Saturday, November 06, 2010


The only craze that I would want to have for ever - spending time with my kids & wife, my family.
....and since they are already capable of playing board games, it is part of the activity that I really look forward to do with them whenever we have the time to do so....of course there are priorities to oblige to....they are growing up and now is the time for me to mold them to become better persons than me. InsyaAllah.

Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Creating and destroying something without realizing anything

One of the huge, massive challenge I am facing in my journey to do my own business or build my presence in the professional photography world would be the time I have to do what I have to do. NOT talking about the long term basis but the daily basis, the mere 24 hours a day that we all have.

The discipline to manage and utilize the limited 24 hours a day is more stringent compared to when I was not doing it professionally. Each day means a lot. Each hour means a lot. Failure to make the most out of it means failure to proceed well in my journey.

So, talking about actual free time, being a self-employed dude, in total reality, I don't actually have much free time. Simply because all 24hours is mine and I have to make it work for me, myself and I. With that in mind, I have to be selective on how I want to spend the hours.
This may sound rude to many, but for me, I tend to think that any salary earner can do whatever they want and still get the salary at the end of the month. Thus, if the person just sits around and does nothing, the salary will still be there….but the performance rating and all is a different story, of course.
….I guess that's why I can see lotsa salary earners "roaming" the Facebook-land and all almost anytime of the day. They have nothing to lose. Of course, they'd still perform and get their performance rating managed well. Heheheh!!! True? True enough, I bet.

…but take a step back and think.

The hours spent, on company's expenses, and all you deliver could have just been done in 3-4hours of actual concentration. The rest, is about fire-fighting, planning and all that jazz. Nothing wrong, on the surface…but it is really ethical? You have to answer that on your own. Yup…you can say you are on your BB or iPhone or iPad and your own broadband access…but the time, that supposedly "belongs" to the company, is being "robbed", for your own well….urhhmm…networking time. (ok, to be precise - ENTERTAINMENT time lah!!!)
So, it is totally different, as a self-employed person. I can be on "entertainment" mode every hours and get nothing….or I can be on "work+entertainment" mode and get some molars… choice, and the hours are mine, not for my employer.

Keyword - robbing the hours that you are being asked to do work for the employer.

I guess that's why I cannot see some "management" level on Fb as much as they used to be when they were just "machai". They have to be "professional" more than they used to, perhaps!!
Nothing is wrong with that. It's a free world. Do whatever you want to, you have all the argument to say you are doing the right things. Good for you.
…but not entirely as good for your employer, I bet!!!

The world is becoming a borderless piece of interactive room - thanks to the devices and technology advancement we have now.
In the same instance, we tend to forget that we are really living a life. Actual interaction. Actual conversation. Actual sex, for the sake of argument!!!!
Spending more time on the "social platform" seems to make us in contact with more people than we actual do in real life. There are goods to that…as much as the bad part of it.

Real relationship, that has been built for many years, can crumble to earth with just the access of time spent on the social platform.
I bet you have heard, read or even experience such issue.
Don't get me wrong, I love spending time on-line and write, post up stuff for my business and all, chat with fellow photographers and friends...BUT I totally remain focus on making something out of the interaction.
I don't spend time to create an affair, fling, scandals, to get connected to girls or what.
Some people, they do that...oh yes...even without them realizing it.

Like it or not, we want ATTENTION.
When there are others giving us that attention we have been craving for, we'll tend to get connected and somehow, sooner or later, attached to is easy to get attached, manusia sekarang ayat power-power beb...muka hensem skit, senang jer ayat anak orang, gepren orang, awex orang, bini orang, janda orang. Manusia lakhanat la tu.
Then, the ugly story starts to plot.
What may have started off as "business intent" will turn into another scenario.
If it goes out of control….BOOM! Good-bye everything. To put it simple.
….and years of happiness will be at a junction. You decide which turn to take.

My point is - we have to live the real life we have. Not the fantasy life we "wished for" or we have always want to have.
Make use of the facilities, technology or whatchamacallit to make good things for you and your loved ones. Not otherwise. Focus on your life. Not on other people's life. Not ever. Never cross the line. You may think you are doing something good for the other person at the end of the line….but is it doing any good for their spouse/ family in real life?

Therefore, if you have a wife or family, think about this.
Old high-school buddies, friends, lovers and all, be aware of them. They will create trouble at the time you least expected. You may found out that most of them are cowards. No balls….but you may already be too late to do anything. So, be alert. Be truthful. Life the real life you have. Deal with what you have on your agenda. Don't bother to help others if you cannot even help your self to provide the basics for your own family.

No, you may not agree to what I have written. I am just telling and saying what my heart wants to say. That's all. I live ONLY my real life. I am happy with it.

What you have, may be all the one that matters. If you don't appreciate it, others may. You'll be the one to lament about it before you know. So, take charge. Be aware. Deal with it……before other irresponsible idiots start to meddle your turf.