Thursday, February 23, 2012

Evernote:The Sun shuns not from shining....

From Evernote:

The Sun shuns not from shining....

...never a day the sun went missing. Though it might be hiding behind e clouds or the's there, for it is it's duty to be where it should be. A promise kept for ages without fail. Consistent. Nothing less. It shall be there till the day it dies.

Wonder why it never got bored doing the same thing all over, again and again....and again. Awaiting the time for eternal relaxation...when then there shall be none.

I miss the sun, today. Also the beach. Though I did not miss then heat wnd humid environment beyond the eandlines miles into the land....I miss watching it shone it's final rays depicting dusks....when the duty to be present is passed to the moon.

...but I shall wake the next morning to welcome the same ol' sun, marking the first day, of the rest of my life.

For now, it's too late in the night, too early in the wish the sun good night and to bid the moon good morning...

0426hrs...the hour when the clock is to be rear as it's already way past the to rest. Good night, moon.
...and mwybe I will be wishing good morning to the sun.

...hopefully the sun will still fulfill it's promise.

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