Saturday, October 29, 2011


When it comes to diet products, slimming tea, gym packages and the likes, my standard response would be simple - shut-up and get lost!
Simply because I have tried a bunch of those and it only focuses on one thing - the dealers to bag in the moolahs and "pretend at their very sincere best" that they are really helping you to achieve what you want.
In all cases, all that I wanted was to trim down my tummy and feel more energetic. In most cases, I managed to trim down a bit but once I stopped - due to the expensive product and more other "extras" being introduced just to make more sales - I'd be back on the same scale before I started, or maybe a higher reading on the scale.
Thus why - shut-up and get lost!!
I always believe in the natural way of losing weight. Thus why I started cycling again in 2009 and managed to trim down my tummy - though not very much. All that matters for me is I get to enjoy doing what I love to do - cycling - and I feel much healthier and energetic.
The matter of fact is, some "cyclists" get sucked into the "gear & gadgets" thing - same like people who "think" they are into photography - and I became more and more bored to join any groups because most of the time the talk during break between trails would be - GEARS & GADGETS. I came to cycle and enjoy the nature, the companionship of fellow cyclists and end up listening to people talking or boasting about GEARS & GADGETS - either theirs or is not a problem, boasting rights is all that card is king (IDIOTS!)...I am just lucky none of them are my close buddies, just buddies of buddies who happens to join some particular rides or what.

So, yeah I shed a couple of millimeters off my tummy on my FSDH bike and I get to ride the same trails - one in particular would be Steroid Hill which many younger cyclists talked about - that I used to do alone in my younger days back when cycling on a full-suspension bike with helmet and back-pack is considered weird by many. (Heck I even had to book with Joo Ngan for a proper sized Cratoni helmet back then!!!)
Anyway, I could not cycle every weekend/ everyday - the daily schedule and the stuff I have to do for living, would be part of the failure for me to ride on every weekends. Not blaming anything nor anybody nor am I making excuses, I am merely telling my story and telling the facts.
So, I am back to the same reading on the scale, if not more, by the days.

....but this is me now!!!! Ahh c'mon, be sincerely kind to me...I do look good!!!
Well, not until last 2-3weeks, I finally managed to trim down about 10KGs FOR REAL and I can already fit into some attires that was bought/ given to me some years back with wrong size printed on them - XXL printed as the size but actual fitting is L!!!
Fcuk, I am not wearing anything that can show off my nipples!!! Nipple showing cuts are for stupid faggots!! Now that I have trimmed down a bit, some of the attires fit me nicely, no nipples are injured!!

As I mentioned above, I was a skeptic when it comes to this kinda things.

I am still a skeptic but I am also an honest person - I will tell my boss he/ she is a stupid idiot smack on his/ her face if he/ she is a stupid idiot and I would not regret doing so! - and now I am honestly telling that this Slim Diet 2 works for me.

Thanx to my wife, who insists to try the New Image Slim Diet 2 products...we started using it about 3 weeks ago, together with disciplined diets...and we achieved our target easily.

I don't know about you all out there but hey, to each his/ her own!!!

I will be off to East Coast for a couple of months on assignment and I am already planning to bring my bike that I can cycle everyday and on weekends whenever my family would be there to visit/ stay.
If the jigsaw starts to fall in the right places, I might even get a Specialized and re-do Steroid Hill as a reward - one of the "have to do list" in my life!!!!
....(gosh now I am talking GEARS & GADGETS too!!!!)

Oh...just for the record:
Buying a camera does not not make you a photographer - you're only a camera owner (Quoted by Che Ahmad Azhar!).
Buying a bicycle does not make you a cyclist - you're only a bicycle owner.
Buying health diets, jumping into any MLM on health diet and all - does not make you a healthy have to show & feel you're healthy to really be one.

Contact me if you wanna know more about the product and the foods I now consume.
You might even wanna join me for a dirt ride one of these days, who knows? :o)

Get a bike, shut-up and just ride it!!! (...and try the New Image Slim Diet 2, why not!)