Thursday, February 23, 2012

Evernote:The ABCDE (and F...and G!) of life....

From Evernote:

The ABCDE (and F...and G!) of life....

This is something that came to my mind as I was driving in a hot afternoon in Kuala Terenganu. Hot, humid, dehydrated...and yet this topic came to mind and I somehow felt happy although was in that uncomfortable environment. The ABCDEFG of life in particular.

A is for ALLAH.
Why I existed. Life blessings and rezeki....everything, comes from ALLAH.
I wouldn't be here writing this sentence if it is not permitted by ALLAH.
For all the blessings received, the least I should do is to say ALHAMDULILLAH.

B is for Beloved.
Mother, father, wife, kids, family.
The ultimate blessing from ALLAH.

C is Camaraderie, Commune.
The friends, brothers in arms.
Those who were there to celebrate my success.
Those who were there to ease my sufferings.
Those who I would trust with my life.
...and they too are the best blessings from ALLAH.

D is for Determination.
The unwawavering focus and desire to achieve what I desire.

E is for Exploring.
Anything...anything that my mind finds interesting.
Something that would not be enough until the end is done.

For all that matters, I could have stopped at E but somehow the brain teased me on the next two alphabets...
F and G is for FaceBook and Google+......Hahahaha!
...friggin' geek!!!

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