Thursday, June 30, 2011

The day the heart goes silent

I got a call from Mak last night, delivering a sad news. Pakcik Farid (a relative on Almarhum Mak Tua's side which links us back to Pattani) has been in coma for more than a week after an operation. The chance of recovery is said to be very slim.

With Abah's condition getting better, Mak is confident to travel but needs somebody to escort them to Kelantan.

Yeah, though I have two jobs to cover, I made the arrangements and comes Saturday mid-morning I'll be there with them, insyaAllah.

I pray that he'll recover.....and may Allah gives the best for Uncle Farid and the family.

With news of family, relatives, friends, friends of friends who made the journey to the next agenda - some old, some at very young age - I take all of it as a reminder that when the heart goes silent, we'd not be able to say or do anything else but cross the line to the next life.....

Do what matters most to your heart and family, while your heart is still able to talk to may want to convey some messages to your loved ones....always, until it goes silent.

...and unlike the mornings you're having now, you'd wake up in a totally different world by then...

Good morning...I am glad I can still wake up with my family around me today....

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