Thursday, August 05, 2010

So how many hours do we have with the kids/family?

It's about 3am, I cannot sleep well, can feel the temperature rising inside.
With a mug of KapalApi coffee, let's try to jot something that I have wanted to jot all week long.
No intention to make anybody feel bad or what. Just a thought. A reflection for all of us.

We have 24 hours a day. Most of us work and that means at least 8 hours a day gone.
Owhhh darn it!!!......we now have Blackberry & whatchamacallitITshite that would allow 24x7 access to everybody in the do we count that in this case, we work 24x7 whole year long??!!!

Let's just assume the "Blackberry & whatchamacallitITshite that would allow 24x7 access to everybody in the world" are just for status & fashion statement lah....just for show because kalau tak pakai tak class lah pulak...tapi kalau ada pun tak bermakna kena kerja 24x7 ye tak? :o)

So. we'll make that working hours to about 10hours a day, to be very generous on the traveling time to and fro, the lunch/ tea time with the office bunch...and extra hours to cover up the smoking + mengular time whenever applicable....

Normally we'll sleep for about..what..let's say, 6 hours.
About 1 hour of prayers time in a day - 5 waktu & solat2 sunat "meeting the requirement" only (...of course this allocation of time is only for Muslims/ Muslimah who pray lah!)
Allow another 1 hours for bathing and nature's call in the morning and evening.
Another 2 hours for TV or Internet time after office hours (yeah...let's not talk about the hours online spent in the office....)

Total that up....10 + 6 + 1 + 1 + 2 = 20.
20 hours in total.

In a day we have 24 hours (DUH!)...which leaves us about 4 hours of family time in a day - normal working day, perhaps.

So, in 5 working days we have about 20 hours to spend with our kids/ family.
That's about 16% of the total 120 hours in 5 days (24x5 = 120)

Let's be more generous, we have 2 days break.
Each day, maybe we 'll do 8 hours of sleep.
..same allocation of 1 hour of prayers time in a day (...of course this allocation of time is only for Muslims/ Muslimah who pray lah!)
About 1 hour of hygiene time a day (bathe+do-the-loo)
About...say...3 hours of personal time (internet laa, reading laa hobby etc. etc.)

Owhh....golfers...hrmmm 5 hours on the field, mid-way hut drinks, locker room chat, lunch & more drinks after that...ahh malas lah nak kira for golfers!!! Get the caddy to do it for you lah!!!

Back to the weekend maths...

8 + 1 + 1 +, that should be about 13 hours a day...which means we have about 11 hours for family time. So for the two day weekend, we have 22 hours for the kids/family out of 48 hours given. 45%. Not bad at all.

Total the whole 7 days: 22 + 20 = 42 hours of kids/family time....out of 168 hours.

Generally, we spend about 30% of our time for the company in a week.
Generally, we spend about 27% of our time for a good rest in a week (membuta dalam meeting room/ office not included!!!).
Generally, we spend about 25% of our time with the kids/family in a week.
Generally, we spend about 10% of our time to be online in a week (teeheheheh..yeah right!!!)
Generally, we spend about 4% of our time to bathe+do-the-doo-doo in a week.
Generally, we spend about 4% of our time to pray.

I am sure we give 200% to each of the items mentioned.....especially the 25% time for the kids/family.....we would not substitute money for the quality time we'd spend with them...right?
Now sincere!!! :o)

We spend about the same time of praying and being in the bathroom (itupun kalau sembahyang lah....well maybe a bit more but not even 10% in total...)

We spend a fraction more time for the company than for the kids/family...tak kira lagi dinner lah, training lah workshops lah meeting after office hours lah....and the actual "body, mind & soul" presence - kalau tak, apasal bawak balik laptop company every night + weekends?? (Kalau setakat nak ber FB/ Blogging etc. on company asset juga....hmmm!)

I am not going to say much....just look at the numbers and figure it out.
Of course, we have holidays and all....which should be more or less like a weekend percentage mentioned above....but..well, draw your own conclusion!


NOTE: The calculation might not be right.....but you are smarter than me, so, you get the idea, now just do it and conclude! :o)