Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Harga sebuah BMW as far as Aliya Irdina is concerned!!! :o)

I have many things to write. In this blog. In my personal journal.
I have many observations to share, questions to ask, ideas to bounce...
...but I have 24 hours in a day. Same like everybody else. I have always questioned myself if I have improved on utilizing the only 24 hours I have in a day....and I cannot give an accurate answer to that. I can only evaluate the path I have taken....the effort and investment I have done vs the amount of RM I have accumulated to keep my family afloat. Alhamdulillah. I don't want to tell some of the details of the story here. I only share it with some privileged few......

I learned my lessons and I still have 24 hours a when people say I have lotsa free time, I can only say - they are not appreciating the 24 hours they have as much as I do!

After every tiring (and successful, Alhamdulillah) trip/ job - returning back to the family is a great blessing. Small celebration is always in place. Nothing fancy. The important thing is to show them how much I have missed them and I still love them as much as I did before I left for the trip/ job...and even more than that...

Reached Sunway Tower from Labuan at around 2pm today. My lovely wife joined me for lunch. She had a funny story with Aliya@Neena this morning:

N: Mama, nanti Mama belikan BWM untuk Neena eh...
W: BMW? Kenapa?
N: Cantik lah kereta tu....
W: Neena pernah naik BMW ke?
N: Tak. Neena pernah naik Exora aje.
W: Habis tu kenapa nak beli BMW? Berapa harga BMW tu?
N: Alaaa...tujuh ringgit seposen aje....Mama belikan eh?
W:(Giggles) Wahhhh murahnya....kalau macam tu 100 pun Mama boleh belikan!!!

.....Hahahaahaha!!! :o)

.....siap la petang nanti...apa nak menjawab kalau Neena tuntut BMW dia!!!!

Whatever other people is biatching and complaining about, whatever others are assuming about you, just make sure that as far as you are concerned - LIFE IS GOOD. ALHAMDULILLAH.

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