Tuesday, December 27, 2011

...bullet the blue sky

For the third night in a row I failed miserably to sleep when the hours should be dedicated to do as such. Unfortunate? Perhaps....but not entirely. The past couple of weeks have been painted colorful with miles of traveling across the Titiwangsa, the backbone which divides the country nicely into the west and east sides. Of course, it's a business matter (read: gathering moolahs while enjoying freedom of life), entirely. The project is a spearhead for more to come, insyaAllah....tiring but really enjoying it. The only wish I have in my heart to to have my kids and wife with me but that's something that I have to put up with, for the next couple of months I'd probably be living off my backpacks (so to say...but the real deal is I get to rent houses fully furnished and all in the assignments, fom time to time perhaps a 4x4 when it really necessary too).

Kuala Terengganu. Always a nice place...since my childhood days. The difference on my part now is that I can converse in the dialect quite confidently and it makes it much easier to be accepted by the locals...friendly mostly and all generally living a life sporting the theme of a relaxed and easy setting. Definitely unlike KL. I will be here until february 2012 and then move on to the southern part of the peninsular, not to the ultimate south-most tip though... a couple of hundreds miles before it...more likely.

Almost three years living off my DSLR equipments and I am yet to claim I have achieved what I wanted to achieve. Reason being, the set target would require me being away for 1/3 of the year on a continent I have never been to...so, the progress is not really happing anytime soon, definitely..but as I have mentioned time and again - it will happen.
The years after the corporate life, has been a mix of achievements, failures and a hoard of emotions - some, traumatic...but here I am continuing the journey and happy to be out here (read: not trapped in a fabric box with KPIs to enslave me)....and the journey is far from over. So, I'll just continue enjoying it as I progress onwards, insyaAllah.

The last couple of nights, I spent my time on the FS bicycle. Crossing the bridge of Terengganu river was refreshing. The first time was way back in 1992 when I did Peninsular Malaysia-Southern Thai tour....almost 20 years back!!! BY-GEORGE! 20 years already???!!! I can still cycle...Alhamdulillah....last ride couple of nights ago was about 50KM. Alhamdulillah. This ugly fat boy is tough as he used to be, mister!

As I wrote this, I am eagerly waiting for my kids & beautiful wife to arrive tomorrow afternoon. Been weeks since I last kissed them. How I wish I could be there to help my wife with all the house chores and have meals with the family....

I was angry with some groupie last night, some postings that was inappropriate and I asked politely to be removed, which they did but "the package" includes blocking me from entering their page. So be it. Some people are just too amateur and too focused on grabbing money and wealth that they forgot the whole purpose of having a life...IS TO LIVE IT!
At certain age, it is just too obvious when people is just busy barking about being rich...and failed to answer the most important question - what's next after that bag of cash???
Anyway, I consider the case is closed. Faces & names - marked, so, beware of me, in the future.

I just enjoy being with people that have a clear goal in life...and understands well that a bag of money is just a part of the bigger deal...not the ultimate end...and my present team, is sharing the same view. What else can I say? Alhamdulillah!

...so, do you have that bag of cash like many wanna-be-rich are chasing for?
No I don't....and I just don't care tuppence....it's not my ambition, not even in my life's "to-do/ to-have" list...simply because I have bigger deal - A LIFE TO LIVE...my own life with my family and the buddies that matters.

Yaay! :o)