Tuesday, June 18, 2013

It has ALWAYS been a while...sheesh!!

I have to admit, FaceBook (or otherwise known as THE social media) has been taking my LIFE! Sheesh!!
Gone were the days when I look forward to document my everyday journey with  my babies.
Really, FarceBook is so powerfully distracting that even interaction with a real person right in front of you would just be secondary most of the time.
Is that good or bad?

I have been trying to move back to blogging more than I was - since FarceBook existed - and all the time I tried, I failed.

...but last night, I realized I REALLY should start documenting again in this blog.

Aliya Irdina @ Neena asked me to tell story about her baby-years.
So I did.
I just opened this blog - after so many moons - and showed her the story and photos of her since she was just a fetus!

....and before I sleep I realized....I should continue. I should write more about what we do, how we spent our days/ weekends...

Yeah....I should....I MUST!

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toadhall said...

yes, you should.