |ˈlɪməˌteɪʃən| |lɪmɪˌteɪʃ(ə)n|
1 (often limitations) a limiting rule or circumstance; a restriction : severe limitations on water use.
• a condition of limited ability; a defect or failing : she knew her limitations better than she knew her worth.
• the action of limiting something : the limitation of local authorities' powers.
2 (also limitation period) Law a legally specified period beyond which an action may be defeated or a property right is not to continue. See also statute of limitations .
ORIGIN late Middle English : from Latin limitatio(n-), from the verb limitare (see limit ).

....that's according to the Dictionary software from Apple Computer, in my Mac.
Some stories related to the word....

One fine morning I made a straight statement to one of my staff - "If you don't fast, don't talk to me....please?". In Malay,"Kalau kau tak puasa, jangan cakap dengan aku...."
The staff was clowning around, not fasting and making fun of it as though it is a joke and everybody was not too serious about him not fulfilling his duty as a Muslim. When he came to my workstation, where we'd always make jokes and laugh, I gave him the straight cold serious look (I can look VERY serious and KILLER LIKE especially with beards and all unshaved on my face) and made the statement above. whether he like it or not, I don't care. I did my duty as a Muslim, I do not condone his fooling around asking for food & lighter to light his cigarette. He was shocked and lost for words, I asked him to leave and only comeback when he's fasting properly.
If he cannot respect his own religion, why should I respect him, for life.

Limitations imposed by religion have their own good reasons and values.

There have been some havoc in the zoo this Monday - my own doings due to my dissatisfaction to the some people entitled with car grand, bigger bucks and a room in the zoo. Two of them. It was utterly stupid - them not me - to offend me with so called a policy whereby it was too obvious they were protecting their own dirty butt due to their paranoia. Was even called to the room of the zookeeper later in the evening for the havoc - which I made clear my stand and made the lady one felt uneasy - face it bitch, you do not fit to be a leader in the first place, how could you handle my personality! The zookeeper tried to be in control but most of the time I got him cornered, but f course he has his own ways to deny anything - stupid & irrelevant statements, in the end they think the have the final words....well not really, it is far from over because I have the final VERSE for them! These people will always be in my prayer - for the damned. Go to hell - both of you and all your family.
Have never met people with brains twice useless than a dead pig then this two idiots.

Everybody's patience has limitations....push it to the limit and you will get a taste of their darkest soul.

There is nothing in this world that is more important to me than being with my little family for as long as I have the chance to do so. If anybody have a problem understanding that - DON'T EVEN TRY....and don't let me come across you, I don't wish to add any more names in the prayer of the damned.

There is no limitation to love your family....even after you are gone you can still love them but it is far better to love them NOW, while you are still with them.....

Some people think they can walk on this earth arrogantly because things have come easy in their lives....
To them all, think again.......

Put a limit to your arrogance, before it's too late, already.....

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

The B word

On a recent entry in one of the forums I frequent, an entry about blue sky was started by a is quite a feat nowadays if you are able to witness a clear blue sky in KeyEl. If you are about the same age as me - born in the early 70s - haze or "jerebu" is not a word commonly heard/ used/ read in the media. You may say it is not really that bad yes, but it is still bad. For instance, from the windows of my work station on the higher floors of the twotowers, I should be able to see up to the Straits of Melaka on a clear day (read: everyday - if we are talking about early 2000!) but now, it would be a good sight if I can really see where is the Telekom Tower. If that is not bad, then I do not know what is! If you have little children of your own, it IS a big concern.

I use to remind myself from time to time to lie down and just watch the sky, especially when I am on a beach or anywhere "near to nature". Come to think of it, it has been a long time since I last done that. Should do it again soon with my babies....

Ramadhan is back. Nothing special to celebrate for some but for me, it is the month where I will always reflect back on the last Ramadhan, my family members who are no longer with us and wonder whether there will be another Ramadhan for me. This year is different from any other years - we have a new baby in the house!
Have been doing tarawih prayers at home with wifey since we have the twins, this year is going to be the same. On the first day of fasting the twins joined us for prayers, they are just too cute...wonder what it would be like next year when Baby Aliya will already be able to join in!
......with the virus still inside and just relying on small pills currently out of supply, can't help but wonder if I will still be around next year....

