Thursday, February 23, 2012

Evernote:The Sun shuns not from shining....

From Evernote:

The Sun shuns not from shining....

...never a day the sun went missing. Though it might be hiding behind e clouds or the's there, for it is it's duty to be where it should be. A promise kept for ages without fail. Consistent. Nothing less. It shall be there till the day it dies.

Wonder why it never got bored doing the same thing all over, again and again....and again. Awaiting the time for eternal relaxation...when then there shall be none.

I miss the sun, today. Also the beach. Though I did not miss then heat wnd humid environment beyond the eandlines miles into the land....I miss watching it shone it's final rays depicting dusks....when the duty to be present is passed to the moon.

...but I shall wake the next morning to welcome the same ol' sun, marking the first day, of the rest of my life.

For now, it's too late in the night, too early in the wish the sun good night and to bid the moon good morning...

0426hrs...the hour when the clock is to be rear as it's already way past the to rest. Good night, moon.
...and mwybe I will be wishing good morning to the sun.

...hopefully the sun will still fulfill it's promise.

Evernote:The ABCDE (and F...and G!) of life....

From Evernote:

The ABCDE (and F...and G!) of life....

This is something that came to my mind as I was driving in a hot afternoon in Kuala Terenganu. Hot, humid, dehydrated...and yet this topic came to mind and I somehow felt happy although was in that uncomfortable environment. The ABCDEFG of life in particular.

A is for ALLAH.
Why I existed. Life blessings and rezeki....everything, comes from ALLAH.
I wouldn't be here writing this sentence if it is not permitted by ALLAH.
For all the blessings received, the least I should do is to say ALHAMDULILLAH.

B is for Beloved.
Mother, father, wife, kids, family.
The ultimate blessing from ALLAH.

C is Camaraderie, Commune.
The friends, brothers in arms.
Those who were there to celebrate my success.
Those who were there to ease my sufferings.
Those who I would trust with my life.
...and they too are the best blessings from ALLAH.

D is for Determination.
The unwawavering focus and desire to achieve what I desire.

E is for Exploring.
Anything...anything that my mind finds interesting.
Something that would not be enough until the end is done.

For all that matters, I could have stopped at E but somehow the brain teased me on the next two alphabets...
F and G is for FaceBook and Google+......Hahahaha!
...friggin' geek!!!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012


From Evernote:


Kampung house. Coconut tree. A bright sun.
Some birds, clouds, mountain, padi field, maybe sea shore.
Sounds familiar?
Those would be the elements in a drawing by a Malaysian kid, generally. I believe most - if not all - would have probably done such drawing when they were a kid. No?

The mind is fond of keeping pleasent memories....and perhaps the serene environment of a kampung home set in the mentioned frame above is common. Maybe not. It depends on who you are and who you would like to be, perhaps....or WHERE you actually want to be!!
Nowadays, we tend be present in multiple locations at one point of time. For instance, we might be sitting in a cafe with a friend and a mug of our favorite coffee...but we are busy yahoo-ing a couple of buddies around the globe....and so is the friend sitting infront of us. Or we might be having dinner with our family but instead of having a family conversation we are frantically texting on our BbM with the bosses and team abroad.

I am not saying it is bad...but nor am I saying it is good. It is just a common situation we are facing everyday.
What needs to be done, needs to be done.
The thing is, sometimes the mind dictates what we actually prefer to do - or where we prefer to be. When that happens, we'd then set what infront of us as secondary.

Coming back to the doodle, perhaps that kampung house and the environment set, is just something so nice to our minds that it remains the same as it was since our childhood days.
In my case, at the time I wrote this, my mind is fond of lepaking in a hut by a cool stream but I am with my team doing the stuff we do best (for the moolahs!)...and as I mentioned, it is not bad nor is just a situation I am having in my life everyday.

Monday, February 20, 2012

Evernote:Tablet-top Publishing

From Evernote:

Tablet-top Publishing

Years ago, when people talk about tabletop publishing, it was a kind of fancy thing done by those with IT literacy. Not everybody was on pc tbose days, whatmore doing stuff related to publishing, that was a serious thing, quite.

Enter the blog.
Everybody started to have one. Or two....maybe more. Publishing is just about putting whatever written on to the blog site and anybody can read it.
Then, with the hoards of tech-gadgets available, anybody can blog anywhere, anytime. About anything at all. Whether it really makes sense or not, is secondary.

The traditional way of writing on a piece of paper is seen as outdated....but that is still the best. To me, at least.
If you are a writer, you'd write. On any mediums.
If you're just a techie wannabe....well, maybe you'll do the same on tech-gadgets...for a while.

Doodle? On Galaxy Note??? Yaaah....same thing.

Finally got a tablet for myself....and it does not make me any different from what I was before....cuz I still write, on any mediums....and doodle.

Cool stuff, these tech-gadgets. It makes things easier to do. Sometimes!!!

Sunday, February 12, 2012

My two liners on…

From Evernote:

My two liners on…

+ Waking-up.
A must, to keep on moving in life.
The earlier I start the day, the more time I have to do whatever I want to do.

+ Breakfast.
An important meal to being a good day.
The earlier the better, the best is to have it with all family members together.

+ Work.
Something that needs to be done, to earn the money for a living.
Not something that governs me totally, I am the boss, I take control of the works not the other way around.

+ Free time.
What all being has everyday - 24 hours a day.
Whatever I decide to do with it, I still have free time for things that matters.

