Tuesday, July 31, 2012


So....on the 9th July 2012, I am 40 already.
Have I achieved much? Not really.
Do I care? Not at all.
Why compare with others when I am better off enjoying the life I own?

...but sadly, on 14th July 2012, Sahan Shah @ Caarn, one of the XC bro, passed away.
He's the first - after XC years in KK and the whole batch tried the best to contribute what's possible.

So much about life begins at 40...we should also realize that life might not  be there at 40 for some of us....

That is why it is important to appreciate what we have now......not what we wish to have....

Friday, July 06, 2012

RM3 can't go far...unless we share it with others...

ABC & Apam balik after Friday solat.

Soothing cure to the heat of the day. You'd probably spend around Rm3 for a bowl of ABC.
Rm3...and your thirst is cured, insyaAllah.

Buy another one - packed ABC with straw and plastic spoon. Drive back to your office or home. Give the ABC to the first old person searching for paper/ tin can or beggar on the pavement or poor kids by the roadside that you may see on your way back.

That Rm3 you spent, will take you further than expected, insyaAllah...a simple adventure, every Friday after solat...

She is growing too fast...

Alisya Irdina Khairil.
Used to bathe her and Naufal in that sink!!!! Hahaha!!
Now, she can cook simple stuff and wash dishes....
Time really flies. C'est la vie?

Having breakfast with the family is really important....it's the beginning of a new day, so what's more important than starting it as a family?
After all, it may be the last opportunity for you to spend time with them.....who knows?

Over the years, I have disciplined myself to have breakfast before I started doing anything....just to make sure the empty stomach would not be the one to lead the way....that's not a good choice!

Thank you Alisya, for the delicious breakfast today.


For several years, the FB has become the key landing point for many  when it comes to being on the internet for whatever reasons. 
Obviously, I have also been "addicted" to be on FB most of the time I am online. Otherwise I would be on the websites of some photographers that I try to learn from.
Whatever it is, FB has been the place where I usually spend my time....until yesterday, when I suddenly think I am better off if I do more blogging and leave FB as it is, due to certain matters, of course.

At first, FB is a nice place to hang out. Business opportunities, quick and easy marketing effort...and all the likes.
...but it's also a place for me to vent out my disagreement and anger....and it turned out to be a platform for others - usual suspects - to ridicule and belittle me easily, just for the fun of it...
(READ: Maybe in their office they have nothing to do....because they are ok to bring back rezeki for wasting company's time and resources to feed their kids). <-- Now, this kind of posting in FB would definitely be flamed immediately...because in FB-land everybody is trying their best to be good and look good while in the actual sense they are constantly bragging and doing indecent stuff and yet being backed up by many with the same persona.....
For instance, recently there was a bunch of school teachers in a thread complaining about why the hell should they be blamed and asked to wear decent clothing to school when the students could not concentrate in class? Ironically, most of them wear tudung, married and supposedly are good role-models for the younger generations.
All I am saying is - the FB land is a real mess with fcuked-up views of do's and dont's.
Everything is right when everything is wrong...and vice versa.
The arguments would never end and at the end of the day you'll just waste your time (if you are working on your own) or your company time (if you are being employed....which is ok because at the end of the month you'll get that salary anyway....provided you are not being terminated!!!

...and when you try to say something and give real example to a group of people, there will be others who say you're judging people and who are you to do that. Well to these bunch, they themselves never realized that they are the ones who are always judging others wrongly...and most of the time by the way they present themselves (and their writings) they're want to be seen as perfect role models. They are always right. Others should not judge them or other people. Maybe they are right, at times...but most of the the time they are wrong...and still deny it...and still put the blame on others that they are poking by responding to a comment or posting of that person...and some mofos would support them because they never met in person and never know how fcuked-up these bunch actually are.

...and I have long realized, some others who used to be good buddies have been too busy being famous that the conversation and interaction as buddies have diminished tremendously.
Not that it is wrong but it's quite a sad situation - how being famous and wealthy can make others change to the worse (well slightly worse for some old friends but perhaps more better for the persons themselves).

Where am I getting to?
Frankly I'm not really sure...but if I have to say what I have in my head right now, in a sentence, it would be this:
It is about time for me to spend more time in this blog and write whatever I want to, whenever I want to and it's about time to lose some friends who are just too good to be my friends anymore.

There. I think that's what I want to say. Yeah.

Life was much simpler in this blog. I hate crowds anyways. 
So it's the correct timing since it's past nisfu Sya'ban and I have (somehow, miraculously) decided to forgive and forget those who are in that list in my "Book Of Torque - Chapter 1" which I have mentioned in one of the entries in this blog.

...and I would like to say THANK YOU to the eight wonderful people who have been the followers of KampungPath....for whatever reasons.....thank you so much...ahleng ariKen, amirahaziz, sisdee, bungacahaya, AndSoMyLifeGoesOn, SyafiqAzuan, nor azman ab aziz, Eju.

Have a good Friday. Or at least try to.