Friday, July 09, 2010

1972.07.09 - 2010.07.09 - xxxx.xx.xx

For the past many years I have been writing this blog, I seldom write much about the person whom I have loved with all my heart, all my life. Most of my entries is about our children (and my grumblings, complaining, et cetera, et cetera et cetera...)
...but deep in my heart, that special person has always been my source of inspiration, my energy provider, my soul. I can never find the words that would be able to describe how I feel for her...but with what ever words I can use, I can never be convinced by my own self that I have I have told her enough about my feelings for her.

Whatever it is, she's the only one that I could ever love with all my heart and soul, for eternity.
She has done a lot for me. For our children.
I could never imagine living my life without her by my side.

Sayang, the only gift I would ever ask for all my birthdays, is to always be with you and our children.

Siti Hajar
Alisya Irdina
Naufal Irsyad
Aliya Irdina
A-liya Japanese, it means flower ✿

For as long as I am still able to say it, I would always say it....
Abang sayang Hajar.
Ayah sayang Alisya.
Ayah sayang Naufal.
Ayah sayang Aliya.

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