Have you ever experienced being cheated like an idiot by your employer & leaders of the country?
Well, I have!
.....this month despite the BIG B, my bottomline on the payslip is equivalent to me not getting the month's salary & a substantial chunk of the B was eaten away for tax....
Nothing much I can do about it....but in every single wajib and sunat prayers I will doa that whoever are involved in doing this injustice - the leaders and the followers - will get the equivalent balasan & bala to their whole family, dunia akhirat, laknat to these heartless people....

Well, at least I have kept my promise to the kids...they got what they deserved and nothing is more rewarding than to see their smile & hear their laughter...

Monday, September 18, 2006


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Just trying out blogging straight from flickr....

That's my baby girl fast asleep, comfy & cozy....thanx to the mini-fan equipped superlight wheelers of hers!

At this point of time I wish I was back home with my babies....but the fact is I am still in the office waiting for some late evening debriefing to change some stuffs just because the darned zookeeper decided to make some ammendmends on the workshop we have designed and prepared....dammit....ANOTHER 11th hour change...the items been sitting on their desks/ in-box for a week and only today they decided to look at it? I have less than 48 hours to print the packs and brief the facilitators!

Sometimes I wonder if these idiotas really have family of their they even have a working brain cell up there!?!!

Sunday, September 10, 2006

From Merdeka to Monza...

Last year we celebrated Merdeka Day in Putrajaya, Aliya was still in Mama's tummy. She was moving and kicking when the crowd shouted Merdeka....Alisya & Naufal were among the crowd too.
This year, we decided not to go for the celebration but have a good night sleep for the trip back to kampung in the sure we did not miss anything much after all it is the same every year, read the news paper and you'll know what I mean!

Kampung is nice. When I decided to write this, I was using my old trustworthy Psion sitting at the dining table at the extended porch while Alisya & Naufal is playing with the bikes....the cemented area where the rode their bokes is the same one where I learnt to skate & ride almost 30 years ago....time flies!
It is hot but the wind is blowing nicely, unlike in KL or where it is quite difficult to get a comforting constant wind blowing when the sun is shining hot....and not to mention the haze.....the sky is clear blue here no sign of haze at all.

Future MotorGP stars...

Manja dia ni dgn Tok Abah
The roadwork is almost completed and the traffic is moving smoothly, although I think it is rather ridiculous to have a big divider the whole length of the township....the divider actually seperated the kampung into two and to cross over ''legally'' you have to go almost a mile up before you are allowed to do a u-turn....wonder from which school did the town planner came from....

We went to the pasar malam, it was very interesting. I still recall, during my chilhood days, the only pasar malam (or rather pasar minggu) woud be at the stretch near the river, it was a long stretch for me at that time and you can almost get anything you want sink included...hehehehe! My favoruite item would be the putu piring, or putu buluh, sate sotong and occasionally the pulut panggang. Ohhh....I almost forgot, my all time favorite kuih seri muka.

The 'current' pasar malam that we went was at a big housing area (used to be paya belukar when I was still schooling) near our homey. I can safey say, you can find almost anything there too but I found no kitchen sink lah!
Mama bought quite a number of stuffs.....she like the sate, which is more tastier than the Kajang version.....and cheaper. The seller asked us where do we live since she never seen us before....well, it is our first time anyway! And when she knew we werre from KL, the seller asked about the SitiNurhalilintar's wedding with Datuk Khechut, malas nak menjawab - the whole thing is just too much overblown - for us at least!

The trip was smooth, back to Sateville. Along the way the traffic was quite heavy, especially on the highway which was expected after a long weekend. the next day, the kids went to their skool and we thought everything will go smooth this week and looking forward to the weekend where Tok Mak & Tok Abah will join cousin Raiyan for a short holiday in Langkawi, promised the kids we're going to send them to the airport.
Unfortunatey, things went the other way around. Alisya caught high fever and had breathing difficulties on Monday evening. Aliya followed the next day......

