Thursday, May 10, 2012

Abroad and no passport needed

From Evernote:

Abroad and no passport needed

I have been in Kuching for about two weeks already, on assignment to look on the progress of the team covering UNIMAS job. Kuching is always interesting for me. Just a walk at the waterfront would be an interesting way to discover stuffs. 
Though it is a very nice place, I do have one or two things that I would label as "annoying" in Kuching.
The first one would be the roundabout...if you are driving in Kuching or Sarawak in general, you will have to understand that the drivers here are very very very very very and - oh did I say very? - VERY cautious when they see a roundabout. They will take the time to wait for the coming vehicle to clear out (almost like hoping there's no vehicle in sight!) so that they could go straight into the inner circle....even though their exit is just the next one from their entry point. If it is peak can multiply the relative time of you having to wait by 100....or make it 1000.
Can't really blame them...they're just trying to be safe 100%....or more!! :o)

Foods are great in this city....if you know where to go. One of my favorite place would be the food court of Kampung Boyan....but sadly, along the riverside, you will find many young people - couples or not - loitering around especially after asar and through maghrib/ isya'. Chances are, if you walk pass them, you'd probably find a bottle of two of liquors being shared. Sad. Very sad. Really.
...anyway, it's their life, so if they decided to fcuk it, hey....go ahead, I am not your daddy!!!

...but frankly, I love Kuching and it will be the place for me to retire....from life.

Since I am.going to be here for quite a while, I should go to places I have not discovered in this city....let's see if the workload is manageable.