Sunday, February 12, 2012

My two liners on…

From Evernote:

My two liners on…

+ Waking-up.
A must, to keep on moving in life.
The earlier I start the day, the more time I have to do whatever I want to do.

+ Breakfast.
An important meal to being a good day.
The earlier the better, the best is to have it with all family members together.

+ Work.
Something that needs to be done, to earn the money for a living.
Not something that governs me totally, I am the boss, I take control of the works not the other way around.

+ Free time.
What all being has everyday - 24 hours a day.
Whatever I decide to do with it, I still have free time for things that matters.

+ Busy.
Just a lame excuse by many who failed miserably to realize everybody has the same amount of hours in a day. 
To a certain extent, it's just a way to show they are important (NOT!)

+ Politics.
A field where idiots and well educated people comes to play for (as they all claim it) the benefit of the others (who do not want to be involved). 
Some gets things done, many others gets nothing done or undone...and looked important (for them) while at it, including those who talk about politics at kedai kopi or forums or whatever platforms available.

+ Facebook.
A social platform where everybody gets to meet anybody.
A place where opportunities are made and also a very suitable platform to waste your time for nothing if you're an imbecile.

+ Wealth.
What every poor would chase and want to have.
Something that is being chased endlessly by those who refused to define their priority in life (if they have, I mean).

+ Paper qualification.
What everybody needs to have to get on board a good company (mostly, except those who decided to start they own).
Couple of years on board, we'll start to realize we are being governed by those with less brain-cells than a goldfish.

+ Hobby.
What people do out of their interests when they have the time to do so.
Some made money from it, some just waste more than what they can actually afford, just to be seen as cool or savvy.

+ Credit card.
A tool for purchasing stuff.
A good way for a loser to start a never ending debt.

+ Opinion.
What everybody would ask or offer everybody else before making decisions on things that matters to them.
What most people would not bother to read when everybody is giving it on a same platform. be continued. As and when I feel like doing so.

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