'ddafo cas

(Tried to complete this one but Aliya decided to do help me with some entry...while waiting for her turn to see the doctor - 2 days after we came back from kampung).

Alisya was warded again for breathing difficulties & high fever....managed to spend some time with Aliya while Mama melayan kerenah Alisya at the ward.
Took family room but had to pay some extras - not entitled even though the difference is nothing at all - I HATE HaRaMjadah policy...don't these bastards have kids?!
Tok Mak & Tok Abah came to visit a day before they flew off to Langkawi with the kid's cousin Raiyan or a holiday....
Alisya recovered quite fast...but she is still moody over the weekend. Aliya is more and more playful and she can be very friendly to others now - depending on her mood. Naufal is her fav sibling simply because Kakak is a bit 'garang' at times 'kedekut' with her toys - especially Barbie playsets! But they love each other so much....and I love them more and more each day and nothing will be able to change this purpose in my life!

The Monza race was a big disappointment. I just don't care to write about it here - if you are a true F1 follower (read: your source of info is not just the F1 official site and your team site/ blog) you will know what's the story about F1 this season. Another 3 races to go.....end of the day I still drive a Renault...and may get a new one, or maybe a Merce or anything else that I can afford for my family to be safe and if you are a fan of any other winners, just be it! F1 is not a sport's becoming like WWF!

Faris is already in KL. He's recovering - thank you all for your prayers. He still needs to go through series of tests and operations, specialists id not actually put high hopes on how long he'll be in this world among us but let's take it a day at a time....for those who wants to donate some funds, you can PM me for the bank account number...may Allah bless your kindness.
On the other hand, I have to work out some letters from the insurance - every time I do the scheduled blood tests & check-up it will eat my cash, dunno if long period GL is allowed by HaRaMjadah policy will give it a try this week and see how....

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Turkish Race Weekend

.....I just don't wish to use the beautiful Sigg knife to dig out some idiot's throat one day...

There have been ups & downs since I last made any entry in this little blogsite. The ultimate down happened on the Aug 25th. and the peak of it was blown into pieces the next day, by yours truly so that today everything turns back to normal, living a better life then before, as always. Alhamdulillah.

In preparation of the worst case scenario - relating it back to 'the B thing' I have in my liver, I have asked for release from the zoo to move to a place called BTL - a position is waiting for me, offered by a good manager. My only request was to get a place for my wifey so that we are still a double income earner family - I could not afford to be the single breadwinner, with 'the B thing' if anything happens to me, who will feed my family?
So, e-mails were sent, phone calls were made, interviews were done. the stumbling block was a policy - never written but in existence in the HaRaMjadah zoocenter. Checked with the relevant people and was informed there is not such policy written and it was only a guideline, it should not be an issue since my wife will not be in the same unit, just the same zoo. The interviewer who is the HaRaMjadah manager of the BTL zoo also have put high hopes to my wife that she'll get the post....being a friendly couple, we believed that kayu.
The HaRaMjadah kayu manager of the BTL zoo had to write a report on the issue - stating the intend to employ wife. The kayu also informed that the policy is not an issue, he should have no problem bringing us in but the only stumbling block was that the position for wife is meant for internal staff. Ironically it was the secondary position - which will report to him and with her experience, wifey was sure to outshine that kayu in a couple of months. The original position was open to public but somehow or rather, the kayu wanted wifey to be in his unit. Only one simple conclusion to that - kayu is clueless and incompetent to run the show (ask around the small BTL zoo!) and wifey would be able to tidy things up.....indirectly his intent was to make thing easier for him!
I have no doubt about my wifey's talent, capability or professionalism, she will be a better manager/ SM/ GM CEO/ VP/ President than me (if I ever gonna be one of those!) She is overqualified, willing to get a lower pay, the intent i just to get a position in this zoo and move the family there. We know we can deliver what is expected and even more for that BTL zoo..... but in the end, powerplay & politics rules this zoo and what my wifey got was a stupid SMS saying that due to HaRaMjadah policy she could not be accepted in the organisation.
Just SMS? The kayu has not been answering her calls and is 'allergic' to e-mails and all the kayu did was send this one stupid SMS to ditch everything we had worked & prayed & hoped for?
Definitely the kayu got some flare from me - fcuk it if he's a manager or what, the way he treated the whole thing is a disgrace to the organisation - my wife is from outside and it just shows how unprofessional & fcukingly idiot the kayu is and this one single idiot can tarnish the whole reputation of the organisation.
But then again come o think of if I care that much about this whole organisation after all! It is just a stinking zoo filled with idiots of those sorts!
Let's just cut it short....obviously there are personal agenda to all this shit, misuse of power, unwritten policy, on one hand I got a green light but on the other hand it was a different set of ruling and nobody dared to see us face to face to explain.....after a couple of days thinking about it, I finally decided I am not going there anymore (ever!) and so let it does not make me any lesser of a person, I have to be fair to myself and wifey, we do no deserve to work with imbeciles that have half he brain cells of a dead sloth....I'll let this one pass and those involved will get it from me for as long as they are in this stinking zoo.

