Friday, April 08, 2011

Wassup Doc?

The recent development (if I may use the word) in Malaysia's political scene is rather...urhm...tiring. Boring. Many would say it is almost the same story being repeated with different actors and directors. That DSAI sodomy trial that have been ongoing for many years. The ongoing investigation of the death of Beng Hock. The sex videos revealed by Datuk Trio team....the Omega watch that matters a lot to everybody can continue with the list (of the same ol' stories!!)
The impact would depends on the ability of the players to win the minds of the citizens - most are already been in deep fatigue and give no ratsarse except on matters that would hit them on their forehead immediately...or let's make it simple - they are just too occupied with the daily roles and responsibilities plus the always sought after opportunity to be in FacebookLand as much as possible...and for entertainment purposes the obvious option would be Astro's sickening antiques - reality shows the like of AkademiFantasia (45th? 67th? I dunno I don't bother following it!)...of course we also have the TV3 and the RTM channels' prime times, "purely entertaining"....

With the elections coming up in Sarawak (sikda tiket untok sidak2 di Semananjung balit siya kah Pehin Sri?? Tehehehe!!) there are just too many "circus" being aired day in day out...promises here and there, one side accusing the other, the other accusing that one busy lah everybody!! When the election is done...everything goes back to normal. Well maybe some development here and there but comes the next round, we'd probably realized that nothing much that was being promised is actually being done....true?

No lah...I am not going to ramble about politics & the election.....I am apolitical though I have been a victim of political-inclined people since 10 years of age....when it comes to choosing colors, I do love blue but most of the time I end up preferring green...light blue is generally defined as sissy in my dictionary but once in a while it works nicely on certain occasion...and red is always attractive to my eyes but not suitable for my skin. Go figure!! ;0)

Anyway, I have been talking to some people who have been in close contacts with the big-boys in political scenes. Casual chat, over teh tarik or kopi ais...till the wee hours of the mornings...Alhamdulillah they gave me new perspectives to the scene, some very privileged information and second to the actual persons actually telling the simple word - it's kind of a revelation, a surprising relief...that is why I always would want to hear all possible part of the story and for this matter, although it took me about 13 years to close the loop, well it's better late than never...

Now I am reading the book by Tun Dr M.
...and also "The Malays: Their Problem & Their Future" by Syed Husin Ali (used to be a textbook for some courses by UiTM).
Why? Just to complete "listening" to the story....that has been there since 1998.

...but of course, nothing beats the information and stories that one can get from the people directly involved...

All I can say here is.....don't swallow everything you are being fed with. Read the ingredients on packets from where it came from. Compare with every other available packets. Get the real facts right. If "ketchup & chili sauce" needed to make it more "edible", then the actual content is probably not good after all.

Above all...chew and munch before you swallow....refrain from talking to others before your swallowing is done...because that would probably end you up in a mess...and the others too...

Some leaders have the looks of a pious and religious Muslim...but you would not know the ugly stinking rotten truth unless you really do your homework (FB links, YouTube not in the package ok!). I am not saying A is wrong nor B is right....that, you have to find out on your own....converse, read, do research, try to get connected.....and be neutral.

Just for the record, I don't belong to any political party. Nope.

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