Monday, August 05, 2013


Green? Red? Yellow?
Eid is just around the corner.
For the whole of Ramadhan this year, Al-hamdulillah we do isya' & tarawih prayers together as a family. Ifthar foods are homemade - mostly, if not all - and Ramadhan Buffet is a complete alien to the family.
It is a mater of choice.
Why pray at home? Because I want the family to be trained with solat berjemaah. It is the first effort and even though it means I have not been to the masjid since first Ramadhan, I don't think I have made the wrong decision at all. I have to educate my kids. They have a hectic school-time and they need to rest, while fasting the whole day and doing their homeworks on time and helping out with the house chores.
Why homemade foods? Simply because it's the love that been pun into the preparation of the foods. Buffets are expensive. I cannot afford to pay for buffet ifthars anymore. Waste of money. Waste of foods.

....but the choice is yours, I have made mine.

This year, I would pretty much want to celebrate Eid as a Muslim more than celebrating it as a Malay...or a Malaysian.

Excessive celebration. Raya songs. Duit Raya. Baju raya (some have to prepare dresses for up to a week!!). SHOW OFFs - new phones/ tablets, cars....and all the likes. SICKENING!

...and when the comparing starts, that's where I would really just want to grab my bike and go off into a trail alone.

Instead of being Muslims, many of us are still Malays instead. Too much "budaya" instilled in the mind instead of "agama". It is not easy to get them to understand and start to behave like a Muslim...or a Muslim Malay....instead of JUST A MALAY.

5. each his own.

This eid is not going to be much of a celebration anyway, since I am still waiting for the payments due....nak bersabar tahap mana lagi entah lah....those bloody bastards.

Selamat menyambut ketibaan Eidulfitri. Selamat berpisah bulan Ramadhan.
(I always prefer the latter....ALWAYS.)