Alonso's driving was superb and the red idiots attempt to squeeze him in the first corners resulted to multiple crashes in the mid fielders, if he's unprofessional he could have crashed into both the red idiots and Fisico would be able to bring up the point for the RF1, but hey, RF1 is a gazillion times more professional than the red idiots team and when Alonso won the battle against Schumster in the Turkish race it just like RF1 screaming the fcuk it up your nose FIA, rule out them mass-dampers or anything but the best is here to stay....and Massa's victory still made him nothing more than a clown to the Fartrari team (what's else do you expect a second driver in the team to be laa kan?! No matter what, that shortguy is not listed to be the drivers next season - he should start realizing that already...that bozo!). The race cameras are controlled by superb idiots - many important/ interesting scenes were not aired, on our screen most of the time would be the fcuking red cars trying hard to look innocently good and fast but everybody knows, thanx to the FIA ruling that made them faster than the rest with 4 more circuits to go this season.
I just could not understand why people support the team who has low respect to the other drivers than the over glorified one - who'll still be there next season just to make a clown out of's a disgrace to the sport. True F1 fan would actually prefer/ enjoy the mid & end field battles between the likes of Rosberg, Heidfeld. Kubica, de La Rosa (well sometimes he's with the front field lah!) and Webber. The front end is just too boring now with the red idiots farting their way to podiums by having the unfair advantaged given by the fcuking FIA....and RF1 struggling to put up a challenge and make the race more interesting (so that we can see a blue & yellow care somewhere between the screening of the red cars during the whole race period).....for this season, the rest of the teams are just nowhere to be considered as worthy opponents to the two teams....unless there are multiple crashes or rainmakers decided to have a party the night before.....or FIA come up with some other rulings to make sure there's only two red idiots driving in the race and on the screen all of the time.....and please, bring the HonDUH teams -especially the Aguris - to a go-kart circuit instead!

Thursday, August 17, 2006


Don't you think that there are reasons why we exist here on this earth? Reasons that we tend to - perhaps - neglect or deny unconsciously, subconsciously or even consciously, intentionally....and some of us, we create other reasons/ excuses to make us feel we are doing the right thing.....?
We'll only know in the end if we have done the right thing or for now, it's up to us whether we want to serve the reasons, or do what we like...


I am not too sure why am I staying up at this wee hour....I could not sleep after answering some PM in some forums I frequent....helping some people with tech matters mainly on digital photography and Mac-matters - not that I am well versed in those topics nor am I a techy, but by helping others I can strengthen my understanding of the subject, at least that's how it is for me laa kan.

...but, yes frankly, I could not stop thinking about Faris....that's why I am still wide awake after doing stuff I promised Faris I would do for him tonight. I hope my prayers are answered....

My lovely wife finally got the bank account number of the father and informed me on the way back from office, little Faris is still on life support...he's left alone, attended by the nurses of the hospital in Kangar.....father & mother had to come back to KL with the other siblings...something they really really do not want to do at all but had to do due to commitment & responsibilities...

The father said they spent a few final minutes with Faris before leaving him....and, while the father was actually talking to Faris, telling Faris the family had to go back to KL and he's gonna be left alone with the nurses for a couple of days so don't feel sad because father will always remember Faris and call the hospital frequently for update, the father saw drops of tears on Faris cheeks......

