Monday, April 02, 2012


From Evernote:


The past couple of weeks have been very very hectic.....but that's nothing new...
Some changes in schedules and I have a couple of days to be with the family...merely, actually...due to the shooting schedules for convos and all...which means I have a time for them after the event jobs are done...

While shooting, I get to observe the subjects and the environment, learning more and more about the society and all.
Not a bad way to spend time earning money while learning new
It may just be my may just be my personal might not be valid for whatever reasons others might have....but it is my view and experience....and I am just sharing it here.

It has been a long time since my last documentary/ photojournalism works. Itching to get back on doing shots and jobs in that discipline. So much so that my recent events works were done with documentary/ photojournalism approach. Nothing wrong with that but since the leader of the team is not ME (Hahaksss!) I am not so sure if the shots were 100% accepted by the person. Anyways, with my experience and all, it shouldn't be a problem.
....and it's not. That's why I am in the process of editing some of the works for the FB page of my team. Quite an effort since I am still recovering from the hectic traveling and shooting....and more paperworks waiting to be done.

I am digressing....back to my observation....

1Malaysia. So they say.
...but I can't see the reality happening in day to day events. What more in formal events, particularly the ones I covered recently. It is not such a hoohaa though...but still quite embarrassing, to my definition at least.

Names. The ones given to us when we entered the earth.
It may sound nice for some....but it may be ridiculously funny to others.
...but should we mock and laugh at all?
Sadly, it happened in those events I mentioned. Names of some graduates were laughed at by others, not too loud but not discreet enough to just be neglected. I did not expect that to happen. It wasn't just once but too many times that I felt quite ashamed to be in the hall.

Dudes....Malays, Chinese, Indians, Kadazans, Ibans and all.....have certain names that when pronounced would sound weirdly funny for others of different races....but still, we have to simply respect the differences. Never laugh at their names. At least not openly, in a formal occasion...after all, you probably would not know what your name means in their native tongue....just because they are minors, that does not mean they deserve less respect and tolerance from you the majors....

.....I wish my kids not to have teachers like those bunch, mentioned above....

...yes, they are teachers....sad isn't it?