Wednesday, June 22, 2011 start a day with a good meal...

I still remember those early younger days when I was an executive of a JV company in Dayabumi, seconded by my scholarship sponsor. Rushing everyday, came to do more works on Saturdays and sometimes Sundays, I was really enjoying it and when I left the corporate world, I visited the office and old staff (based on the PTT already of course) and I felt honored that some of the business guides, templates, procedures, the SAP system design/migration, reporting methods and some others I still being used by them. My heart smiles. However, one thing I really learned from the staff there was this - star the day with a good breakfast! helps, a lot. Regardless whatever you have, as long as your stomach is "happy" you'd probably end up having a very good day compared to starting on an empty stomach but fueled by heavy ambition to continue climbing that ladder.

...and as I made my way throughout the years, I realize it is very very true indeed.

Every morning, my lovely wifey prepares breakfast and packed lunch for the family.
We'd have breakfast together as much as possible. The first meal of the day, may be the last meal for me to be with the family. Who knows? For that reason, I never take things for granted, especially if it is about the family I have because other than them, I have no other.

So, have a good breakfast everyday! :o)

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