Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Never leave home without it...

Yup. It has been yet another stretch of "quite a while" since the last entry. Truth be told, I have a lot in my mind that needs to be attended...and the matter of fact is I don't have much time to do most if not any (really) of it at all. Not a sorry excuse, just the plain truth. Not lamenting, just writing from my heart.

However, since the ordeal Abah had to face (supported by Mak and the family of course) I find it a big relief to be able to get through the period and just recently the latest tests and discussion with the specialists confirmed that the is nothing more to worry about but just to help Abah recover as much as possible. InsyaAllah.

The recent break in Kuching was also very very refreshing. Though it was probably the shortest stint for the family we managed to squeeze in quite a number of activities for all, though low in fund but the fun that was generated was nothing any kind of money could really replace. I just wish I had more time (and fund, yeah) to cover some documentary that I have in mind.
Next time around, insyAllah. Adalah hikmahnya tu.

...and the idea of migrating to Kuching has been quite an interesting subject. I am really keen to make a move now that the whole family is excited about it....only thing is I am sure Mak & Abah will be sad if we made the move....
Oh well...when it comes, it comes and we'll deal with it accordingly.

I finally have the desire to write again in this blog after the long silence. Just delivered a portfolio asked by a good friend a couple of hours ago to promote some areas of works that I have done....and with that, I feel a fresh batch of energy coming in to my soul.
...and I just toyed around with the D300 again after almost a fortnight leaving it in the small NatGeo sling bag after the Sg Congkak trip...and told myself I have reached that specific target set in quite a surprising time frame a few months ago...if I managed to do that, insyaAllah I can do anything and so it is now time to start moving to the next level even though I actually have just about 5 hours of time a day to do it.
No other option but to make the best out of it no matter how hard it may be.

Ok...I have about 3 hours to sleep, before I wake up and do the ironing, sending and all...and I am gonna shoot some small stuff and write about it to kick-start the momentum again...

...so, help me Allah.

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