I wish the hospital is near to my house, so that I could visit Faris - right now, and talk to this little dude or just be there with him so that he won't feel too lonely in his struggle....and bring my Alisya & Naufal meet their new adik susu...

I wish I could do more to help this family....I wish I could do more....I wish I could take over or share the sufferings of Faris.... strong Faris....your brother & sister love you so much. We love you so much....

Not many people visit this little blog of mine and for those who does, I really appreciate the time you spent here.....if I may, I humbly request a couple of seconds of your time to pray for Faris, to make it through this test, and to be able to meet Alisya & Naufal.....May the Almighty bless you for your kindness, my friends...perhaps you can also be Faris's friends soon...


Tuesday, August 15, 2006


Started writing this one while waiting for the blood tests to be completed at the specialist centre on Saturday morning....

Alisya & Naufal have a new "brother" - the mother that provided milk (ibu susu)for Alisya & Naufal recently gave birth to a baby boy named Faris...about a fortnight back. They have not visited him yet.....distance and schedule is part of the factor but the main reason would be the complications Faris is enduring right after he was born.

The baby was put on life support system, immediately after delivery. He had to be fed using tubes because of some flaw in the structure of the mouth - Melayu calls it 'sumbing' - which made it difficult for Faris to take his supply of milk without choking. The specialists are now doing some further tests, including chromosome tests to find out if there is any further complications Faris may have to face. The father is having some difficulty to finance the medical treatment Faris is having, the company he works with does not support 3rd child medication.

Mama could not just wait and symphatize, she initialized a fund collection for Faris and the team who managed to gather the fund handed it to the father before he went back up north to the family. Not just Faris is having complication, now the second child - Danial (Alisya & Naufal kid "adik susu") is having high fever.

People say, if you are given a strong test by the Almighty it is a sign that HE loves you and wants you to be a better person. I believe that. The father is a cool dude, soft spoken, very friendly and very humble. Never once in andy difficult situation I have seen him frowned, a smile is always there on his serene face. This is not the first time for him. The first child is a girl - pretty & chubby as Alisya! - who's about 6yrs old now. Danial was born a third child, they lost a child - baby boy before Danial - minutes after delivery. The specialists did mention to them during the pregnancy period that the baby is having some problems and there are many complications based on the tests done but the father & mother decided they are not going to abandon the child for whatever reason. They are mentally prepared for whatever that may come their way. Now, they are facing a similar test, with baby Faris.

I have very high respect for them. I have never met any couple/ person that is as noble as this one. They put aside their worldly needs and put all the priority to the babies they are having, always. They were there when Alisya & Naufal need the supply of milk to become 'adik-beradik susuan', they refused to be paid anything for the supply of milk which Alisya & Naufal shared with baby Danial at that point of time. (Alisya & Naufal also shared milk supply from my kid sister a little later than that when she delivered Raiyan.) They never failed to come to our open house/ birthday invitation for the twins. They really accept the twins as their flesh & blood and every time they met the twins, I witness how much they love the them.

If only the long awaited 'announcement' for the annual big 'B' is done......for the time being....I can just pray for that and for baby Faris to be strong in dealing with this test.

...and for the father & mother, I will pray for them to be stronger than they have been. It is fair for them to be rewarded by the Almighty with highest blessings and a very bright future in the hereafter.

In my life, there would be 2 different people with the name almost equal to baby Faris, both are my best buddies and they have never met each other. I will make it a point that baby Faris will be my best buddy too, next to Sheikh Mohd Faridz Bin Sheikh Salleh and Faris Mahida Bin M Dali.

Faris/ Faridz (the pronunciation is almost similar, what matters most is how you spell in in Arabic) means "knight, excellent horse rider".

Alisya & Naufal love horses.....

