Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Her first neck tie...

Alisya was very very exited when she was selected to be the leader of her class group last week. She mentioned to us that she'll be getting a neck tie which she'll be wearing everyday….yesterday she got the tie from the person who used to be the leader and I quickly cleaned it and ironed it. She prepared her uniform last night, eager to wear the neck tie.

Today is her first day as the leader. She woke up early and was ready to go before I even had the chance to have breakfast!

Her role as the leader would be to manage the submission and collection of the workbooks and reading materials, among other things. She has been very helpful and the class teacher favored her to take over because the previous leader was not doing the job well.

Her first learning experience to lead and manage a small group and she's really excited about it. I am sure my baby will take the responsibility much better than the previous kid, Insya-Allah.

Last night, after Maghrib prayers I had a shock.
Alisya wept and hugged me tightly. I asked her why.
"Alisya sayang Ayah…Alisya tak nak hilang Ayah, Ayah jaga Alisya dari baby, Ayah hantar Alisya hari-hari pergi sekolah, jemput Alisya, bagi Alisya makan..Alisya sayang sangat Ayah…."

….I could not say anything but hugged her tightly.
"Ayah pun sayang sangat Alisya. Ayah pun sayang Naufal, Neena, Mama and semua sekali. Alisya good girl, jangan nangis ok, Alisya good girl, Alisya baby Ayah…dah jangan nangis."

Deep inside me, I was worried…I don't know if it is a sign that my days are limited or what…but what ever it is, I will always love my family and they come first, second and third before anything else in this world…and for each day I am around, I would never take for granted the opportunity to hug and kiss them, telling them that I love them.

Ayah sayang Alisya.
Ayah sayang Naufal.
Ayah sayang Neena.
Ayah sayang Mama.

Never take for granted the opportunity of living another day with your loved ones.
You'll never know what would happen before the day ends….

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