+ Busy.
Just a lame excuse by many who failed miserably to realize everybody has the same amount of hours in a day. 
To a certain extent, it's just a way to show they are important (NOT!)

+ Politics.
A field where idiots and well educated people comes to play for (as they all claim it) the benefit of the others (who do not want to be involved). 
Some gets things done, many others gets nothing done or undone...and looked important (for them) while at it, including those who talk about politics at kedai kopi or forums or whatever platforms available.

+ Facebook.
A social platform where everybody gets to meet anybody.
A place where opportunities are made and also a very suitable platform to waste your time for nothing if you're an imbecile.

+ Wealth.
What every poor would chase and want to have.
Something that is being chased endlessly by those who refused to define their priority in life (if they have, I mean).

+ Paper qualification.
What everybody needs to have to get on board a good company (mostly, except those who decided to start they own).
Couple of years on board, we'll start to realize we are being governed by those with less brain-cells than a goldfish.

+ Hobby.
What people do out of their interests when they have the time to do so.
Some made money from it, some just waste more than what they can actually afford, just to be seen as cool or savvy.

+ Credit card.
A tool for purchasing stuff.
A good way for a loser to start a never ending debt.

+ Opinion.
What everybody would ask or offer everybody else before making decisions on things that matters to them.
What most people would not bother to read when everybody is giving it on a same platform. be continued. As and when I feel like doing so.

Wednesday, February 01, 2012

....strategy realignment?

strategy |ˈstratəjē|
noun ( pl. -gies)a plan of action or policy designed to achieve a major or overall aim : time to develop a coherent economic strategy | shifts in marketing strategy.• the art of planning and directing overall military operations and movements in a war or battle. Often contrasted withtactics (see tactic ).• a plan for such military operations and movements :nonprovocative defense strategies.
ORIGIN early 19th cent.: from French stratégie, from Greekstratēgia ‘generalship,’ from stratēgos (see stratagem ).

realign |ˌrēəˈlīn|verb
[ trans. ]change or restore to a different or former position or state : they worked to relieve his shoulder pain and realign the joint | the president realigned his government to reflect the balance of parties.• ( realign oneself with) change one's position or attitude with regard to (a person, organization, or cause) : he wished to realign himself with Bagehot's more pessimistic position.

*Realignment: DERIVATIVES realignment noun simple words, Strategy Realignment is when you change or alter your action plan to achieve the (still unchanged) overall end-state set in the beginning.

Why am I writing this?
Frankly, it was a phrase - or more like a secret code - used by a group of us back in the one of the main Strategic Study project & implementation for the big corporation I was with back then, whenever we need to take a break and go down for a cuppa coffee or "slurm" (maybe will write about "slurm" in another entry). Or simply put, it is our way to say - f**k it, we have done enough work so let's go down and have a cuppa.

....and the whole team would be sitting in front of a cuppa 10-15 minutes after the code was transmitted. Hahaaa!

So, there it is...that's why I am writing this, initially.

Anyway, since I am already on this topic, let me just type on, whatever I want to say related to the topic.You can continue to read or just move on to whatever stuff you need to do, I don't want to waste your time if you think I have been doing it for the last couple of minutes....

Almost every person whom I see on FB/ blog/ Twitter/ Google+, who wrote about strategy, have different understanding (or misunderstanding!!) about it. Not that they are right nor wrong, it just shows everybody may have different approach to strategy, how they define it, develop it and implement it.
The important thing is just this - if it works, it works!
Be it a strategy, a plan, a vision, mission etc etc. Not everything should be governed by the text books we read, of course....but if we read the text books properly, it helps to achieve that end-state better than just shooting in the dark. The funny part would be when somebody claims as a master of the topic....but everything is just a helter-skelter when it comes to explaining and implementing it....and let's not go into the actual result...if they cannot achieve the end-state, they should be asking me (or the team mates I had) about strategy realignment then.

Recently, in one of the WhatsApps group I am in (no, I don't have BBM, not a high-profile corporate guy...nor a high-profile school kid, to pay for a "secured server" for my discussions talk-cock stuff) which consisted of a motley of businessmen, academicians, top management bankers, oil & gas staff etc locals and abroad...somebody sent an article from a "think-tank" about something. THINK TANK.
Think-tank? Hahaa... just too much thinking and never did any implementation of what they "thought", never did any monitoring, never came down to the ground for actual progress controlling and worst of all, never owning the result...a think tank is as good as - a sewer bucket.

It's quite easy to think and talk...No? What do we have at our warung kopi, teh tarik joints, the more glamorous Kedai Kopi Chap Starbux, SangFransiska? So many excellent thinkers and business minded bunch talking about big bucks stuff...but ask them if they really have
tried walking the talk and be responsible for the results...probably just a handful....or half a handful...or none...

The validity test is simple - to my standard.
If you actually don't even bag-in a single ringgit from what you're yakking about...then you're just talking the cock....and walking the cock...and you should try to accept when people say you're kind cocky....'cuz probably that's what you've been doing most of the time!

Just think about this - if you never get the right result, is it not possible that you have been having a wrong strategy?

So, what's your subject of discussion on your BBM, WhatsApps or the TehTarik geng this week?
...probably you've bagged enough to pay the bills for the whole table...or maybe not because perhaps the end stae of your strategy is just to look important and "hebat" to the rest in that kedai kopi...aye?

....wanna try strategy realignment? :o)

*posted from Evernote...since Blogspot dashboard page is kinda unreliable nowadays....mengong!