Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Framing the moments...in our hearts.

A meaningful shot is not a beautiful photograph

...but it is that beautiful moment in our life that means much more than the time we have unconsciously missed.

Every morning, the family wakes up early to get ready for the day, the week is filled with hours of classes and work. Indeed, it has become a routine and as far as most - if not all - are accustomed to, a routine will end up being something that would just be a plain, flat, boring part of the life. Perhaps.
..but break the routine into moments and we'll find something not quite the same like it is supposed to be - i.e. not a routine.
Between that rush to meet the school assembly time, the office hour clock-in time (for my dear wife) and the evening of doing homework and preparation for the next week day....there ought to be some precious moments that would mean a lot in the later years. There ought to...be it in conversation with the kids/ my wife, or the things that we - the family - see or experience throughout the day.

The imperfection of a person makes them more unique and perfect as their own self....that I have learned to appreciate as age takes over my emotions and enthusiasm.
I see, define, accept everybody/ everything in a different positive ways from what I used to when I was five years younger than today. The time that I have to myself - being free from the office hours tagged to KPI and the likes - allowed me to re-think and re-appreciate everybody/ everything around me in more positive ways than the negatives I used to portray in previous years...and I am glad I have this opportunity...while praying that I'll have the opportunity to do all the other stuff on my lists.

Probably I am living at a slower pace than what I used to as an executive in a big corporation...but what matters most is I continuously learn to really appreciate the moments...of being present...here and now.

It has been quite a while since Mak & Abah been to Kelantan. It's a place where we used to go during school holidays, to enjoy the food, environment and to meet our relatives that still live there and linking the bloodline back to Narathiwat.

Little Zahra having breakfast with us, a few minutes before we board the plane to KB.

Last Saturday, I escorted them for a day trip to visit Uncle Farid who has been in coma for more than 3 weeks. A strong and friendly uncle that I first met when I was a teenager, where I get to know the wonderful kids he has - Tasneem, Firhan & Azra. It has been years since I last met them, including Uncle Farid. The last time was when I came to their place in USJ...and after I had kids, I have not met them at all....but Mak & Abah has been constantly in touch with their family and kept me updated from time to time.
...and time really flies....

Seeing Uncle Farid lying on the CCU bed, is a massive heart-breaking moment.
We all pray for Uncle Farid's recovery...and for Tasneem, Firhan, Azra to have the strength to face this difficult moments.
I am pretty sure that Uncle Farid is proud of his three kids...and definitely he has given all the love he has to all of them all these while...

They are always there on weekends and Firhan has made the CCU ward his "home" since Uncle Farid was admitted...allowing himself some short break to rest and sleep whenever he must...and he will be there for as long as he has to, so would Tasneem and Azra...

...such, is a true definition of love.

As we made our journey back to KL that night, I have only one thing in my mind - when I stepped into my house I am gonna hug and kiss all my kids...and my wife.
No words. I could not express my love in words to them anymore because it is already beyond any words that has ever been uttered in any form of languages that I have mastered.

Mak & Abah enjoying one of their favorite local dish - laksam @ Pasar Siti Khadijah. The excitement was too obvious in their eyes...the first time I was there was with them when I was a kid...and to be there again at the age we are now, is such a blessing.

Moments are easily missed due to our focus on counting the minutes.
Minutes are the fractions needed to make the hour....and the hours turned days, weeks, months, years...those bundles of time would just fly...

...but the moments were there for that just one instant -never will be there again- waiting to be captured, framed, appreciated, not just with our cameras but also our hearts, our minds.

To Tasneem, Firhan and Azra - SALUT.

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