These past few weeks, I have been feeling very tired, fatigue but I cannot rest easily. I could still do stuffs with Yoda (FYI Yoda is the nick I gave my iBook) or read some books or magazine. The fastest way for me to fell asleep would be to watch TV. Even if it's the interestingly tech-plot related CSI: (my current favorite because Lost new season is not yet in). I'd woke up groggy in the morning but after a cold shower and morning prayers I am ready for action.....until it's late evening where the fatigue comes into play again.
...and the cycle continues

On Monday afternoon, my mind was really troubled - with some "policy" that may affect my plan with my family - sooner or later. Decided to finally go down and have a late lunch after which I met AbeDib - been ages since we last had a good talk, I just hugged him naturally, like I have finally met a long lost brother.....and being a wise person I believe he was able to "read" my mind and gave my a casual nasihat, he recall back my entry when we found out we are finally having a baby, and asked about the twins and Aliya, and talked a bit about his "daun" entry and relate it back to "qalb"....that's when I was woken up from the misery I endured before coming down, I felt at ease almost immediately....and I almost shed tears when I have to bid goodbye to AbeDib.....Allah bless you & your family AbeDib....

Woke up to do some prayers and start some work but the work part never got started - end up cleaning some tech stuff and updating this blog.....enough already of thinking how unfair it has been, I can only be fair to myself and my loved ones so I think I'm gonna stop here and go kiss my babies....

Monday, August 07, 2006

The Hungary Race Weekend

Aliya over the weekend

Been a tiring week...covering for CL who's on MC. The kids are having a great time since their cousin Zulaikha is here.....we have problems making them go to sleep! Infact the little lady Aliya is also excited....she would crawl around the hall and try to join whatever the crowd is doing....had a great time with Aliya this weekend, crawling around with my camera chasing her trying to get some good shot of this princess is challenging.

Saturday morning, Alisya went for a follow-up session and the specialist was happy to see she is doing well. Infact she asked us to start giving Alisya ice-cream in the next 7 days and monitor any changes. She is still a baby and should not be deprived of anything a baby deserves. Went to their Alamanda indoor playground, they had a great time.

The race weekend started off bad when Nando lost his cool and reacted "unprofessionally" against Doornbors....and Schumster was also in the bad book for overtaking during a red flag...which he claims was not entirely his fault and asked people to look at the video and conclude who is at fault - indirectly he's blaming Nando for it but whatever it is, both were fined 2seconds to be added to their qualifying times on every round.
It was almost a disaster but Nando faught back and managed to show although without the mass damper system, he can still clock in a good time compared to the teams running in better unfair advantage. To cut short Kimi got the pole, Fisi could only snatch 8th position, Nando was on the 15th.

Flavio was recovering from the operation and made some surpising remarks on a site. If you read the Star on Sunday, page 51, you'll know what I mean. My comment would be - Hey! It involves the Italians, look what they have done to their soccer industry!
Mass dampers or no, the race started well and RF1 showed the hell to Ferraris and FIA(t)....Schumster was trying hard to hold Fisi at bay but thanx to this GermanShepard's greediness, while trying to tap on Fisi's right rear wheel, Fisi managed to dodge and flew away and clipped half of the Fiat's nose...and the crowd went wild (in my small hut at least!) Was happy to see that, until Fisi had to retire, not shown on the screen why on earth he skidded but Team Radio did warn Nando after that incident to be careful of oil slicks somewhere around the place Fisi retired....I cannot help but think the Schumster damaged Fisi's suspension, or maybe Fisi screwed himself up....he's an Italian by the way.
The race became more interesting after that because Fartraris were slipping away and groping for traction....until Kimi had a massive collision with Liuzzi (another Italian!) That was really the turning point and I bet Kimster would have already switched off the TV and off to get some food instead - lapar tak lapar lain hal! It was a major incident...and to cut short despite all the ruling against Renault Nando was flying and not only took the lead and spread the time well against Button but LAPPED THE SCHUMSTER! Take THAT Tifosis!
Despite the brilliant blitzkrieg by the Renault, luck was not on their side and Nando had to retire almost immediately after the final pit stop due to rear tyre failure. At the moment this was written, the RF1 team was not so sure what was actually the cause but some say it was due to bolt failure, or broken suspension.

SAD! But Nando had shown the world the Rainmaster is not Schumster anymore....and again I could not stop thinking that maybe at least one of those mechanics handling the rear tyre must be an Italian!

