Monday, February 20, 2012

Evernote:Tablet-top Publishing

From Evernote:

Tablet-top Publishing

Years ago, when people talk about tabletop publishing, it was a kind of fancy thing done by those with IT literacy. Not everybody was on pc tbose days, whatmore doing stuff related to publishing, that was a serious thing, quite.

Enter the blog.
Everybody started to have one. Or two....maybe more. Publishing is just about putting whatever written on to the blog site and anybody can read it.
Then, with the hoards of tech-gadgets available, anybody can blog anywhere, anytime. About anything at all. Whether it really makes sense or not, is secondary.

The traditional way of writing on a piece of paper is seen as outdated....but that is still the best. To me, at least.
If you are a writer, you'd write. On any mediums.
If you're just a techie wannabe....well, maybe you'll do the same on tech-gadgets...for a while.

Doodle? On Galaxy Note??? Yaaah....same thing.

Finally got a tablet for myself....and it does not make me any different from what I was before....cuz I still write, on any mediums....and doodle.

Cool stuff, these tech-gadgets. It makes things easier to do. Sometimes!!!

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