Friday, November 11, 2011 Pfft...

Too many FB status and promotions about 11.11.11.
Yet another marketing fad...and people just love it...same like 1.1.2001, 2.2.2002, 3.3.2003, 4.4.2004....well you get the idea....if the dates/ numbers are nice, it must be expensive and some would pay anything for it.
Not really.
...afterall, Rm1 is still Rm1....only you cannot buy much with it nowadays....

It was quite a shock (NOT REALLY!! Hahaa!) for me this morning when I receive the news about MACC raids on PETR0N45.
Corruption. What else is new?
One of the reasons why I packed my bags and left that luxury workstation & pay cheque....I might not be as rich as many of us but I held to my words and ethics, never regretted my move.

...but the story about corruption, misuse of position, asking/ getting "gifts" from vendors etc, is nothing new at all. To a certain extent it has become a normality...I guess. It comes with the post one is holding....and some really really took advantage of the situation - both vendors and employees.

It's good to know some real "cleaning-up" activities are happening...hopefully one day there will be no more abuse of power and whatever forms.

Anyway, as far as I am concerned, the only numbers that I am focusing now would be - 38 and 90.
Size 38 waist.....and body weight of 90KG.

So far, I can fit into size 40 and weight is at 114.5KG, from 116.5 last week Alhamdulillah.
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Keep on moving Torque!!! :o)