Friday, May 07, 2010


Such adorable eyes. Always talking about what she sees, her new experience of the day. Always love sketching and drawing about it. Always asking about what she wonders. Always adorable. Always my baby girl, I just want to treasure each moment with her.

For the past weeks, I have been quite active in the community forum of our urhmm...."rumah pangsa". Yesterday, I was informed by a pakguard, one of their colleague was immediately terminated, as ordered by the maintenance office. Reason being. he was doing the doo-doo at the public washroom and the maintenance office manager was there too and questioned why was he there at 9am whereby his duty started at 7am.
How sad.
Good thing is, the supervisor just "berlakon" with the arrogant manager...the pakguard will be moved to other building, no more to be on duty at our condo...erkk...uurhmmm rumah pangsa.

Rules. Regulations. Discipline. Policy.
On top of all those - humanity. Something that many put aside for the sake of being professional.
I am not saying we should be kind to all no matter what and sacrifice the professionalism we are supposed to uphold. No. Just try to understand the predicament of the other party before we decide on something. The four items mentioned on the first line of this part are made by humans. It is being enforced on humans. It is no greater than just a set of order to be obeyed....which may have been made to the benefit of some group of a certain extent, maybe an unfair advantage.

Anyway, I am just glad the old pakguard still get to keep his job - he has kids to feed, still - otherwise, I fear that all the guards will have to wear diapers while on duty.

How could we treat the guards (and the tea-ladies, janitors, tukang kebun, Banglas, Indons, Gurkhas etc) as if they are third-class-citizens at our disposal? Why is it so difficult for us to smile and say "Apa khabar" to them? Why?
Anyway we are not in the same "wavelength" as, some of us went to Harvard, Oxford, Cardiff etc....definitely we do not have many similar topic to talk with a tea-lady makcik in our office... Oh...we are just too busy with our schedules perhaps?

Maybe the only time we would not be busy is when we are already six-feet under. It would be already too late to smile to those people.....but rest assured, the tukang kebun/jaga kubur will be there to help clear the unwanted grasses on our graves and maybe sadaqah some surah for us while clearing our graves...and the pakguards will be there to not allow stray dogs to pee on our tombstones too....we might not know their names, but they would...because our names are already written on our tombstones.

....but hey...would the logo of the company we worked in, our title & positions be on that tombstones too?

So...what's the name of the tea-lady on your floor again?

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