Button got his first podium top after 116 tries...not so impressive but nevertheless he did it at last! I would not be surprised if those jingjangjoe and selfdeclaredsuccessfulpeople type of Honda drivers would be driving like Button strating tomorrow!! But please! Button started with 10 positioin penalty - he was using a new engine unlike the rest of the field! SO celebrate while you can but just do not be surprised if the frigging Honda blow up again during the practice in Turkiye next 20 days as it did this weekend...and many other times before! Heheheh!

I am proud to see the performance of Pedro de La Rosa & Kubica, Heidfeld too. As long as the FIAt team is not there, I would be happy to join in the celebration....the RF1 guys & gal actually flooded the grid to celebrate Button's achievement....but no reds was seen on the screen. Sore losers! We'll slaughter you in Turkiye! Pull your FIA(t) puppet strings to slaughter the rest of the field but in the end you did not survive the blitzkrieg today!

These past few weeks, I finally managed to get in touch with my longlost buddy from college days. He's doing well with his family in the UK and the parents are still there in Pahang.

Have been feeling fatigue and sleepy lately. Next blood test & check-up is this coming Friday...hopefully everything is ok lah....

Monday, July 31, 2006


An artistic composition named boredom

The weekend almost turned into a disaster - Alisya had high fever on Friday and after a couple of visits to the clinic, it went away but not the phlegm. She had difficulty breathing at night and we went for nebulizer at least 3 times and it was enough to bring her up & running for the sports day on Sunday.

Let's win it!

It was their first sports day ever, they were just too cute! Alisya was not in a particularly good mood all the way but Naufal was. His team won the event they participated, Alisya's team got 3rd. As for the parents game, we won the first place by far (hehehe!) The family is built as winners...Alhamdulillah.

Aliya joining the fun

Then the week starts all over again....left over from last Friday was a presentation cum meeting for all the zooleaders of the BigPictureZoo. To cut short, I do believe when people say I am a miracle worker, tagging with CL, it is definite truth. In 30 minutes we have to re-arrange the whole pack and numbers to fit what the zooleader wants.

The preso went well....I mean what do you expect to achieve if you are presenting against a bunch of people who just love to be in the cloud nine & painting flowery pictures and trying hard to be ignorant of the fact of life to the people who actually do the real work.

It is not my zoo anyway.

Alisya's coughing lead to complications, she had difficulties breathing and on the morning when I was about to drive to this one hotel to facilitate a 3 days session, I pulled my t-shirt and drove her to the pediatrician in the nearest specialist that she has been visiting since birth.

Alisya had to be admitted. I was there with her all the while because Mama had to complete some stuff in the office and furthermore the big boss from France was there for the first time.

I enjoyed the time spent with Alisya, although I am not sure whether she felt the same! At times I had to be very strict to her, this lady I tell you, she just had to do something all the time although she was struggling to breathe.

Well....I learnt over the couple of years of being a daddy, sometimes you just have to let them hate you to make things better for them.

I am just too sensitive when I see open burning ever since I have kids. Kalau kat kampung tu I don't actually mind but in the city, I feel like kicking the person's head ajer.....

Oh and for the record....I hate smokers who can continue smoking even when they can actually see there are children or babies around them. It is ok if you do not value your lungs & life that much but please have respect for the younger ones to keep their lungs healthy. Even my father in law would never smoke in the house when any of his grandchildren is around. I really respect him for that (and many other things of course).

The weekend after the sports was their Usu's graduation day....if only the organizing committee could just be more humanely sensitive on handling the time and family of the graduates...the whole session was really an overkill for the kids especially. The element of "syok sendiri" was so evidence...and the selection of music is totally not acceptable! Poor brains they have - the organizing committee. I would not be happy if it was my graduation event! Pity the graduates and their family (ours included!)....Baby Aliya is having running nose now, Naufal looks tired and Alisya, still the same!

The coming weekends will only be about the five of us! NO MORE GOING TO ANY EVENTS UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE FROM ME - THE BOSS!

So in conclusion, the past 2 weekends was tiring, my temperature was on the rise most of the time (and also my temper). I need to vent the negative energy out somehow.....