Tuesday, February 21, 2012


From Evernote:


Kampung house. Coconut tree. A bright sun.
Some birds, clouds, mountain, padi field, maybe sea shore.
Sounds familiar?
Those would be the elements in a drawing by a Malaysian kid, generally. I believe most - if not all - would have probably done such drawing when they were a kid. No?

The mind is fond of keeping pleasent memories....and perhaps the serene environment of a kampung home set in the mentioned frame above is common. Maybe not. It depends on who you are and who you would like to be, perhaps....or WHERE you actually want to be!!
Nowadays, we tend be present in multiple locations at one point of time. For instance, we might be sitting in a cafe with a friend and a mug of our favorite coffee...but we are busy yahoo-ing a couple of buddies around the globe....and so is the friend sitting infront of us. Or we might be having dinner with our family but instead of having a family conversation we are frantically texting on our BbM with the bosses and team abroad.

I am not saying it is bad...but nor am I saying it is good. It is just a common situation we are facing everyday.
What needs to be done, needs to be done.
The thing is, sometimes the mind dictates what we actually prefer to do - or where we prefer to be. When that happens, we'd then set what infront of us as secondary.

Coming back to the doodle, perhaps that kampung house and the environment set, is just something so nice to our minds that it remains the same as it was since our childhood days.
In my case, at the time I wrote this, my mind is fond of lepaking in a hut by a cool stream but I am with my team doing the stuff we do best (for the moolahs!)...and as I mentioned, it is not bad nor good....it is just a situation I am having in my life everyday.

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