Wednesday, July 21, 2010

This is what I think....

Fuel price is up again. Same old story, minus the street demonstrations and massive gatherings...would be nice to have those again!!! :o)
Oh well, enough already. We all know it will be reduced - the subsidies - so get ready to absorb it back. If you cannot afford the fuel, then why are you driving that car you have?
Lining up at the petrol station to get a full tank of the price before it increases the next day is really unnecessary...unless if you are truly stupid and still insist it is a ritual you'd want to do every time the fuel price hikes!
Oh..and you thought the gas price was not going to be affected?

Too bad....but hey come on, if you drive a Beamer, would you attach it with NGV tank?
Oh please!! You must be wearing a fake Tag Heuer on your wrist then!!!

Can't you see we already have too many expensive vehicles with NGV tanks? Orang Kaya yang miskin or Orang Miskin yg Kaya? Or maybe Orang Bodoh yg suka berlagak Pandai & Kaya?

Not that I care much about gas sales, no I don't but well, if you still cannot afford the fuel for your car and have to install NGV to it, better think deep and make a proper decision....of course it goes without saying if the Toyoltah Al-Fart or EstiMak, Hon-Duh Strim, or whatever fancy car you have are part of the deal for "allowing" a project to proceed....definitely your money will never be enough.....NEVER. Partly because it is haram...partly because you are always tamak for totality, is about what you want and how you're getting it.

My point is simple - kalau nak berlagak kaya pun, considerlah punca rezeki tersebut.
Bukan kita tak tahu bersepah yg konon kaya tapi punca rezeki dgn menindas orang lain & mengenepikan untutan agama Islam yg kononnya mereka anuti....sendiri fikir lah...sebab tu ramai yg memekak bila harga naik la itu ini...hakikatnya - gaya hidup melebihi kemampuan pendapatan.....sampai yg haram pun jadi halal sebab nak maintain style...biar papa asal bergaya...kan?

So, biar masuk nereka pun tak apa, asalkan bergaya....macam tu???

So...still mahu halalkan yang haram?
Bak kata Ustaz Ismail Kamus - Susah nak cakap....jadilah - HALAM??

Let's borak a bit on that title - menghalalkan yang haram.
We have been to accustomed or tuned-in to the things we are doing that we fail to realize some of it is not really in parallel to the teachings in Islam....and yet we still claim we are Muslims, well at least during Ramadhan we don't want to be caught not fasting...some even wear tudung for the sake of Ramadhan (only? Teheheh!!!)....ok let's start with my ramblings...

a) Tudung.
NOTE: Those who refuses to wear for whatever reason (including the likes of "aku sembahyang full siap bangun malam sembahyang lagi") just spare your argument with Allah when your time comes.

So, now we have so many options of tudung in the market. I don't know what to name here but I guess as a Muslimah or a Muslim too (perhaps) you do know there are may styles of tudung now. Good to have choices perhaps...but does it really fit the purpose of a tudung as required by Islam?

Mengaku ajer lah...mostly NO.

Tersingkat sana, terdedah sini, terbojol sana, terjebih sini, dah tu yg dgn sanggul macam bonjol unta lagi....buruk nak mampus...but I guess the trend of "busana muslim" now is like the conventional fashion world too - the uglier is the prettier?

Wake up already!!! As a Muslim, we are supposed to take care of our aurah (thus why I don't wear rugby shorts in public!!)...and the label "busana muslim" does not mean it concur to the given guideline of Islam.

So, siapa nak menjawab?

Sendiri pakai, jawab la sendiri....kalau yg dah ber suami pulak, dgn suami sekali laa menjawab jugak...tak tegur sebab itu dah dresscode yg professional? Oh how more professional can one be other than being truly professional to his/ her own creator?

Haaa lantak lak korang....I have done my part, good luck lah nanti! :o)

b) Pakaian - top/ bottom
Even with a proper tudung, the blouse & trousers would still be questionable whether it fits the requirements of Islam...heck even the jubah being sold now pun are quite questionable....ketat tak menentu kat bahagian tertentu, too revealing compared to wearing a blouse infact.

Seluar/ pallazo or whatever...I bet many realized, ada yang terlalu sendat dan ketat, siap orang boleh trace the panty lines....jadah hapa bertudung kalau macam tu kan?

Bangga sangat ke orang sekarang ni tunjuk bodyshape kat public? Termasuklah lelaki - kemeja kerja sampai terbojol biji tetek....mesti mau tunjuk ke yg kau pergi gym 40 jam sehari dgn gym partners kau yg some mmg jenis gaylakhanat tu?
Adeihhh....jantan apa skrg ni ramai mcm pondan dah???

