Sunday, February 16, 2014


Gone were the days when handheld devices are only the toys of real techies (read: geeks!) who have the passion to use the gadgets to make things easier and faster. Nowadays, if you don't have a smartphone, you're probably not up to date with technology....well, not really.

The advancement of technology and the abundance of applications, coupled with the relatively cheap price to own a smartphone, do not necessary mean the users are capable to do stuff faster, with more efficiency and ultimately deliver better result. No. Not really.

Time, still remains the same - regardless how technology has advanced - in the sense that it is pretty much being wasted unnecessarily or rather "unrealizingly"rampantly compared to when technology is something expensive and only means ultimate shiznit for those who are geeks.

I am not really a big fan of WhatsApps (WA). Yeah I do use it everyday but 70% of the time it is just an application that makes me feel my time is wasted. So many people in so many "groups" that seem to have nothing to do but occupying the WA world from the moment they woke up to the moment they were supposed to already be sleeping.

Multi-tasking? Well, I am not so sure if they are really capable of doing that but...chances are, they just WA away and let the time (office hours) pass by. They might be able to complete their works but as I have mentioned above...time is actually being wasted more rampantly than ever.

Owwhh come on! How could you concentrate on doing something when every other minute you just have to respond to the WA lines?

Recently, I answered the usual "morning Salam" in a WA group which I was "re-admitted"...innocently praying that we'd all be concentrating on our job so that our rezeki for our family and children be blessed and filled with baraqah.

...and some stupidfucktard responded indirectly stating I "perasan bagus" and what not.

Well, the motherfucker is actually an idiot anyway so I don't bother responding to his stupid lines, such a loser fucktard.

Maybe you have already witnessed in you office....people spend more time on WA or FB compared to actually doing their office hours and resources 100% for the benefit of the company...

So, we have reach the status "Celik IT" I guess....but not really for the good of the company....I mean, look at the FB pages...on daily basis, you'll find football fan boys lashing the guts of each other....political coffee house has gone on-line....everybody has got to say something and expect everybody else to listen and agree....and  so many other "quarrels" here and there...we have returned to the state of immaturity very conveniently with the presence of social media platform.

Get a life.

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