Monday, January 03, 2011

Twenty Eleven

Alhamdulillah. Finally it is here. The first year of the second decade of the 21st century.
Nothing much of a celebration for me and my family. I had a discussion with my mentor ImageMaker on the final evening of 2010 and coincidentally met some guys who worked together for a project in Negeri Sembilan.
Saw the fireworks from the highway on our way back to KL. Personally, I am trying to make the celebration more private, just with the family, let them enjoy the fireworks from afar, with something to drink and nibble, say proper prayers, spend some time with Allah, then have a good night sleep and start the new day tomorrow with a good note. That would be a perfect way to start another year.
Being in a crowded place, music thumping through your brains, noisy crowds wrecking havoc through the night and such, is just not my preference. Not anymore perhaps, maybe I can accept it previously, on certain occasions but not anymore.

Quite a number of things came up in November & December 2010...opportunities which translated into rezeki & future projects, insyaAllah....Alhamdulillah, the trips and projects in PML Labuan, KYS K.K., UniMas Kuching, JPM Putrajaya, made me more prepared to move on to the next level.

I regretted I could not spend much time for holidays with my kids and wife but I feel more relieved 2010 is gone because it has been a very rough ride for me, I left a trace of my feelings and thoughts in my journal, even as I wrote it I still feel like I want to stop writing it down and just do and do the things that I wrote, the anger, hatred and all were too strong for me to handle at times but thanx to the writing instruments and the journal, I get to release it off from time to time....and I pray that it will just stay there...that;s the best place for me to tame my anger, to kill my fear (I do not have much of it to be honest), express my feelings, my deepest ideas (some have actually became realities) and all sorts of things that I have in my head...I can say now that seasoned yellow book has became my best buddy after being with me day in day out since 2008.
I named it "The book of Torque: Chapter 1"

So, what's in the pipeline for this second decade? A LOT!
2011 is supposedly to be a networking year for yours truly. However it may be, now I have myself equipped with the "lessons learned" in looking back, just looking up for prayers to Allah and looking down to help those who need help..and looking forward to a better year, a better decade. InsyaAllah.

No matter what, my priority still remains the same.
+ Family
+ Family
+ Family
+ ChaptersImages
+ Everything else under the sun

I made it through the barricades.....hello 2011.

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