Again...kalau kau tu suami & isteri kau macam tu...boleh la refer at mana-mana Ustaz tanya pasal apa itu dayus. Modern & professional sangatlah kita ingat...padahal dah jatuh bab dayus tak mau ambik tahu lagi tu....

c) Wangian (Perfume laaa)
Perfume mesti branded....tak main la perfume celup kan? Paling tidak pun BRANDED CELUP pun boleh laaa...nak meang jugak tapi tak cukup duit nak bayar credit card yg dah max tu nanti....maklum lah professional, yuppy.

Bau dia punya cerita....sebatu lagi orang dah terbau.

Of course, consultant will sell the same shit la - it will boost your confidence & presentability.
Sampai bila nak ikut cakap consultant yg telan duit for selling stupid craps tu? Apasal haram plak kan pakai Ferragamo, Hermes etc etc utk solat? Presentable aperr wangi & branded?

Kat akhirat nanti sure presentable giler eh...sempat aaa nak tuang Channel No5 1liter sebelum mengadap Allah nanti kut?

(Owh...kalau korang tu jenis tak solat tak boleh cakap apa lah kan.....nak tegur tak boleh lah sebab semua lagi pandai drpd ustaz/ustazah yg khatam berapa banyak kitab Fiqh...mana tak pandai, Quran pun baca in English sahaja....)

Those are just what I think...based on my limited knowledge in Fiqh, the concerns are valid.
Tak caya, pergilah tanya ustaz/ ustazah...or the least, try tgk Ustaz Zahirudin punyer site.

Semua orang claim Muslim/ Muslimah sambut Ramadhan & Eidul Fitri.....but for once in our life, try to be a REAL MUSLIM/MUSLIMAH....I am doing a small part as a Muslim here...nak tegur sorang2 tak laa mampu, tulis jer dalam blog....nak accept, Alhamdulillah, tak nak accept, antara kamu dgn Allah lah nanti....

Monday, July 19, 2010

Weekday Routine?

Wake up.
Get the twins to bathe & be in their school uniforms.
Solat Subuh with Wifey.
Wifey prepares breakfast & packed lunch for the kids.
Send the kids to school.

Back from sending kids.
Check/ respond to e-mails & Facebook messages.
Check schedules, pack stuff according to schedule of the day.
Send Neena to kindergarten.
Send wife to office.
Attend schedules of the day.

Mid day break - grocery shopping etc.
Fetch the twins, chat with the twins.
Do laundry, clean the rooms & living area.
Editing works or whatever needs to be done while the kids do their homework.
Prepare dinner.
Get the twins to prepare their bags for the next day.
Fetch wife, chat with wife.
Fetch Neena, chat with Neena.

Maghrib with wife.
Family time - chat, play games, draw, watch TV, call family in Sarawak/ Johor etc.
Isya' with wife.
Bed time for kids.
Reading/ chat time with wife.

Prepare for the next day's schedule - equipment check if needs be...etc etc.
Blog, write, sketch, research.

Wake up for extra Solat.

Repeat., you think you are busy?
I am....but I still can afford to find time to spare, if I want to. :o)

Friday, July 16, 2010

Vader meets a friend

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Monday, July 12, 2010

Hidup semula buat ke X kali

.....this almost stolen, then stolen, lost & found pile of steel comes with long history & story. It is not my first Audi...but it is my wheels, not an attention grabber but a reliable buddy, for more than a decade already.
I don't mind not having my first Audi, yet...not until the cash is ready...
For now the priority is not for fancy never has, and never will!

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Saturday, July 10, 2010

Breakfast date

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Friday, July 09, 2010

1972.07.09 - 2010.07.09 - xxxx.xx.xx

For the past many years I have been writing this blog, I seldom write much about the person whom I have loved with all my heart, all my life. Most of my entries is about our children (and my grumblings, complaining, et cetera, et cetera et cetera...)
...but deep in my heart, that special person has always been my source of inspiration, my energy provider, my soul. I can never find the words that would be able to describe how I feel for her...but with what ever words I can use, I can never be convinced by my own self that I have I have told her enough about my feelings for her.

Whatever it is, she's the only one that I could ever love with all my heart and soul, for eternity.
She has done a lot for me. For our children.
I could never imagine living my life without her by my side.

Sayang, the only gift I would ever ask for all my birthdays, is to always be with you and our children.

Siti Hajar
Alisya Irdina
Naufal Irsyad
Aliya Irdina
A-liya Japanese, it means flower ✿

For as long as I am still able to say it, I would always say it....
Abang sayang Hajar.
Ayah sayang Alisya.
Ayah sayang Naufal.
Ayah sayang Aliya.

Sunday, July 04, 2010


....for dinner, once in a while. Yummy.
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